I debated whether to publish this now, as I enjoy that the site has an unbroken streak of Steak Knives articles. Ultimately, I felt this was too important to hold off on.

Russia Today:

Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira has died in a Ukrainian prison, Russian news agency TASS said on Saturday, citing a response it received from the US Department of State. The blogger’s death was first announced by his family on Friday.

Lira, 55 at the time of his death, lived in Kharkov and blogged as ‘CoachRedPill,’ but switched to YouTube commentary after Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. He was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) last May and accused of “discrediting” the Ukrainian leadership and the military.

“I cannot accept the way my son has died. He was tortured, extorted, incommunicado for 8 months and 11 days and the US Embassy did nothing to help my son. The responsibility of this tragedy is the dictator Zelensky with the concurrence of a senile American President, Joe Biden,” his father Gonzalo Lira Sr. wrote in a note published by The Grayzone.

Lira Sr. also reached out to X host Tucker Carlson, confirming the death of his son in Ukrainian custody. He had spoken to Carlson about the case in early December.

I’ve never been entirely supportive of the weird sexpest known as Gonzalo Lira. I remember back when Patriot Front was arrested – and unmasked – in Coeur D’Alene, Lira maintained for days after video of them being unmasked that only “bots/leftists,” would claim such nonsense. 

It was so bad that I decided to make a little video out of it. 

Gonzalo Lira was something of a joke, not helped by his “Coach Redpill” moniker that harkened back to his PUA days, and aged like milk. So when he was arrested  in August, 2022 by the ZOGkraine state apparatus, it was difficult to play his oppression for anything other than laughs. I did something similar when they captured him again, in May, 2023. I suppose the best you could say about Gonzalo is that he made the right enemies, like this troon who was the official spokeswoman of “based Ukraine”.

Ironically, this is the opening paragraph of the August, 2022 article.

I received news a few days ago, perhaps a little less than a week, that Gonzalo Lira had been captured and killed by the Ukrainian Secret Police, also known as the SBU. These very trustworthy sources, random people on BANG, TRS’s forum, assured me that he was dead. Tears sprang to my eyes as this horrible truth was unveiled to me, but a new hope has arisen.

But now he actually is dead. Perhaps the Russia Today article can shed some light as to why.  

Lira was a national of both the US and Chile. According to his thread from last July, the Chilean Embassy in Kiev at least tried to help him, while the US mission gave him only “empty bromides.” Lira suggested that this was because Victoria Nuland – currently the acting deputy to Secretary of State Antony Blinken – hated him personally.

Look, Based Weimerica, owner of Based Ukraine, just doesn’t have the leverage to get one of their own citizens out of Ukraine, a country that the US has given well over one hundred billion in aid to for the prosecution of this war. Ukraine is an independent actor here. They can torture US citizens and there’s just nothing that the US can do about it. 

I had almost forgotten the Britney Griner-Viktor Bout trade deal, when I started writing this piece. A Black lesbian WNBA player caught with weed in Russia was deemed more important than Paul Whelan, a White ex-marine who caught espionage charges and has been languishing in jail since 2018, remaining imprisoned to this day. In exchange, Russia got an experienced arms dealer. The trade was so one sided that even Viktor Bout expressed his surprise at the deal. 

The point is that the the (((US Democracy Class))) will move heaven and earth to get their own back, and their own is lesbian Black WNBA players who might be trannies. In contrast, should you cross the (((Ukrainian authorities))), Anthony Blinken and Victoria Nuland will laugh as they refuse to make one single phone call to Ukraine, or even send a text, demanding that you, a US citizen, be freed for the crime of doing actual journalism against the puppet regime in Ukraine. 

Similarly, an unarmed US journalist named Shireen Abu Aqleh was murdered by Israeli Occupation Forces in May, 2022. Surely, this would prompt a vicious response from the US Government. We’ve been told ad naseum that anyone being mildly rude to domestic propagandists is basically committing genocide, and –

Turns out you’re a peasant who exists to be taxed dry and sent to die. This is obvious to anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past ten years, and is the real reason behind the US Military recruitment numbers being so abysmal, not a failure of any one particular ad strategy. Even the relatively apolitical have figured out that we live in a semi-feudal society, they’re just chaffed so they can’t figure out, let alone organize against, those responsible. 

