Originally published November 6th, 2023.

Remember that article on chaffing I wrote a while back? I’m still in contact with the woman who sent me all that worthless chaff, not that I blame her of course, and she recently sent me the following message.

Please explain. Lies? Hamas really being run by Israel? I don’t understand why Palestinians don’t want rid of Hamas?? Nothing makes any sense.

Beneath that message she sent me a link to a tweet by one Benjamin Butterworth. Even though the screenshot should be clear, I’ll transcribe this below.

[Graphic warning] I have just seen the raw footage from Hamas terrorists of their attacks on 7 October. The screams of civilians murdered in their cars, babies slain in Disney pyjamas, children begging for “daddy” as he is blown up, the dead spat on. As they mercilessly slaughtered, one terrorist yelled down the phone, “I killed 10 Jews with my hands, dad! I will go live on WhatsApp! Your son is a hero!” If the Holocaust had cameras, this is what you would have seen. I fear too many people do not grasp this.

The bigots and bots replying that they ‘do not believe’ this horror, that these slain civilians must have their tortured bodies displayed to the world, shows how acutely important it is decent people keep speaking up. They are trying to sew the seeds of a new holocaust denial.

Bigots and bots? This language seems oddly familiar…

That face. I feel like it should be holding up a sign saying “stop trans genocide,” but instead it’s doing a performative seethe at Goyim fact-checking the slanders of the Israeli Diaper Force.

This is not a one time thing. Butterworth is indistinguishable from a Hasbara troll, writing his absurd tweets from his IDF uniform. Below he can be seen writing apologia for Israel’s mass murder of civilians while blowing up hospitals. He even uncritically repeats the not even worth debunking claim that it was the Palestinians who did it to themselves, a repeat of the “Putler blew up his own pipeline/nuclear reactor/dam,” from Russia-Ukraine.

There’s some “muh IraNIaN TErrOr,” posting.

He seethes at the Goyim being allowed to peacefully protest trans kids genocide done by Jews. Their free speech rights must be infringed upon!. Death to those who say stop mutilating children you fucking groomers no more genocide in Gaza!

When Jews commit genocide, Jews are the real victims.

Finally, Butterworth makes sure to attack “left-wing” political figures who think that maybe the mass murder of kids could like, be taken down half a notch.

Owen Jones, a Giardian propagandist, tepidly defends the filthy Palestinians right not to be genocided. This “brings shame to the left,” according to Benjamin Butterworth. In contrast, Keir Starmer, the leader of England’s zionist owned Labour Party, the opposition to the (((Tories))), is acting like a real statesman as he sides with the rich, uptrodden Israeli Jews who just want to genocide in peace.

As can be expected, Starmer’s complete capitulation to the genocide state of Israel was not taken well by the duped peasants who thought they might actually get real anti-war policy from these anti-White perverts.

Nor has it been taken particularly well by Labour councillors, who are resigning en masse.

Daily Mail:

The leader of Burnley Council has resigned from the Labour Party along with ten other councillors in protest of Sir Keir Starmer‘s position on a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Councillor Afrasiab Anwar, who has been part of the Labour party for 10 years, called for the 61-year-old leader to resign following a weeks-long furore over his position on the Israel-Hamas war.

In a statement, the group of Labour councillors said: ‘It has become apparent that Keir Starmer and the leadership either cannot or will not heed our concerns or acknowledge the sentiments within our communities.

‘In response to our calls for him to resign he responded that the individual concerns of members are not his focus, further illustrating that he does not value the voice of the grassroots of the party.’

Is anyone else getting flashbacks to when Gorland Blormph, the Orange NFT Salesman, started getting praise from the Never Trumpers for how “presidential” and “stately” he was when he totally cucked on his No Foreign Wars lie and bombed Assad? Weird how the more institutional power one holds under ZOG, the more they do what Schlomo wants and the complete opposite not just of what their base wants, but what the general populace wants.

Benjamin Butterworth is a real zionist. I think that’s been made clear. He feels that it is his personal mission to greenlight Israel’s ongoing genocide. But what’s he doing when he’s not supporting the mass murder of Goy children in the Middle East?

