We’re back with another piece from Cooper. As always, please consider following his channel on Telegram, especially if you’re Canadian. As always, the quote blocks are my additions.

Frances Widdowson’s Feb 1st ouster from the University of Lethbridge was something we all saw coming. Her rhetoric around native issues, especially in Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry had already gotten her in mounting trouble. If that wasn’t based enough, she has been a vocal questioner of heya-hoya-caust rhetoric since the Kamloops “discovery” some two years ago. 

Widdowson is likely the most honest skeptic of indigenous policy when it comes to Canada’s “anti-woke” ideologues. She did a great job with her CBC interview on residential school denialism, with one exception: 

[Below taken from Widdowson’s February Interview with the CBC’s Olivia Stefanovich.Widdowson is asked for her opinion on being called a denialist.]

I find it highly offensive. It is trying to imply that asking questions, very very important questions which have not been answered about the Kamloops case in particular, makes one equivalent to a holocaust denier and everyone knows that holocaust deniers are quacks and are people who are not to be taken seriously…calling people deniers just shuts down that discussion…we have academics now all across the country who are afraid even to say anything”. 


Really cutting me deep here girl.

If Widdowson is really interested in academic freedom, and she is so concerned with credentialism, it is curious she won’t defend a revisionism that is frankly, much more robust than what she and her colleagues have accomplished. David Irving, Jürgen Graf, Robert Faurisson, and Germar Rudolf all certainly paid their educational dues. These authors were/are sanctioned for refuting the same type of atrocity propaganda that she rails against. Widdowson may not be cognizant of her hypocrisy, but it is remarkable nonetheless. 

This is why I wrote my piece on the WMD Lies and the Incubator Baby Hoaxers. It is so important to understand that the purpose of all atrocity propaganda is to justify and achieve real atrocities. In the case of the Gravocaust, it’s the tearing down of our religious sites and monuments, the cancelling of our national holiday, and the theft of billions of our taxes for “reparations,” for the crime of teaching Abo children how to do math.

Something they themselves demanded that we do. 

This struggle against the tying together of IRS and WW2 stories perhaps began with C.P Champion’s “From Katyn to Kamloops”, published in the Dorchester Review, June 2021. However, it has continued to be a talking point used by Hymie Rubenstein, James Pew, Barbara Kay, etc. These writers do not simply toss off the resemblance, but take the time to reify the 6 million assertion and cement the holocaust as the worst thing that has happened, ever. 

From James Pew:

This deliberate reference to the Holocaust is beyond preposterous because there is no verified evidence of a single Indigenous child murdered at any residential school during its 113-year government-sponsored period while there is a mountain of documented evidence that six million European Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their supporters between 1941 and 1945”. 

James Pew runs Woke Watch Canada. Cooper sent me a number of links, but I couldn’t find this particular quote in any of them. Although of course it’s not really up for debate that this is the kind of thing these people say.

This is the problem for anti-woke writers. Native advocates are correct, in a sense. The holocaust and IRS stories are the same in that they both consist of ridiculous mass-murder allegations designed to draw power away from a majority-White society. If you go after one, and not the other, you are being inconsistent to the point of dishonesty. People with half a brain will pick up on it.

Indeed. This meme could easily see Ursula Haverbeck’s face replaced with Frances Widdowson’s. 

As long as we also change “Auschwitz” to “Kamloops Residential School” in the subtitles. 

Jews use the holocaust lampshade libel to garner material wealth, sympathy, and power. They also shut down free speech directed against their actions by legislating such conversation as “hate speech”. Natives are trying to do the same, and now that they think the “denialist” label is sticking, Leah Gazan has been activated. This NDP MP is advocating for the criminalizing of IRS-questioning, with punishments equivalent to charges of holocaust denial (added to the Criminal Code in 2022). Anti-woke folks cannot point to the full extent of this op, because doing so would acknowledge what jews do daily. They are again trapped by their own timidity. 

This is such a great point that I could write an entire series on. Sometimes you have to go all the way. Sometimes you have to have two balls, and not just one. If you really care about ethics in game journalism, you must fact-check the lampshadocaust.

Part of the anti-woke belief package is being ardently obsequious towards Jews. That is why initiated Goys like James Pew refer to Franz Boas as “German”, and blame critical theory on the Chinese.

They are incapable of pointing to the real origins of the poisonous mushroom that has taken root in the post-war era. They can complain about immigration, gender BS, and “CRT”, but they will never find real solutions to these problems. For Jews in this movement like Hymie and Barbara, the purpose of this obfuscation is simply personal interest, rather than cowardice. 

Not personal, racial. Subverting productive political movements serves more than their individualist interests. 