Gonzalo Lira was a sexpest, hack journalist, and US Citizen peasant, utterly without protection from the US State. He was killed for criticizing the Ukrainian regime with what would be clearly first amendment protected speech in America. As far as (((Anthony Blinken))), (((Victoria Nuland))), and all the rest are concerned, Zelensky did them a favour. Hell, they probably shared a toast over his death. 

Lira is also a reminder that real journalists tend to get killed, as opposed to the professional disinformers who LARP as journalists while they tell us that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, Jussie Smollett really was holocausted by KKK members in Chicago, that Bashar Al’Assad gassed a bunch of babies for no reason, or anything else they dream up. 

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  1. So true, about real journalists tending to get murdered.

    1. Wanna kick it up a notch boy?

      You religious?

      How’s it going against the Houthis?

      Does the diaper force really want shit to get real on the homefront?

      Hahahahaha, Bet.

  2. Rip bozo he won’t be missed

  3. Don’t take it personal but the steak knife crap was boring the hell outta me.

    And nothing on the chabad jew rats crawling outta sewers? Now shown to connect to the “children’s museum” and another building that was involved in a child rape case 2 months ago?

    Making fun of retards in some idiotic “white guy” party – that’ll get you recognition, and an audience of dim bulbs. I gots news for ya -the “white power” stuff has always been jew promoted.. and if you can’t figure why you is dumb… if you can? … you is bullshit opposition.

    1. My mind is blown. Are you one of the real jews?

      1. Whew.

        One thing they can’t put a lid back on is white awakening. Dam cracked. Shakespeare wasn’t a nigger netflix, the noticing will only grow from here on out.

        Retard new gen kikes fucked themselves, predecessors more subtle. Genie out the bottle. Get rekt kikes, you are over. Matter of time. Hubris. Patience has it’s limits.

  4. First of all, it’s already happening but give it 30 more years and there won’t be enough “white people” to do a damn thing about the jews, and they haven’t done a damn thing yet to prevent the hell-hole that is now the western world run by the sickening obnoxious tribe. And another important thing – Look at every damn website that exposes those scumbags, and you get a lot of anti-black crap in there, for ONE reason… to remain alive, remain KOSHER. Rense may be the only exception other than a few personal blogs….
    And it doesn’t take much research to know Hitler knew the racism label was a jew game… he wasn’t an idiot and he didn’t give a crap who helped him fight the bastards… what this guy said:
    I would like to clarify once again that the Nuremberg Laws applied exclusively to Jews and to no one else. It is also worth emphasizing that there were no discriminatory actions or statements by Hitler concerning anyone other than the Jews. ……………………………..Also who are the idiots? The blacks were mostly Against entering WW1 – whites had flag-brains…. flaggots.


    1. Good luck in your quest to promote anti-racist Nazism.

      1. Yep. Two-sheds has a schizo nigger brain. Not even entertaining, just sad.

  5. No, fuck this guy. A creepy scumbag who was too stupid to shut his mouth (or get out of) what is currently the ultimate expression of ZOG on the planet. He even got warned by ZOG twice before being thrown in the slammer for good. What’s up with that?

    1. yea fuck him as long as ZOG warns you they should be able to do whatever they want.

  6. I am sorry to hear of Lira’s murder. He was a victim of jewry, like to many millions of others – but also his own hubris. He came from a VERY wealthy Chilean family (but not wealthy and connected enough to get him out of the dungeon). He was very well traveled and wasn’t stupid. He did very strange things, though….

    Lira sent his ex-wife and kids out of the Ukraine when war broke out. He knew the Ukraine is a dangerous land. Yet he stayed. I know some-one who participated in his podcasts. This person told me that Lira told me that Lira thought the war would end quickly. My hair lit on fire. WARS NEVER END QUICKLY – especially with Russia! THEN Lira tweeted about escaping to Hungary WHILE EN ROUTE. Who the eff would DO something like that?

    Perhaps he was losing functional brain cells or something.

