<> at The Ice House Comedy Club on August 1, 2018 in Pasadena, California.

And instantly gets 100k more followers than his twatter account in an extremely believable and very real event that totally happened.

Before immediately declaring this bot driven, let’s hallucinate some possible explanations for how this could even possibly be real. First, Gettr is secretly just as big as twatter.

Well twitter is the fifth biggest website in the world by page views, and gets over 6 billion visits per month.

In contrast, Gettr has less than one thousandth of the audience.

If you’re curious, Gab has about three times larger of an audience than Gettr. And in fact Joe Rogan is on Gab.

So he has 7.8 million followers on twitter, which is reasonable. On Gab, which gets about 1/300th the visits, he has 3.6k followers. That’s roughly 1/8th what it would be based on population, but he only just made the account so it’ll take time to grow. However, on Gettr, which is one third the size of Gab, he has 7.9 million followers. Oh and he made that account just over 24 hours ago.

Somehow it gets dumber. His account now has 8.5 million followers, and he openly talked about joining yesterday. And yet, you can scroll down that very same “verified,” account and see tweets, or whatever it’s called, as far back as you care to look.

Above are some random ones that I captured from November. It’s possible that they had linked his twitter account with that Gettr account. So all his tweets were posted, and it was always his account. Even still, Gettr only gets 4.5 million visits per month, many of which are undoubtedly the same user, unless everyone only checks once per month. So we’re all supposed to believe that Joe Rogan’s follower count is somehow, someway, much larger than the entire active userbase on Gettr.

I think it unlikely.

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  1. If you click on his follower count on Gettr, it explains that they add in his number of Twitter followers too. Mystery solved.

    1. But… how does that make any sense then? What’s the purpose of Gettr displaying Gettr + twitter followers, other than to mislead.

  2. I saw some gay interview the other day in which an executive at gettr stated that the ability to import your Twitter history is there already so that’s the reason for the previous tweets – that angle has no point to it…. however, the thought of Rogan getting more subs/followers than monthly visitors to gettrs entire site is laughable. Didn’t know he was on gab, good for him, wish he would have shouted them out instead.

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