I’ve referenced this particular finklefight before. The story of the spotted owls finklefight is so enraging that I’ve always wanted to turn it into its own piece. Recently, Liberal Party pretend environmentalist Steven Guilbeault shut down logging in parts of BC, which gives us the opportunity.

The Guardian:

Canada’s environment minister plans to use a rare emergency order to protect the last of an endangered owl species in an area where critical old-growth forest is slated for further clearcutting.

Is this endangered species the Northern Spotted Owl?

Steven Guilbeault advised the environmental groups Ecojustice and the Wilderness Committee that he believed the spotted owl was facing “imminent threats to its survival” and he would use the powers to block further destruction of its habitat in British Columbia, the groups announced on Thursday afternoon.

Actually it’s the Northern Spotted Owl, not the spotted owl. This will be important later.

“I can feel a celebration around the corner, but things have never been more dire for the spotted owl, and this emergency order is desperately needed now,” Joe Foy, a Wilderness Committee campaigner, said in the news release. “The [British Columbia] government allows their forested home to be cut down and loaded on to logging trucks while breeding them in captivity to prevent them from going extinct.”

Joe Foy is this little fag. He works for the Wilderness Committee, and weirdly when I went to their staff board page it told me that I didn’t have permission to access that page.

Before industrial logging in south-west British Columbia, there were nearly 1,000 spotted owls in the old-growth forests, according to the Wilderness Committee.

Now, only one wild-born northern spotted owl remains. Two others, part of a breeding programme, were recently released into the wild. The British Columbia government announced its spotted owl recovery strategy in 2006, but the populations have failed to recover – largely because the stately did not identify critical habitats for the owls, Ecojustice said.

You hear that everyone? It’s the logging that’s caused the Northern Spotted Owl (NSO) declines. 

As is often the case, it’s easier to debunk the propaganda of decades past than the current propaganda. That’s why I started my anti-war propaganda piece by talking about the Incubator Baby Hoax. Once the propaganda has served its purpose there is considerably less institutional weight behind its perpetuation. There is no better example of this for pseudo-environmentalism than this bullshit about spotted owls.

In the 90s, investment firms working in Canada purchased huge amounts of private land in Oregon. Then they got a bunch of butthole-leftists to pretend that logging was destroying the spotted owl populations. This put a bunch of working class White Men out of work, since logging on public land in Oregon was banned. However, these regulations did not apply to the private logging land that the finance corporations, mainly Manulife, had purchased, which put plenty of money in their pockets due to reduced competition.

And of course, consubversives were there to allow the butthole-leftists to get away with pretending to actually be concerned about the plight of the owls. Instead, they were encouraged to respond with the predictable and incorrect mantra of “fuck owls.” 

One part of what the butthole-leftists were saying was true. Northern Spotted Owl populations have precipitously declined in Oregon, Northern California, and especially British Columbia. The Guardian is not exaggerating when they say that there is just one single NSO left in British Columbia, at least that they know of. And yet there is plenty of old growth forest in BC. 

How could there be only one spotted owl left?

You may have noticed the equivocal allegation in the Giardian piece. Let me show it to you again.

Before industrial logging in south-west British Columbia, there were nearly 1,000 spotted owls in the old-growth forests, according to the Wilderness Committee.

Before industrial logging in South-West BC, tuberculosis killed about one in seven Americans. Now, tuberculosis has been all but eradicated. The cause of tuberculosis eradication in America must necessarily therefore be industrial logging in BC.

This isn’t even correlation does not equal causation. This is just straight up “thing happened and other thing happened therefore thing caused other thing.” It’s also objectively not what’s happening, although the fake environmentalists continue claiming otherwise. 

American Forests:

In the last few centuries, destructive activities such as clear-cut logging have become a threat to old-growth forests and the spotted owl. Much of what’s left of the Pacific Northwest’s old-growth forests lie on public land, managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, which allow for some timber harvesting. Despite their rich history and diverse plants and wildlife species, these forests remain targets for logging activities.

For a bird as territorial as the northern spotted owl, such habitat disturbance and fragmentation is devastating. Over the past 20 years, the owl’s population has declined by 40 percent. In June 1990, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the northern spotted owl as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act throughout its range of northern California, Oregon and Washington. Loss of old-growth habitat was cited as the primary threat.

You hear that you filthy working class owl genociders! It’s the loss of habitat that’s holocausting these birds. They need old growth forests to live. If they so much as set one talon down on a tree that isn’t part of an old growth forest they spontaneously combust, and then they take down the forest with them. 