    This person also told me that his 4 year old daughter, “…wasn’t doing well” without her father. That’s who I truly feel sorry for. His ignored children. Staying in a war zone for Internet clout was more important to Lira than they are.

    What an absolute idiot. I am sorry to speak ill of the dead – but what a shitheel. There was no reason to stay in the Ukraine. NOTHING he ever said while “reporting” from his apartment was new, novel, or special. He essentially abandoned his own kids.

    I hope you can Rest in Peace, Lira. You utter fool.

    1. It would be one thing if he was on the frontlines doing reporting, but he was really just blogging/vlogging the whole time.

    2. A couple of things for context. Lira had a heart condition and knew he wasn’t likely to see 60.

      It kinda makes sense that he also thought the war would be over quick. REALLY bad take but it was his logic.

      Lastly it bothers me that people keep saying how idiotic it was that he cannounced publicly he was about to cross the boarder before he tried it. Let’s think about this for 5 minutes.

      Do people really think Ukrainian police were watching his Twitter and prepared to teleport in a strike team to apprehend him the instant he uploaded the video just before he was about to cross the border but didn’t think to put his name on a list at the boarder crossing?

      Gonzalo was either going to be arrested at the boarder or he wasn’t. Keeping his mouth shut would only have accomplished allowing them to murder him quietly without fanfare. Instead he made one last big stink. He even got Tucker Carlson to lobby for his life. Did it work? Well obviously not but it was his best shot. It also embarrassed Zelenski and Murrica.

      Yea I know the guy had his many many MANY faults but he died bravely spitting in the face of our enemies. It really passes me off when people who have done nothing shit on him and ignore the good things he has done.

      I would also add his life advice stuff was pretty great. 90% had little to nothing to do with pussy. Well ok maybe 75-80 % but my point stands.

      1. What good has he done? What you highlighted didn’t amount to anything. The official narrative is that he died of pneumonia, which is not unusual of a man his age. Normies are going to gobble it up and people who believe he was murdered know about ZOG and Zelensky already.

      2. YES. The Ukrainian police were watching his every move. He was WARNED to stop promoting Russia the first time he was arrested and released. He was THERE. He saw what was happening to ordinary Ukrainians. He was to busy with his podcasts and arrogance to PAY ATTENTION.

        His FIRST responsibility was to his children. NOT his blatherings on the Internet. He failed miserably in every way. If you must use him as some sort of example use him as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

        1. This. The guy was a scumbag and a moron. He apparently had agency. SHUT UP and LEAVE. If you can. If you can’t – just shut up. For the sake of your family. But no, gotta get them imaginary clout chips…

  7. Another room temperature e-celeb. Just a pest without an actual ideological platform.

  8. Not every pedophile is a politician, but ALL politicians are pedophiles.

  9. Yall are fucking hateable ghouls, I bow out, I regret even having the stink of just basic contact with you pigs. Gonzalo was brave, and didn’t deserve it.

    1. The fact of the matter is, Gonzalo got exactly what he asked for. We will not be able to watch the sad, dancing buffoon and his antics anymore. Lira was brave but dumb, really dumb. His responsibility was to his family. Anyone with a working brain could see that the Lira show was going to end very badly, and it did.

  10. On a purely intellectual level, what happened to Lira was terrible and indicative of the awful, insidious nature of our ruling classes.
    On a personal level, Lira was a piece of shit and I won’t lose any rest over his passing.

  11. Lira had the bad taste to broadcast anti-Ukrainian/pro-Russia propaganda in Ukraine, during a Russian invasion. No serious country would permit that.

    When he was arrested then put under house arrest, he tried to flee the country and was caught and jailed — because the stupid drama queen told the world about his escape plan on social media.

    As for his death: he died in jail of pneumonia and edema, something he himself contributed to being a smoker and a sedentary internet junkie.

    The people who are trying to depict this guy as righteous martyr for free speech are liars on the scale of the people who painted George Floyd as a murder victim.

    Like George Floyd, Gonzalo Lira got justice. His death was a predictable result of his criminal acts and all-round bad judgment. Good riddance.

    1. >No serious country would permit that.

