The purpose of The Daily Rake is to cover all the news that needs to be covered. Whether that be beating down some bad faith attacks by idiotic e-grifters, or shining a light on anti-White court rulings and the systematic abuse of children. If it’s important, we’ll have it covered.

There’s no question that the site has plenty of entertaining pieces. We believe that you the audience deserve to be entertained, first and foremost. There are also whatever informative pieces written that we feel need to be written. But the ultimate goal for this site is not to make content on the internet. The ultimate goal is political. We want to get a serious political party started, both here in Canada, as well as around the World. And to do that we need critical mass, to eventually translate into real life activism. For now, all you need to do is check The Daily Rake every day.

Please send leads and inquiries to

You can also reach me at our telegram channel here. It’s has a public chat. And the best way to talk to me, theTDC, is through Poast, which you should make an account on. You should also subscribe to us on YouTube, as well as Odysee.

If you want to send d’nations, there’s a page for that. That’ll be more fleshed out as we transition to more serious political activism.

Ignore this bottom part. I’m putting this here for now, since I don’t have a better location. For some reason it counts the new day as 5PM PST. No idea why.

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