Trust me bro, it really happens. Also, pay no attention to the fact that old growth forest is something of a nebulous term, since forest fires destroy them on a regular basis and you only need one single tree that is older than 250 years to qualify. Also, the logging actually helps the owls, since they hunt their prey in clearings as opposed to under tree canopy.

Oregon Live:

The latest research finding that logging can help the beleaguered spotted owl is certain to provoke controversy. The owl’s protection collapsed federal logging on Oregon’s forests over the past two decades, sinking many rural economies. Yet the owl continues to be in decline.

Now comes a team from Oregon State University and Michigan State University arguing partial harvest — call it heavy thinning but not clear-cutting — acts to reduce fuel loads and set a forest up for improved habitat that will support more species, the spotted owl among them. 

Unfortunately I made the video so long ago that I lost the source for most of my graphics on this. Luckily some of them show their sources anyway.

Above we see a >90% decline in logging on public lands in Oregon. On private lands there was less than 10% decline. Again, this was because the regulations were totally fake and designed to put money into the pockets of the finance corporations who had gobbled up that land ahead of time. 

But if it’s not the imaginary holocausting of old growth forests that have caused the decline of the Northern Spotted Owls, what could it be?

It’s called “a different type of owl called the Barred Owl.” That’s it.

The only reason why the spotted owl populations, the Californian Spotted Owl and the Northern Spotted Owl, are declining is that a different type of owl has moved into the area. This is not controversial amongst real scientists in the slightest.

Daily Mail:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A biologist and contractor with a lumber company is at the heart of an experiment sanctioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: killing bully owls to protect endangered owls.

Biologist Lowell Diller, a contractor for Green Diamond Resource Co., a lumber company managing timberland in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties, kills barred owls, which are known to bully the smaller northern spotted owl, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The barred owl has invaded California from the eastern United States, muscling out northern spotted owls upstate, and spreading south toward San Francisco. A Pacific Northwest native, the spotted owl is threatened with extinction and has become the symbol of the region’s timber conservation battles.

These guys. 

Everyone who lives in the lower mainland of BC can tell you that the Barred Owls are absolutely everywhere. There is no decline of owl populations. There is only a decline of spotted owl populations, specifically because of these guys. Even Wikipedia gets this.

Wikipedia (Spotted Owl Entry):

The spotted owl is similar in appearance to the barred owl, but has cross-shaped markings on the underparts, whereas the barred owl is alternately barred on the breast and streaked on the belly. Barred owls are larger and grayer than spotted owls. In recent years, the California and northern subspecies of spotted owl have been displaced by barred owls (S. varia), which are more aggressive, have a broader diet, and occur in more varied habitats. Though the two species are genetically quite distinct, they may hybridize in areas where displacement is occurring, resulting in an interspecific hybrid owl referred to as a “sparred owl”.

In other words, the barred owl is just slightly better at life than the spotted owl. It’s native to the East Coast of America, and has been encroaching on the traditional territory of the spotted owl. They also interbreed with the spotted owls.

All that is happening is the equivalent of Chocolate Lab dogs “disappearing” because Grey Labs are in the area, slightly better at serving the same niche, and interbreeding with them. This has absolutely nothing to do with logging, let alone old growth forests.

Wikipedia (Barred Owl Entry):

The spotted owl has been hypothesized to be within a superspecies with the barred owl.

The owls are essentially the same animal, to the point where it is hypothesized that they are both subspecies of spotted owls. In that case it’s even more absurd, because it isn’t even spotted owls that are declining. It is one specific subspecies of spotted owl that is being outcompeted by a different subspecies of spotted owl. 

Evidence shows the assorted threats posed by the invading barred species are only increasing. In response, biologists have recommended culling operations to mitigate the negative effect of the barred on the spotted owl species.

People who don’t actually care about the Northern Spotted Owl, but are malicious anti-White cunts, propose putting White, working class people out of work and not logging. People who do care propose doing logging and murdering the barred owls.

It’s called culling. I don’t agree with this, since I don’t really care about the Northern Spotted Owls, but if you actually care about NSOs then you need to do this.

It’s not up for debate. Their population numbers have swapped. The decline of the NSO is due to the barred owl. Conversation over. End of story. 

I found these graphs so long ago that I can’t remember where I got them. I could probably find out, but it doesn’t matter anyway, since this graph below has a source attached. This study is looking at areas instead of counting up the population numbers, but the crisscrossing of the population numbers is simply undeniable. It has continued ever since unabated.  

If you’re wondering how the barred owls got introduced to the West Coast, the leading theory is actually forestation, but of the prairies. Farmers in the midwest would plant trees on their properties. This gave the barred owls the ability to slowly migrate westward until they got to the West Coast early in the 70s. 