      A serious country i.e. not a Slavic kleptocracy where a Jewish clown that played the piano with his dick is head of state, half the government consists of TV producer buddies of said clown and where the security services are staffed by drunken football hooligans who LARP as the Hollywood version of the Gestapo at the behest of Jewish oligarchs would’ve just stuffed him on the first bus to Berlin instead of ratfucking themselves PR-wise by killing Lira in the way they did.
      Even just shooting him and claiming he “resisted arrest” would’ve been less of a problem.

      1. Sorry to break the bad news, but outside the warm, reverberant acoustic of the TRS/NJP cloaca, it just looks laughable for Western internet kids to accuse Azov of LARPing.

        1. Azov are *checks notes* Ukrainian Nazis who are led by *checks notes again* a perverted Jewish comedian who is deliberately sending them all to die en masse in an unwinnable war. And this is not strange? These are serious people? Is this some obscure variant of horseshoe theory where if you become the most extreme Nazi imaginable you wind up fighting for ZOG?

          1. The Azov freaks ARE jews. Murderous, psycho, soulless heebs.

          2. My favorite Azov stooge was the captured one who was trying to get a full body tattoo of a SS uniform. Wonder how things went in the prison camp for him

  12. imagine still simping for russiafricastan and jewtin you must love the idea of eurasian and homo erectus mixed grand kids, you have to be one cretinous subversive to actually still tout and promote russia when its literally eurasian american with even more love for swartoids, civic nationalism and an obsession with central muslim asians

    1. The Jewish architects of this ritual goyim annihilation ceremony would like to thank you for your service. Your comment serves to confuse the issue, twisting a criticism of the worldwide Jewish warmongering agenda into a total endorsement of Russia, which you then attacked by showing that Russia also has problems. You also appealed to the base racism of your perceived audience by equating opposition to the Ukraine war with support for race-mixing, as there are mixed race people in Russia. Great job. Keep up the good work.

      1. Most of Russia’s territory and at least half if not more of its people are Muslims/non whites from Stan nations. That’s probably why Hitler called them asiatic hordes from the east, because a lot of the creatures they sent over to fight the Germans were not White Russians from Moscow or Saint Petersburg, or some little fairy tale Vikingesque white village, but mongoloids from all their Soviet expansion territories.

        Same is true today, a lot of the dudes invading Ukraine are Muslim, or some sort of backwater Asian mutt.

        1. Except the REAL problem is Der ewige Kikeroach.

    2. Meds. Now.

  13. TDR are you still THERE? Did Hovator’s goons get to you? It’s been almost a week since you made a new post.

    1. After years of hard-hitting truth-telling, he’s earned a little break.

  14. nothing in 10 days, did something happen to you?

    1. Seriously. I’m worried.

      1. He’s in mourning over the recent arrest of Grant MacDonald. Ram Ranch no longer really rocks.

      2. denial.

        Anger lasted a while, as did denial but my guess is he has moved onto bargaining/acceptance. I get it, TRS was a great show in it’s early years. A pity that Mike’s work ethic was so incongruent with his aspirations. He’s a good speaker but that seems to be about it.

        Anyway, that’s the problem with hitching all your hopes to one wagon. A wheel falls off and then what you do?

        Good news is that there are several thousand wagons pulling the same cargo at this point in our wiemerican history. Even the richest man in the world is making noises about jewish anti-Whiteness. They forced him into a humiliation ritual at the point of a sword obviously, but the fact that he said anything is a testament to how weak they have become and how far their mask has slipped. Also, it really does seem like their stolen empire is on it’s last legs. If the US goes to war with Iran and etc… well that’s probably it for our current masters. As dense as the masses are, it’s going to be way too obvious, even with their level of control, to hide who was responsible for the fall of the USA.

        Anyway, speaking of other wagons, apparently Striker and Warren have a new show if anyone is interested. I’ll link it here.


        Anyway, we are winning. Countless examples but here’s a good one. Heard of chief youth right wing shabbos Charlie Kirk? A couple weeks ago he did a whole show on how MLK was a POS philanderer and false prophet etc. You can’t blackpill about them not being on the backfoot if they are allowing concessions like that. MLK worship is a very important part of the antiwhite brainwashing program.

