A long time ago I wrote an article calculating the death toll from the lies and propaganda that were designed to push us into the war in Iraq, which I will be summarizing as “the WMD Lies,” and liars. I did this in response to yet another wave of censorship that came from down on high. Because what is not censored is as outrageous as what is censored.

The article is as timely now as ever, and we saw yet another example of an outrageous lack of censorship with Yoel Roth’s CSAM Emporium. The promotion of child sexual abuse material, which in many cases requires children to be horrifically abused, is objectively evil. The lack of censorship and punishment for this is arguably as disgusting as censoring people for speaking out against child trannies. Frankly, it is undoubtedly more outrageous than censoring people for using racial slurs, which could be reasonably classified as obscenity.

But the most obviously evil speech that should be censored and punished is the war propaganda. I’ve mentioned this in many different pieces, and even taken to referring to uncensored media as “The WMD Liars,” but I want a piece to link to so I don’t have to make the same point fresh each time. But before I even get into that, the above video, from the CBC back when it wasn’t complete filth, is quite excellent. In fact it is so good, and so damning, that you can’t easily find the entire documentary, only this clip. I guess the new CBC isn’t so happy with the old CBC.

The Fifth Estate: Iraq attacks Kuwait, claiming the Kuwaitis are slant drilling into Iraq’s oil fields. US President George Herbert Walker Bush pushes for a land war against Iraq.

But polls in the US show the public is split 50-50 on that idea. Then comes this eye witness testimony before a congressional committee from a fifteen year old Kuwaiti girl. The claim is she cannot be identified for fear of reprisals.

In reality, the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador Saud Al-Sabah

You’ll notice that the girl has flawless and unaccented English. Quite convenient for this mystery fifteen year old Kuwaiti girl.

Nayirah Al-Sabah: While there – the Iraqi soldiers came into the hospitals with guns. *fake cries* They took the babies out of the incubators. Took the incubators and left these children to die on the cold floor.

Who did?

Oh okay then. Now I really do think that it happened.

The Fifth Estate: The public is outraged. The result? Support for land war zooms. It’s a turning point.

Desert Storm is launched. One hundred and thirty five thousand Iraqis are killed. An estimated one million Iraqis, many of them children and old people, then die as a result of ten years of sanctions.

One small problem. There never were any incubator baby deaths. Not one.

Aca-scuse me? That was such a believable story. The Iraqis were invading hospitals and stealing the incubators for some reason in a thing that definitely happened. It reminds me of some other very real thing that definitely happened.

Can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s investigative flagship program, the Fifth Estate, reveals the girl to be the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter, given her lines and coached in action by the giant American PR firm Hill and Knowlton. It’s one phase in a $10 million joint US-Kuwaiti campaign of deception.

Yeah I’m sure there was another country involved in this. Can’t quite put my finger on that one either.

According to a source given on Wikipedia that is not online, seven senators cited Nayirah’s testimony in their authorization of the use of force. That was probably just their excuse, with the real reason being that their donors told them to, but theoretically those senators should be seething, right? And the same should be true of the US Intelligence Services. Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered as a result of these knowing lies, so there were serious consequences, right?

No, of course not.

The Fifth Estate: This man [Dr. Ibraheem Behbehani] is lying.

Dr. Ibraheem Behbehani: I myself vetted fourteen newborn babies that had been taken from their incubators.

The Fifth Estate: This man [George HW Bush] is lying.

George HW Bush: And they had kids in incubators and they were thrown out of the incubators so that Kuwait could be systematically dismantled.

The Fifth Estate: There were a lot of people who participated in a conspiracy. Yes, an out and out conspiracy.

Alex Jones types are so disgusting and worthless because their grift is to take the real conspiracies that are done by our (((Democracy Class))) and tell you that it’s weird alien lizard people while making up retarded garbage about chemtrails and microchips in vaccines. But conspiracies are real and they happen all the time. After all, only an idiot believes that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, and the same is true for his pervert French accomplice.

But for the record, there is a deeper conspiracy here that even the CBC doc is a part of. They pretend that the atrocity propaganda was in and of itself effective. To some extent it was, but I don’t believe for a second that any of those senators were legitimately swayed by this. Instead, they got the tap on the shoulder from their handlers that this was how they were going to vote and this was the excuse they needed. As a result of their flip-flopping, the Jan 10th, 1991 authorization to use force passed by only 5 senate votes. So this was important, but not quite in the way that the CBC wants you to think.

