Remember how I condemned the e-right for their response to the (((porn industry)))? I briefly ragged on the butthole-left, who pretend that pornography is a wonderful and liberating thing with just a few bad apples here and there, but didn’t quite give them the lashing that they deserved. It was an “I Hate The E-Right” piece after all.

In the comments to one of those articles someone linked to this CBC piece promoting OnlyWhores in the most absurd and disgusting way possible. This won’t be long, as it doesn’t need to be, but even I was surprised at just how disgusting and absurd the butthole-left can be in their little crusade to promote whore work for women.  


After more than two decades of failed treatments for my chronic bowel disease, I was desperate for relief. I was here to meet the surgeon who would be removing my colon and rerouting my small intestine through my abdomen.

Before surgery, my chronic illness was invisible. Now I would have an ileostomy, a permanent medical device on my abdomen.

I felt alone. I didn’t know anyone with an ostomy that I could ask for guidance, let alone someone my age. After all, bowel function isn’t exactly small talk.

One of my primary concerns was whether or not I could continue the career I have spent the past several years building. Ordinarily this anxiety would be worth sharing with one’s doctor, but due to the stigma surrounding my work, it’s not something I’m always upfront about.

I’m a porn performer.

She literally has a bag of shit on her stomach, and she’s doing porn. The CBC then writes a puff piece on her, and the point is that her story is brave, uplifting, and downright inspiring. 

Her story of doing porn while having a bag of shit on her abdomen.

After surgery, I was visited every day for a week by a specialised nurse who taught me how to clean and change my appliance. Aside from that, the only counselling I received was in the form of educational pamphlets.

As I flipped through glossy pages filled with smiling retirees, I noticed something was missing: there weren’t any resources on post-operative sexual health. 

The failure to provide me with comprehensive sexual education suggested that sex would no longer be part of my life. It implied that I shouldn’t have questions about sex, because my body was no longer sexual. 

This experience opened my eyes to the fact that many individuals see people with disabilities as inherently non-sexual. 

I try not to repeat this because it can be tedious content, but sometimes clownworld is so grotesque that I find it too baffling to comment on. I’m stuck in that twilight zone where the only way to provide commentary would be to write a novella length rebuttal to this, or leave it without comment. Anything in between would be an unsatisfying compromise.

I will note that comments are disabled. In fact, the CBC has removed the “comments have been disabled,” tag under their articles, probably because it was a bit embarrassing for the state propaganda agency to have a big sign at the bottom of each article telling the peasants that they’re happily denying them what little voice that they have under ZOG.

I wondered if CBC had permanently removed comments on all articles, so I clicked on a few different articles, some of which had comments enabled.

It is frankly absurd that the state propaganda agency is ever allowed to disable comments from the peasants, and even when they are allowed, they are heavily pruned for fact-speech. The Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators specialize in lies and gaslighting, and letting the little people speak their minds would ruin that.

But disabled people watch porn, masturbate, and have sex. Why shouldn’t we be represented in the pornography that we are consuming?

Despite my apprehension of how I would be perceived, it was clear to me that the adult entertainment industry needed bodies like mine.

To my surprise, my return to porn was met with overwhelming support. I received a flood of encouragement, particularly from others living with disabilities. People who had never been represented on screen before finally felt seen. Even those who had never heard of an ileostomy were drawn to my story. They found it fascinating. 

It took a lot of courage to go back to sex work after surgery. In a strange way it was exactly what I needed in order to reframe my relationship with my body. Sharing the most vulnerable parts of myself was ultimately just the beginning of my journey to self acceptance.

Alex A. performs under the handle ‘GoAskAlex.’

Your state propaganda agency is doing advertisements for OnlyFans, one of the most exploitative businesses in the world, under the guise of sexual empowerment. Their poster girl for this literally has a shitbag on her stomach, and weirdos are jerking off to her online. 

I agree more that someone who has a traumatic medical procedure like this should feel sexy and desirable. The way that should happen is they should be married to someone who loves and appreciates them. Instead, they get jerked off to by a bunch of creeps with fetishes. 

The CBC promoting this is sick and disgusting on so many different levels. It is a new low for a state propaganda agency that is already such trash that I almost never bother covering their propaganda anymore.

They’re the embodiment of that famous Theodore Dalrymple quote.

So of course the response from servatives like Pierre “no straight pride pls” Poilievre is to pretend like they’re going to abolish the CBC, instead of taking it over and running it on behalf of normal people. 

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  1. Someone with tech savvy should focus on finding, and publishing online the home addresses of all CBC executives and employees.This would be a genuinely productive service to the Canadian public. Make no mistake, the absolute shit of the human gene pool work at the CBC, and they are a level of evil beyond what the average Canuckistani retard can comprehend.

  2. CBC exec: “disable the comments on the disabled whore story. They’re helping the goyim know!”

    PS – doxxing – er, I mean learning more about CBC employees sounds like a grand idea!

  3. Well, there is a silver lining to this fucked up story.
    She’s probably the only whore in porn who is physically incapable of having an anal disaster.

    1. But do you hate them enough? Is your hate a spark, or a lightning bolt? Weak hate is so very sad.

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