Recently the pretend anti-capitalist Hasan Piker got kicked off twitch for saying cracker. Hasan then had a twatter meltdown, where he proceeded to turn into 2014 Sargon of Akkad in public.

Well maybe not quite.

Anyway notorious school shooter and possible bomb terrorist Sam Hyde has apparently taken a break from his busy schedule of terrorism and mass murder in order to challenge Piker to a debate.

Sorry, my bad. Not a debate, that would be boring. Instead he challenged Piker to a celebrity boxing match.

According to Hyde, he has a crypto millionaire friend willing to put up one million dollars in prize money for a fight.

Will you put, don’t dox his name. Will you put up prize money for a fight? He said depends on who with. Depends who you’re fighting.

How about that hasan guy. That fucking, lamb schwarma guy. You know the handsome one. THe handsome swarthy arab guy, you know from another land. You know hasan. If I fight Hasan will you put up money. He said ‘alright fine.’

I’m going with… all of this is true. It’s Sam Hyde. He would never lie. Its not like its his first time in the ring either:

So now the question becomes, who would win? Let’s break it down for everyone here.

On one hand, Hasan Piker is a retard who wears jewellry and paints his nails. And Sam Hyde is 6’4.

On the other hand, Sam Hyde is overweight, and does not command confidence that he’d have the rigour and discipline to slim down, work on his boxing, and not gas out in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

I love you Sam, but when it comes to betting, my money is my money after all.

Sorry bud, but this one looks like a flip of the coin to me.

At least Hyde does have some military experience. Who knows, maybe he’ll pull it out. I’m certainly cheering for him.

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  1. Sam has done Jiu Jitsu for at least 10 years, he has the chops. Don’t forget this Lena Dunham video

    1. Ya but the wigger’s conditioning is nothing; he doesn’t do cardio and he doesn’t stretch

  2. Funny…Sam Hyde might gas out at 30 seconds, but he’d only need 3

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