But enough of Incubator Baby Deaths. And we’re even going to skip over the retarded Gas Baby Hoax, which they brought out again a year later for Gas Baby 2: Gas Harder. And we’re going to skip over Bucha, the Ghost of Kiev, the Russkies shelling their own nuclear power plants (for no reason) and blowing up their own pipelines (for no reason), and blowing up random Polish farms (for no reason). For a nice parody I wrote of that stuff, go read The Crackbaby of Kiev. 

Today we’re focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan. Because the less fresh the propaganda the less invested ZOG is in maintaining it. After all, the purpose of the Saddam WMD Lie was to justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as well as thousands of our own soldiers. Mission accomplished, and quite a while ago now, which also lets us check closely to see if anyone responsible was punished. Spoiler warning: they weren’t.

David Frum

The Outline:

Frum resigned his post in February 2002 in order to join the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank then working in close association with the Bush administration. With them, he emerged as one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the War on Terror. In 2004, Frum and former adviser to the Bush Department of Defense Richard Perle published a book titled An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror. Its text was as audacious as its title. “An End to Evil will define the conservative point of view on foreign policy for a new generation — and shape the agenda for the 2004 presidential-election year and beyond,” a description of it reads. By this time, the Iraq War was in full swing, and Frum and Perle offered full-throated apologia. Under the assumptions that the war would bring stable democracy to Iraq and that the imaginary WMDs would be located soon enough, they called for similar action against North Korea and Iran. The U.S. had to order airstrikes on North Korean nuclear facilities, they wrote, or else Americans could fall victim to an “imminent nuclear threat.” (“Of course, it is true that we do not know where all these facilities are,” they conceded.) For Iran, they prescribed immediate regime change. In their judgement, a nuclear Iran was “perhaps three years away, in the optimistic view of U.S. intelligence, maybe twelve to eighteen months, by the less sanguine Israeli estimate.” It is now 14 years later, his predictions have been wrong ten times over, and yet Frum maintains the same interventionist line. In 2015, he condemned Obama’s Iran deal in The Atlantic and claimed that any supposed delay in Iran’s nuclear capabilities would be “short and temporary.” Two years later, inspections showed full compliance. When he isn’t sundowning, Trump’s hardline stance on Iran mirrors Frum’s.

Iran is twelve to eighteen months away from a nuclear bomb, and have been for the past thirty years. Don’t believe me? I just searched “Iran 12 to 18 months,” and found this as one of the top results. Note the date bottom left.

Yes, it’s from January of this year, which means that Iran is about one to seven months away, maximum, from these nuclear bombs that these mass murder propagandists keep promising us that they’re just about to get. I’m sure they’ll never pull this one again.

The Outline piece is from five years ago, making Frum wrong fifteen times over now. Clearly, the point was never to be right, the point was to justify the mass murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iranians. Probably millions as we’ll see with our calculations of death tolls from various wars. Starting with the Iraq War.

As can be expected, death toll estimations are very good for our soldiers, but quite poor for civilians. We can’t say with absolute certainty how many innocent people were murdered because of these people lying us into Iraq and Afghanistan, but we can give a range. Iraq Family Health Survey estimates 151,000 violent deaths, with about 400,000 total deaths, the rest due to displacement, starvation, poor sanitation, disease, and other secondary causes. PLOS Medicine Survey lists 460,000 total deaths, with 60% directly attributable to violence, or about 276,000. The Lancet survey estimates 601,027 violent deaths, and 650,000 total deaths, with a wide range of numbers that go to 793,663 violent deaths and 942,636 total deaths. The ORB survey of Iraq War casualties, the latest study being published in 2008, gives an estimation of 1,033,000 deaths. 

The early studies were flawed in that they were done before the occupation was over. As a result, the ORB survey may have the most accurate numbers, at roughly a million murders. But let’s give the WMD Liars the benefit of the doubt, and assume that only six hundred thousand Iraqis were murdered. In fact, let’s even say only 500,000, to make the math easier. The population of Iraq is about forty two million people today, and about twenty five million in 2003, the first year of the invasion of Iraq. As an aside, boy is it ever creepy seeing the yearly population growth rate, knowing the dips are the mass murders of Iraqis by ZOG in 1990 and 2003-2008.

What this means is that about 2% of the Iraqi population was murdered by ZOG in the Iraq War. The number of our soldiers murdered by our government lying us into Iraq is 4,799, with 4,431 of those being US troops. That does not count the Iraqi Security Forces, which suffered over 16k+ casualties. 