        1. To be honest I followed the daily rake for almost 2 years now, and never even watched TRS and only ever heard of those people from the daily rakes articles.

          I became a White nationalist from around 2015-2017 in my early 20s as I was shocked at how open and arrogant the anti-White shit was getting. The anti-Whites became a horde of loud mouthed orcs like from the lord of the rings and the natural response for me was to go full national socialist.

          I remember watching the first 30 mins of the hateful 8 one day after class at college, seeing the black on white gay rape scene where the nigger hero of the movie (played by the pedophile Sam Jackson) tortures some white cowboy until he begs for his life, then promises to spare him if he lets the nigger rape him, the white character allows it because he wants to get back home to his family and the “hero” of the movie kills him anyways, and then brags to his old dad about it and kills him too; the whole point of the scene was just racial violation and humiliation.

          I remember thinking “we have spent enough money to colonize mars about twice over just feeding these obese hateful apes for about 160 years, all in a foolish attempt to try to befriend them out of goodwill, and they still have to be entertained by watching anti-white rape porn in Hollywood. We are never going to be able to coexist”

          At that point all of the trillions of dollars of propaganda and brainwashing the system had done instantly broke, I realized the KKK, the “Nazis” and all of these groups of white peoples who we were taught were the bad guys for being “racist” were all actually just correct, and able to notice the stuff we were brainwashed since we were little to ignore.

          Ever since then I’ve been fully on board with total nigger death and total heeb death, and just been waiting on the rest of my white brothers and sisters to catch up.

          1. Same brother. The anti-white propaganda has simply became to pervasive to ignore in recent years. The white masses finally do seem to be waking up. Even establishment shills are forced to talk about the great replacement and anti-whiteness now. CRT has existed for decades but it’s finally been given a name and identified.

            This is a time for hope. This is a time to press forward and keep revealing the truth.

          2. Or sister. Apologies if I mislabeled you. Ruby sounds possibly like a feminine moniker to me.

          3. Become too pervasive to ignore*

            lol I’m a bit off today XD

  15. 2 weeks and no new articles? Seems like the end of an era. I guess I’ll take it as a sign for me to finally retire from the great time waster that is politics as well.

    1. Fighting your your people’s future is not time waster. It’s a noble act.

      Maybe if you are a selfish narcissist it’s a time waster. There’s not much material gain from it for most, quite the opposite usually. Going against the system is almost always a selfless act and one that should be honored.

  16. Tim – please send us a sign that you are still alive.

    1. He’s alive. One of my comments got put on hold because I included a link in it but eventually went through the next day.

      I think he is just taking a break and doing some contemplation. He’s earned it after these exposes. I do hope he comes back soon though. Always enjoyed his articles. He’s a great writer and a credit to the cause.

  17. I’m worried in that he never said “taking a break”, did he? He’s just gone? Wellness check required at this point. Zog’s timing couldn’t be better. Fuck Trudeau!

  18. “I debated whether to publish this now, as I enjoy that the site has an unbroken streak of Steak Knives articles. Ultimately, I felt this was too important to hold off on.”

    Subtext informs me that he is taking break. The Lira thing is important in that it reveals that the halcyon days of having an American passport don’t mean squat anymore if you go against establishment gay nigger BLM tranny new order serious wars materially. Gonzalo poked the bear when he could have just fled. I do think he might have wanted to die… or he was just really dumb. Can’t ever know what’s in another man’s head but posting a video saying he is illegally fleeing from within the Zelensky gov’t war criminal regime… From within the Ukraine when they are desperately sending 14 year old boys to die for nothing and have taken forcible (and very publicly) control over all media within their wartime nation? Very dumb Lira, did not deserve it but very dumb.

    Lira was either an idiot or he was fine with dying. Very fucked that the US did not make a peep about one of it’s nationals being murdered though. That is indeed a big deal. Has not happened before I don’t think… not without a peep like this… but we live in really fucked up times right now. It’s not gone unnoticed though. Especially with the dyke black basketball player being so precious contrasted with Lira. If there’s on thing the American public is finally well done with and sick of it’s special treatment for nigger crime. They won’t stop though, Jonestown koolaid, but the non-brainwashed have had enough.

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