He’s demanding that England take infinite fake refugees, and he won’t accept any filthy bigot pointing out homeless British. Just because White People are homeless does not mean that you’re allowed to not put up foreign parasites in five star hotels, Goy. Butterworth really hates suffering, and if you disagree with him that means you just want people to suffer, you monster.

Jaime, can you pull up pictures of murdered Palestinian children after an Israeli airstrike please?

Thanks, Jamie. It’s really nice to see someone pushing an anti-suffering agenda in times like these. Credit to Butterworth.

Butterworth is also a Dylan Mulvaney superfan. You may remember him as the creep that Bud Light put on their can as an insult to their audience. Butterworth likes Dylan’s girl penis almost as much as he likes genocide in Gaza.

Benjamin gleaming as Jews murder nine month old terrorists.

In case your Gaydar is broken, yes, Benjamin Butterworth is a Monkeypox connoisseur. He’s an ex-disinformer for “PinkNews.” In a bout of irony, he’s complaining that Benjamin Cohen, their CEO, is a toxic bully.

That is the only time you will see Benjamin raise his soy voice to a Cohen. Mr. Butterworth is such an Israel superfan that he wears his prolapse anus pin right next to his “genocide the children” pin.

Queers For Palestine, meet Wokies For Israel.

Speaking of, turns out the actual anti-genocide activists don’t want these people around. Here are some teenage Arab girls doing what servatives never will, and telling antifa to go fuck themselves while supporting Hamas’ ban on trannies and homosexuals.

Antifa fag with a soy voice: He’s trying to tell children anti-LGBT propaganda.

By the way, the guy off to the right is Chris Elston. I’ve protested with him before, in Vancouver. I can say with certainty that I will never be joining him in one of his publicity stunts again, and I’ll even be writing an article on this, because his behaviour is so absurd. However, for now I’ll be enjoying the absolutely kino video.

Antifa continued: He’s trying to tell children that they’re not allowed to be trans.

Arab Girl: Yeah, they’re not.

When some antifa fag tries telling you that you can’t oppose Jew genocides without supporting child trannies.

Honorary Aryans Continue: You can’t do that. You have to respect us.

Other Queen: No LGBTQ. None.

First Queen: In our religion you can’t do that.

Antifa Fag: You natzees are wrong.

Watch until the end, and you’ll get to witness the virgin antifa walking away, head down, from the Chad Arab teenage girls.

But I’m sure that’s just an isolated, one time case. It’s not like –


As an aside, there is something uniquely delicious about attacks on servatives that actually hit the target. Not “hurr durr they racist,” but “you’re a weak fucking bitch who is too pussy to stand up for White People or groomed children.” Servatives need to be mocked, not taken seriously.

But getting back to my point, actual Palestinian activists want nothing to do with the butthole-left in any shape or form, in the same way that actual White activists want nothing to do with the (((GOP))). There is the real thing, and then there are subversives.

Turns out that the people who actually want policy against the genocide state of Israel don’t want subversive AIDS patients coming to their protest and demanding that they disavow Hamas for their anti-tranny policies.

Turns out the people who are serious about getting policy for the genocide state of Israel call themselves “wokists,” and have never seen an anti-White or child abusing perversion that they aren’t in favour of.

Benjamin “Prolapsed Anus” Butterworth: The danger is – the real danger for Israel is that this plays out on our television screens in a way that people only see the part o’ the story that is civilians being killed as a consequence of Israeli retaliations. And I think that’s why it’s so important that you get the message across that Hamas puts its headquarters in schools, in hospitals, in a university. That they do that on purpose because they want to compromise the Palestinians.

And when people talk about Israel should show restraint, well how many times is this gonna happen and Israel shows restraint? If you care about Palestinian civilian lives then you won’t let Hamas exist in any form, because if you do this will happen again and again as it has for the past 75 years.

Don’t even bother responding to that genocide apologia. Don’t entertain these IDF talking points. Just understand that the guy slandering Hamas as somehow, someway, telepathically forcing the Israelis to murder Palestinian civilians is taking time out of his busy schedule of pushing Dylan Mulvaney and mass migration. 

“I love Israel and boy anus.”

I expect these narratives to continue as the undeniably ready for battle Israeli Diaper Force has reportedly entered Gaza and is taking casualties. Should be fun.

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