Now let’s take a quicker look at Afghanistan. According to the Costs Of War Project there were 176,000 Afghanis murdered at the lowest estimations, and up to as many as 360,000. The Upssala Conflict Data Program puts the death total at 212,191. There were 3,502 coalition casualties, almost exactly 2,500 of which were US personnel, with 159 Canadians.

Afghanistan has a rapidly increasing population, with 21.6 million people in 2001, and 41.2 million people in 2021. Averaged throughout the war years, and taking an estimation of 200,000 Afghanis murdered, we can see that about 0.5-1% of the population were murdered by the Zionist occupation of that country. 

These numbers make sense. Iraq was a much more developed country, and higher death totals can be expected in conflicts between more developed nations. For any serious war, we can expect between 1-2% of the population to be murdered at bare minimum. Of course, casualties can go much higher. In WWII, the German population saw close to 10% of their population murdered, and 3% of the entire World’s population was murdered. 

Using the conservative estimation of 2% population murder, and coupled with Iran’s population of 87 million people, we can conclude that when David Frum lied in 2004, saying that Iran was 12 to 18 months away from getting nukes, that he was guilty of the attempted murder of 1,740,000 innocent people. Again, to remind you, David Frum is the creepy Jew propagandist who recently vowed to ragequit twatter.

Although I will point out that he’s still there, whining in public.

I have a more personal experience with this filth. In 2019 I almost went to this piece of shit’s “Life in the Disinformation Age” presentation he did in 2019 in conjunction with Simon Fraser University, Vancity, and the CBC. It was exactly what you’d expect. They were really angry that there wasn’t more censorship online.

David Frum is one of many, but I sure don’t mind him and his creepy face being the poster child for the WMD Liars. As far as the rest of his politics goes here’s a recent tweet to paint a picture for you.

Sorry goy, we just don’t have enough money to help you get out of crippling usury. That’s money needed for murdering millions in the name of Yahweh.

As we’ve seen, the WMD Liars are responsible for about 750,000 civilian murders, and 7,500 of our soldiers murdered just in Iraq and Afghanistan. But those are just the wars that they successfully lied us into. I mentioned Iran earlier, and how every time they try to start a war with Iran they are attempting to murder approximately 1.75 million Iranians, and roughly 17,500 of our troops. 

Just reminding you what the purpose of this is.

Okay, I mean they really don’t like Iran. But it’s not like Iran is the only place these zionists would enjoy some mass murder. They enjoy causing mass murder everywhere it benefits their racial interests.

I’ll circle back to the “muh Russia” whining later. The population of Syria is approximately twenty million. At 2% casualty rates, that works out to 400,000 Syrian murders, and about 4,000 of our soldiers. The people pushing the Gas Baby Hoax should be thought of as guilty of the attempted mass murder of about 400,000 people, every single time they try this.

Luckily, in the past few years they’re only guilty of attempted mass murder, instead of actual mass murder, since they’ve utterly failed to get the public behind any of their projects. The wars they’ve tried to start in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela have all failed. But again, attempted mass murder is still attempted mass murder.

Assuming a 2% casualty rate for a war with Venezuela we can predict 560,000 murders, with a population of 28 million, and about 5,600 of our own soldiers murdered. They were pushing that one hard back in 2019, but I guess nobody bought this random twink as the new President of Venezuela.

Let’s add it all up, shall we? David Frum and his ilk are responsible for the murders of 750,000 civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq due to wars that they knowingly lied us into. They then tried to murder a grand total of 2,710,000 innocent civilians between Iran, Venezuela, and Syria, which would have lead to the murder of about 27,100 of our soldiers. 

And of course, all of this ignores any calculation of death toll from their belligerence with Russia, a country with a nuclear arsenal. Make no mistake, if they knew Israel could be kept clear they’d happily see America and Russia nuke each other and chuckle while it happened.

I wrote all this because it’s important to remember that this propaganda is literally lies used to achieve mass murder. This is allowed. This is promoted. Your criticism of this will not be allowed, and you need to be censored because the speech you say “causes harm,” you bigot.

Your speech causes harm to vulnerable queer hebrew communities of colour, goy. We can’t be having any of that.

Honestly I censored most of the goriest stuff, but it’s really bad.

Remember, we live under the nastiest and most extensive censorship regime in all of human history. The people who are responsible are those advocating for children to be sterilized and mutilated as trannies, and the morally superior mass murder propagandists who lie us into wars. Because remember, we can’t be having speech that causes harm.

UPDATE: A sister piece was written on the twentieth anniversary of the Iraq War.

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