If you are a dishonest actor, unwilling to touch the JQ even at the expense of hurting your own position, what do you do? Well, something like this:

The luxurious swimming pool just below the notorious Kamloops Indian Residential School during the 1950s. How would Indigenous “knowledge keepers,” custodians of band oral history, explain such a luxurious recreational facility for students they claim were subjected to genocide?”

Photo and quote from Hymie’s substack.

Does this not remind you of something, Hymie; the whole Olympic swimming pool at Auschwitz things, perhaps?

Irony aside, this is a misguided path conservatives love taking: making the argument about the well-being of minorities. As an example, let’s use a book by The Frontier Centre, titled “From Truth Comes Reconciliation”. The book starts by disproving the genocide narrative, but the latter third is about positive experiences kids had at residential schools. Why worry about this? It’s really quite simple.

IRS’s were a stab at jumping stone age societies a few thousand years into the future, integrating them into agricultural/industrial society. Such goals were laid out in various treaties (as admitted to in the TRC’s “A Knock on the Door (p. 27)). Did it work? Not really. Was it fun? Probably not. To try and embellish things the other way by saying an IRS was like Chuck E. Cheese is not useful.  What else can you do, though, when natives have to be central in your arguments? You have no ability to take your own side when playing optics games. 

To summarize: when you deny the 215, you are using the same methodologies that researchers use to question the 6 million. If you accuse natives of silencing you, you must realize that they are copying a Jew grift. If you frame residential schools in terms of their hockey teams and Church choirs, you come across as unserious. This is where optics gets you. IRS atrocity propaganda is an attack on our Canadian heritage and founding stock. The pushback should not be misdirected to White Man’s Burden-style paternalism. If that’s your angle, just shut up and put on the orange shirt. 



A Knock on the Door – The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

From Truth Comes Reconciliation: An Assessment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Thanks to Cooper for another great piece.

It is truly astonishing how identical the Gravocaust is to the Lampshadocaust. Absurd atrocity propaganda where the victims of the slander are reframed as perpetrators for fact-checking the libel. In both cases the story is absolute nonsense. 

One of my favourite pieces of all time is “Most Evil Conversation Ever Recorded,” where I made fun of the Lampshadocaust by imagining a conversation between all the natzees who planned it. I did a similar thing for the Gravocaust, because it’s similarly idiotic. 

But the parallels go far beyond idiocy. In both cases the oral histories of the so-called survivors are taken as statements of fact, no matter how contradictory or insane they are. And of course, both are supported by the illegitimate power of Schlomo, which will see you fired or thrown in jail for fact-checking.

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  1. Denier is the swellest, most-hip new world odor term ever invented.
    I’m a proud Denier.
    I deny Lordal Globing now called Primate Change.
    I deny Pansexual Robot Midget Kitchen Machineries right to demand attention with rainbow parades and monkey pox (what happened to that?) enthusiasm.
    I deny central banks’ right to exist, I deny those who say “white nationalist” websites, if still on the interwebz, are not run by Nose-feratu lookalikes with swastika avatars and fake last names.
    Most evil, most offensive, most incorrect, I deny that Hitler was the Man-Goat of all time.

  2. Denialists = people with the courage to point a finger at the real problem(s)!

    It looks like Widdowson lost her nerve regarding the hebrew lolocaust. I guess she didn’t want to go to jail, at least just wait. But wait, I’m sure that going to jail for heya hoya lolocaust denial is coming soon. See: https://canucklaw.ca/little-pushback-on-efforts-to-criminalize-residential/

    1. And this is the ultimate proof that nothing happened, the truth doesn’t fear questions.

  3. “Reeee! Its over! Stop doing anything!”
    Btw, The Daily Manlet screeching at normie parents openly calling out the troon agenda.

  4. Due to my in depth understanding of the evil that is world jewry, and the long history of jewish crimes against White people, including the blood libel rituals in which they tortured White children until they “gave up the ghost” and then drank their blood and consumed their flesh (look into little saint Hugh, one such victim of this satanic kike ritual); I would actually love to be proven wrong, because if the yolohoax actually happened it would be sweet Justice and well deserved.

    I hope that when weimerica reaches its 1933 moment, hopefully by 2033 that we Americans actually do turn the nose-americans into lampshades and soap, make a holocoaster and all the other ideas that came straight out of the looney tunes. I hope the jews holocaust mythology actually manifests itself into reality on them.

    Ps: I capitalize White because White culture is the primary culture of any value, Japanese being one of the only other cultures I can think of that is cool. I lowercase jew culture because there is no evidence of jews ever contributing anything to society outside of extremely degenerate porn, satanic shit, and usury. The jew “culture” is just one of extreme racial hatred towards all non-jews especially the beautiful and talented White people who they are eternally envious of. Outside of that there is no jew culture.

  5. […] the Gravocaust is unique due to its combination of incoherence, ease of deboonking, and a full court press by the (((Democracy Class))). They claim that there are 215 […]

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