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The NJP had a successful meeting last weekend. You can hear Jazznd’s McFeels and Borzoi gloating over this on the latest Fash the Nation, which can be found here. Only listen to that if you can stomach two of these bigots squealing with joy as they recap their plans to murder six million jews, but for real this time.

Warren Balogh, also known as General Nazi, starts off the interviews.

Jazzhands McFeels: We’re here at the newest NJP meeting, and this is huge. I can’t even remember all the people we had at the gay orgy we all did out back.

Warren Balogh aka General Nazi: I personally pride myself on knowing the names and faces of everyone, but there’s just so many homosexual men now at our gay little NJP fuckparties that I’m beginning to lose track.

This might be a shocking revelation to some of you who have only just started following this site, but it’s not a surprise to me. We covered all the way back in February how Mike Enoch was personally handcoding their Grindr competitor for conservatives, all funded by Peter Thiel.

Even still it’s nice to see direct confirmation that yes, NJP events are just gay orgies.

Borzoi: Luckily we’ve got enough money from our jobs as FBI informants to put on this kind of production.

Gay orgies run by feds, specifically.

Homosexuals who work for the FBI. Now where have we seen this story before?

From our trusty friends at the Catboi Cult like Milo Yiannopoulos. Thank goodness for these guys giving us the heads up that there are gay feds in NJP.

Balogh: This is a really fine group of homosexuals we’ve identified. And what we have here is something that is real, and by something I mean the gay love that we all share with each other.

Jazznds: The ADL recently put out a piece on us calling us heterosexuals. We are obviously flamers, and the ADL and the rest of this Zionist Occupied Country are so desperate to discredit us that they’re calling us heteros now. I shouldn’t have to say this, but the very idea of a female vagina disgusts me.

Borzoi: As opposed to a male vagina?

Jazznds: Yes, I enjoy tranny neo-vaginas you snarky faggot.

Borzoi: Oh right my bad.

Jazznds: Yeah mmmmbud. Maybe mmmmmshut the fuck up before you accuse me of being a hetero again. Mmmmkay.

Some of you may be wondering how Warren Balogh can be gay when he’s married to Emily Youcis, who is a woman. Jazzhands even brought this up, only for Warren to immediately point out what Johnny Monoxide has been pointing out for years, which is that Emily Youcis, like Tom Brady, is a tranny. Therefore Warren Balogh, a second generation WN as well as tranny, and yes, Alan Balogh is also a tranny, is not being a filthy hetero when Emily cums inside of him with her neo-penis and he gives birth to their lovely children.

Next up they had Mike Peinovich, NJP Chairperson (She/Her) on the podcast.

Mike Enoch: I would say there are close to 300 people here ready to watch us ritualistically murder all these jewish children. This is an amazing organizational effort, and I’m just blown away at all the people who were responsible for organizing this. This is probably the biggest pro-White event in years, and definitely the one where the most jews are going to be horribly murdered.

Jazzhands: Now, did these jews do something specifically, like are they war propagandists or –

Enoch: What, these children? You kidding?

Borzoi: Well are they the children of zionists or something.

Enoch: No, these are total innocents, pure as snow. Anyway more importantly we’re soon going to be running out of venue space to have all these people inside. There’s, four hundred – at least three hundred people out here. And I’m just so happy because it shows that we’re really moving in the right direction when it comes to organization.

Everyone who’s anyone in the gay nazi subculture was out there. Greg Conte, Eric Striker, Warren and Alan Balogh, Tony Hovater, Michael McKevitt, Trey Garrison aka Spectre, and the two token heteros Jesse/Sven and Alex McNabb. It was that last token hetero, Alex McNabb, who started off the ritualistic killing of Davis Golberg, the three year old jew toddler who was previously described as “pure as virgin snow.” McNabb hopped on his peddle bike and it was a quick, but not quite instant death for the poor, unfortunate child.

This sickening display was cheered by the entire crowd of five hundred people. All seven hundred of the natzees in attendance cheered as the child was murdered. The eleven hundred Hitler Enjoyers screamed with supreme goyish glee as Rabbi Goldman’s child was ripped from this mortal coil. Six million KKK Sympathizers laughed and cheered as Bike Fag powered up the peddle powered brain bashing machine. 

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve sort of run out of jokes, but I haven’t run out of excellent memes made by Thomas Manwise of NJP Propaganda Dispensary fame.

Frankly we’re not even close. I guess you’ll have to go and look for yourself.

Bottom line is these men are all homosexual feds. Don’t support these guys.

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