Since Tucker Carlson was suddenly fired from FoxFOXA -1.5% News last April and began posting videos on Twitter on June 6, his audience has been in a freefall. Carlson’s inaugural video on Twitter, dubbed Tucker on Twitter, had generated 26 million video views. (Twitter counts a video view as any person that watches a video for two or more seconds with half the screen viewable.) In the second episode, two days later, Carlson’s video views dropped to 13.9 million. While the third episode, which coincided with Trump’s indictment from the Justice Department, saw an increase to 18.7 million views, the general trend has been downward. For Carlson’s more recent eighth episode, on June 30, the viewing was only 3.8 million, its lowest to date and a 86% decline since June 6.

Similarly, through the weeks, the views to Carlson’s accounts have also dropped precipitously. At first, Carlson’s Twitter post on May 9, announcing his new “program”, generated 134.1 million views on the microblogging site. The day his first video episode was streamed, Carlson’s Twitter post had 120 million views. The Twitter post for Carlson’s eighth episode had a mere eight million views. The view counts are based on Carlson’s video, photo or text posts.

It’s difficult to have an opinion differing from Striker’s on this one.

I think we all wanted to believe that Tucker Carlson was secretly our guy. If not /ourguy/ then at least a well meaning populist who would push the envelope. Even if you don’t mention the Schlomo Question, you can still do a lot of work. At the very least I thought he would be somewhat interesting, if only to use his popularity to shill for Ron DeShabbos.

Instead he’s been so boring that I haven’t bothered watching a single second of his show. I figured that, if he said something interesting, I’d hear about it from lots of different people. To date, it’s been as easy to ignore him as everyone remaining at Fox News.

Fox Jews isn’t doing well in terms of viewers, but their advertiser dollars have increased because capitalism is fake. In terms of viewers, Carlson and them had a symbiotic relationship. Working for Fox gave him a certain gravitas that lead his show to carry a certain amount of weight. For Fox, having Carlson be less obnoxious and idiotic compared to the rest of the lineup gave them the viewers and loyalty. Whatever bits of populism escaped Tucker’s mouth could be channeled into the Republican Party, and keep viewers tuning in for the Glenn Beck’s of the world.

It occurred to me that Christopher Cantwell is the number one Tucker Carlson fan in the world. Pictures have surfaced of him buying “Tucker Carlson bathwater,” on numerous occasions, too many times for this to be dismissed as photoshop. How is he feeling about Tucker?

He’s not exactly thrilled. He had an extraordinarily mild tweet about Charlottesville get censored. I guess it’s news to him that Musk’s Twatter is actually more censorious than previous twatter. It’s also artificially boosting fed-jacketing retards like Catturd2, as well as Musk himself. There’s no room for real politics on there.

I don’t dislike Christopher Cantwell. I’ve written multiple pieces in his defense. But after a certain amount of time you’ve got to admit to yourself that Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson are just frauds running an op on people, and not even committing hard to the bit. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Ray Epps, the man at the center of a widespread conspiracy theory about the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing Fox News and its former host Tucker Carlson of defamation for promoting a “fantastical story” that Mr. Epps was an undercover government agent who instigated the violence at the Capitol as a way to disparage then-President Trump and his supporters.

The complaint was filed in Superior Court in Delaware, where Fox was recently handed a $787.5 million judgment in a separate defamation case brought against the network by Dominion Voting Systems to combat claims that the company had helped to rig the 2020 election against Mr. Trump.

“Just as Fox had focused on voting machine companies when falsely claiming a rigged election, Fox knew it needed a scapegoat for January 6th,” the complaint says. “It settled on Ray Epps and began promoting the lie that Epps was a federal agent who incited the attack on the Capitol.”

Fox News did not immediately respond when asked for comment.

Ray Epps

I actually don’t think that I ever wrote about Ray Epps before. It’s not complicated, he’s just a blowhard boomer who started semi-fedposting on Jan 6th, after the faggot below told him to show up there. Then servative media started slandering him as a federal agent.

Servative media fedjacketed Ray Epps because that allowed them to implicitly attack the unarmed peasants who got thrown in jail or even murdered by the police after Orange Faggot lead them into a trap. Pretending that someone like Ray Epps wasn’t an average everyday guy fed up with the bullshit coming from Washington, DC, but rather a fed, also lets (((Big Con))) peel away or at least confuse the natural support such figures would get. It allowed them to pretend like something bad was done by the unarmed peasants who went to the capitol and walked around for a while.

I’m not making a prediction as to what happens in this case. I hope that it’s a prolongued and embarrassing legal battle where Tucker and Fox Jews get the L that both the law and justice say they should.

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  1. If it were up to me, all of the journalists and media would be legally sentenced to death for treason. I hate those jewish rags that hide behind “free press” and free speech, as if they are anything other than kike propaganda.

  2. The Orangeman knew, wad informed by the feds that the capitol thing was a trap? Highly doubtful!

    As for Ray Epps, that he only got condemned after all the attention he got is suspicious at the very least.

  3. nypost. com/. 2023/07/15/rfk-jr-says-covid-was-ethnically-targeted-to-spare-jews/

    EDIT: This commenter posted links to Anglin’s shitty grift site. Can’t be having that, now can we?

    1. We will probably never see RFK Jr. on Tucker again. I certainly won’t, since I don’t watch Tucker at all.

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