As a followup to my previous piece, someone in the telegram comments asked about the Iron Yarmaluke, Israel’s missile and artillery defense system. To put it bluntly, it doesn’t work either.


Of the 86 rockets that were launched from Gaza into Israel in recent days, only 8 were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. This appears to be a relatively small success rate when considering the billions of dollars that went into its development. 

So a less than 10% success rate. We’re off to a good start.

“Because of the quantity of rockets fired it would be unrealistic to try to intercept every rocket. So what it does is it projects where the rocket is expected to land based on the trajectory of the rocket. So if we identify that a rocket is going to land in a populated area, or some other strategic site we initiate the interception process. This process happens within 15-30 seconds. So within 15-30 seconds we have to identify a rocket launch, figure out a trajectory and then figure out the best path on which to send an interceptor missile.”

“Nobody expects a 100% success rate. These rockets are launched at such a rapid pace. There’s no air defense system that is capable of doing that. Iron Dome is one component in an over-arcing package that we use to stop the rocket fire. 8 rockets being intercepted out of 80 is a success. I don’t think that’s an injustice to the system.  When we deployed the system we knew it wouldn’t be 100% successful and you judge a system based on the expectations of that system.”

8 rockets out of 80 is a success, goy. There is no missile defense system that could do better. 

BTW, the comments on that article, all from jews, are hilarious.

Robert M Soran-Schwartz,

No Iron Dome is not a failure. It is just a weapon that can’t keep up with better than primitive garage-made flying objects. And with battery-launched missiles.
But is effective against David’s sling launched stones…

The numbers given by IDF hide the fact that the Iron Dome lives from the totally missing accuracy of the self-made pseudo-missiles. Should the enemy get the cheapest industrially produced missiles and a mobile battery allowing to rapidly launch them, then the Iron Dome could be used as free-air monuments for state disinformation of its population.
BTW: should the present primitive missiles from Gaza be upgraded in regard to their flight distance and should they be directed at citadine areas, then Iron Dome would become the biggest joke in Israeli military history.




In diaspora America, the Kiddish cup may still overflow, but the Yiddisher cup has been dry for years.

Remember the threat by the United States to withdraw its ‘military aid’ if Israel Aircraft Industries produced the Kfir C-2 jet fighter, competing with Boeing’s F-16? Replacing the Mirage with American warplanes may have cost Israel its survival. The Knesset surrendered, replacing the French Mirage with an American mirage. The mindset abets ALL Israel’s military vulnerabilities.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Integrity does not follow political party lines. Some have it. Most do not. Israelis should remember 1956 Sinai and Torah’s mitzvah to ‘Obey G-d, not Goyim!

Relying on America’s mercy brought Israel Obama’s Mursi.

‘Iron Dumb’ is fruit of the Military-Industrial Complex Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. The long history of using cheap Jewish blood to field-test overpriced Rube Goldberg contraptions is unnecessary when Goyishe blood is available elsewhere. So Muslim Obama has his excuse to liquidate Israel and the Jews.

The billions of dollars of so-called ‘assistance’ that Israel’s enemies wave in front of unemployed U.S. voters come with a high mark-up and a higher price-tag.

Like most toys Iron Dumb ships ‘batteries-not-included’.

Just when you started feeling a bit sorry for random jews who might be the victims of rocket attacks this guy pops up to make it very clear that the issue here is these systems need to be tested at the lives of more goyim, not jews. And the problem with Israeli leadership is that they’re too obedient to the goyim.

But hey, that article was from late 2012. Maybe the Iron Yarmaluke has undergone some rapid improvements since then, right?

Global Security:

The military wing of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement says it successfully “overcame” Israel’s so-called Iron Dome missile system during its recent confrontation with the Tel Aviv regime thanks to its new rocket-launching tactic.

New tactic? Okay, not really sure what that –

“The Qassam Brigades, thanks to God, succeeded in overcoming the so-called Iron Dome by adopting the tactic of firing dozens of missiles in one single burst,” he said.

Oh okay. The hip new tactic of saturation attacks, also known as a basic strategy in warfare since time immemorial. Let’s see how successful it was.

In retaliation, the Palestinian fighters fired around 700 rockets from Gaza into the occupied territories, killing four Israeli settlers and injuring at least 80 others over the weekend.

In the course of Israel’s seven-week war in 2014, five Israelis died and 67 others were wounded.

Israeli media reported that the “Iron Dome” intercepted only 240 of the projectiles, adding that some 35 rockets and mortar shells had struck populated areas over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Once again, the Iron Yarmaluke’s only saving grace is simply that the rockets/shells fired at Yidsrael are so inaccurate you don’t need to intercept them. Because if you try, you’ll miss them and maybe kill yourself with the explosive shrapnel.

HS Military:

During the Israeli aggression against Syria, Syrian S-200 systems fired at least four anti-aircraft guided missiles at Israeli aircraft. 

The latter managed to fly to the central part of Palestine, however, none of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense missile defense systems could intercept them.

Israel-Enjoyers reading this comment.

It is even more ridiculous to try to attempt to intercept incoming SAMs, for a few reasons. First, by their very nature, SAMs have to maneuver. This is entirely different from artillery shells and Hamas rockets, which have predictable trajectories, and are still barely ever hit by the Iron Yarmaluke. I mean they literally say that <10% interception rate is pretty much the best they can do.

Hitting something as fast and maneuverable as a jet fighter with a missile is no easy task. Hitting the missile that’s trying to hit the fighter with your own Iron Yarmaluke missile is not much easier. I’ve promised the tactics portion of the fighter PSA series that I’ll go over this in much more detail, and it should be eye opening.

But for now, suffice to say, the Iron Yarmaluke doesn’t appear to be any better than the US Patriot System. It has the exact same weakness to saturation attacks, and the same dismal success rate per interception attempt.

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  1. ALL I want, out of life, at this time, are the American nuclear football codes, 15 minutes, and a map.

  2. “Iron Dome would become the biggest joke in Israeli military history.”
    I dunno, the Galil rifle having a built in bottle opener because of Israel’s retarded ghetto Jew conscript soldiers will never stop being funny.

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