Once again, just to clarify, it is not controversial that the barred owl is the cause of the spotted owl decline. No serious scientist believes otherwise. It’s an open and shut case. That’s why we’ve already have mass culls of barred owls for decades. 

US Fish and Wildlife Service:

Researchers have shown strong evidence that spotted owl population declines are more pronounced in areas where barred owls have moved into the spotted owl’s range and are greatest where barred owls have been present the longest. 

I cannot stress this enough. There is nothing else going on here. Logging is totally irrelevant, or even beneficial to these animals. It’s just a very slightly different type of owl that is outcompeting them and interbreeding with them. That’s it. 

These cuties are the problem. 

And the only way to solve this “problem” is by doing this.

Even the CBC knows this.


Humans shouldn’t be interfering with nature by killing one species to save another, according to a lawyer who is working to oppose a cull of barred owls.

The owls are being shot by conservationists in the Pacific Northwest in an effort to save their feathered cousin, the critically endangered spotted owl.

There is something to be said for preserving the ever so slightly different Northern Spotted Ow, but at what cost?


This barred owl was removed in October from California’s Hoopa Valley reservation. The barred owl is a species that threatens spotted owl recovery.

The reality based debate is whether or not to do mass cullings of barred owls to save the NSO. I come down against it, but you’re entitled to your opinion. 

Adorable barred owls.

What is totally, irrevocably invalid is the claim that the Northern Spotted Owls are going extinct because tiny amounts of old growth forests are being logged. That’s just not true. That’s just not based in reality. That’s just a lie. It’s fake. It’s false. It’s fiction.

Again, there are 11.1 million hectares of old growth forests in BC. That works out to over 100,000 square kilometers. 

BC Government:

There are about 11.1 million hectares of old growth forest in B.C. Most of B.C.’s coastal forests are considered to be old growth if they contain trees that are more than 250 years old. Some types of interior forests are considered to be old growth if they contain trees that are more than 140 years old.

And there is one single Northern Spotted Owl. I guess they need 11.1 million hectares per owl. It’s either that, or the barred owls are outcompeting them. That’s what literally every actual scientist tells me, but the butthole-left claims otherwise. 

Barred owl cutiepie.

All of which brings us back to the original piece in the Giardian.


“Spô’zêm First Nation takes much honour in speaking for the last remaining northern spotted owls,” Spô’zêm First Nation chief James Hobart said in a statement. “The province needs to stop all exploration and activity in any areas that could potentially put added duress on these already threatened messengers of our forests – the spotted owl.”

Buddy, there’s one left.

Steven Guilbeault

Let’s take a closer look at this Steven Guilbeault character. He seems like a real genuine treehugger.

The Giardian:

A young boy in rural Canada learns the forest he loves will be chopped down, so he scales one of the trees and refuses to leave. He fails in his mission – but the destruction resonates deeply. In his adolescence, he studies politics and theology, fascinated by questions of power and moral obligation. As an adult, he scales the world’s tallest building – which was then the CN Tower in Toronto – to protest the destruction of the climate, only leaving when he’s escorted down in handcuffs. He rejects owning a car, cycling through the pounding rain, sleet and ice of a Quebec winter. A local newspaper calls him “Green Jesus”.

Fast forward to April 2022 and that same man, Steven Guilbeault, greenlights a controversial oil-drilling project off the coast of Newfoundland in his role as Canada’s minister of environment and climate change.

Guilbeault, 52, a self-described “radical pragmatist” –

We can stop here. “Radical pragmatist,” just means shill with no principles. 

If it feels like they’re doing this to put working class White Men out of work, it’s because they are. These people are evil, anti-White parasites, and this is just another angle of attack on decent White People. Butthole-left environmentalism is as legitimate as butthole-left anti-war activism. Which is to say, it is purely subversive and fake.


  1. Turns out racemixing and migration were the real threat to biodiversity all along. Who would’ve thought!

  2. The feds use “muh environment” to play way outside their constitutional authority, jump lanes, and basically interfere with local matters under provincial jurisdiction.

    Thankfully, people in the West are starting to get tired of this, and have begun organizing quasi- and/or full-on secessionist movements. For example, in Saskatchewan we have the Buffalo Party ( https://www.sasktoday.ca/north/local-news/platform-2020-buffalo-party-focuses-on-securing-quebec-like-deal-for-province-4157612 ); a newly-formed Saskatchewan United Party ( https://www.saskunited.ca/ ); and even the ruling Saskatchewan Party has introduced Bill 88, the Saskatchewan First Act, which would provide a legal basis for challenging federal overreach.

    Then of course, there is Alberta.

    I hope BC – particularly their interior – gets on this bandwagon, too.

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