One of the running themes of Breadtube is that they never face any capitalist censorship. Well, that changed recently, as Hasan Piker and Vaush got censored by twitch for using the anti-White racial slur “cracker.” 

However they’ve responded to being censored for anti-White hate speech in the most courageous and brave and stunning way possible, quadrupling down.

Gaming Bible:

Twitch’s community guidelines on slurs explain: “Using hateful slurs, either untargeted or directed towards another individual. We allow certain words or terms, which might otherwise violate our policy, to be used in an empowering way or as terms of endearment when such intent is clear.”

The guidelines go to on to lay out some examples, including “entering a chat and spamming a slur”, “targeting an individual with a slur based on a protected characteristic” and “calling another player a slur in anger while streaming.” Agree with it or not, it seems fairly clear that “cracker” violates those terms.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the always-divisive streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa from poking fun at the latest Twitch controversy in her own way.

Siragusa recently joined Piker and Ethan Klein for an episode of their podcast, Leftovers, where they parodied Hasan’s recent ban from Twitch.

The two hosts kicked off the podcast as normal, before joining Siragusa in a hot tub that had been filled with salty crackers. A bit on the nose, but sure. The trio then proceeded to play a game called “Cracker Bingo”, in which they competed to discover who was the whitest person in the group. Cracker Bingo categories included being a fan of Wes Anderson movies and liking mayonnaise.

Needless to say, the internet was not particularly amused.

“3 millionaires waste hundreds of dollars of food in time of price hikes, demand freedom to use racial slurs.”

The jew Ethan Kline made sure to publicly display his anti-White hatred bordering on retardation.

 We’ve barely written anything on breadtube, but perhaps we really should do this more. These people never get capitalist censorship despite pretending to be totes-for-realz super anti-capitalist. Then, the first time they actually get the corporate censorship that we all get, they double down on anti-White hate speech. They do this knowing full well that all the White People who would be fighting back against this, and frankly with vastly larger audiences in a true competition, are censored by the very same capitalists they pretend to be fighting against.

I’ve focused on cuckservative grifters, like Fuentes, ramzpaul, and kohne. I don’t think I’ve been wrong to do that, but there’s something uniquely obnoxious about these breadtube faggots. They must be destroyed.

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  1. The anti-white slur, ‘cracker’ makes me want to buy a high quality Australian kangaroo leather whip and get really good at it, I remember seeing a dude whipping roses out of a woman’s mouth, cutting the roses in half, but not harming the woman, at a local circus one time it was badass.

    Being a hard ass ‘whip cracker’ is actually pretty badass.

    1. It is also the most optical self defense weapon one could use against nigs. Lmao

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