Russia Today:

Slovakia will pay for Russian natural gas in rubles if that’s what it takes to keep the commodity flowing, Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulik has said on national television.

If there is a condition to pay in rubles, then we will pay in rubles,” Sulik said. He stressed that Russian imports account for roughly 85% of all Slovakian gas supplies, so the country’s authorities will remain pragmatic on the issue.

We cannot be cut off from gas,” Sulik emphasized, urging the rest of Europe to jointly seek a solution.

Nearly all of the countries of the European Union, of which Slovakia is a member, slapped Russia with economic sanctions over the past month, jeopardizing Russia’s ability to receive payments from trade partners in the European currency. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin last week signed a decree introducing a new ruble gas payment mechanism.

I can’t claim to have much expertise in international finance, so I can only fact-check the most ludicrous examples of disinformation pushed by the WMD Liars in regards to the supposed economic collapse of Russia. I’m not going to make some bold proclamations that the Ruble will replace the dollar as the world currency, but I will remind you that Biden said “The Ruble is Rubble,” and it has now regained all its pre-war value and then some.

Info Bae:

The Russian ruble erased the heavy losses it incurred in the weeks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The currency surpassed 81.16 per US dollar on Wednesday in Moscow operations, the level at which it closed on February 23, the day before President Vladimir Putin launched his attack.

And of course, the very next sentence is the following.

The recovery comes at an ironic moment, while broad sanctions paralyze Russia’s economy and cause the government to stagger on the brink of default.

Apparently the country with the massive net trade balance is “staggering on the edge of default.” Default against what? Defaulting to whom? Well apparently the Russians should be really concerned about not paying their debts to… the EU and US.

The ruble strengthened for the eleventh session out of 13 despite signs of increased pressure, with the dollar-ruble exchange rate falling to 5% to 79.11 in local trade, before closing at 79.70. As the European Union and the United States coordinate a new arsenal of financial sanctions against Russia, the Finance Ministry said its attempt to repay the debt in dollars had been blocked, which could move the country closer to its first external default in about a century.

So the Russians have been prevented from… giving the US and EU money. 

Who could forget when Nazi Germany lost WW2 because they weren’t able to give the Soviet Union any more money, thus defaulting on their debt to them? 

Economists are paid by our privileged class to make up retarded buzzwords and spin to obfuscate basic reality. They say Russia is about to default on its debt, implying that the Russian government is somehow insolvent. But actually they are just prevented from giving the US and EU money, and nobody in the rest of the entire world gives a single fuck.

Economists exist to do this. To turn “Russia isn’t giving us money,” into “Russia’s government is insolvent.” Just like they turn “immigrants destroy wages,” into “immigrants make the labour market more efficient.” Or how housing prices going up is “value being added to the housing market.” 

Russia Today:

The Slovakian economy minister, along with a number of other European politicians, said the situation calls for diversification of suppliers. But he said this may take years, while Slovakia has only two months to solve the current problem with fuel purchases.

No, it’s not going to take “years,” to find some other countries to supply you with the oil and natural gas you get from Russia, it’s going to take an eternity. They have the oil. They have the gas. Therefore, you buy from them. Other countries don’t have the oil or gas, so you don’t buy from them. Once again, economic obfuscation of basic reality.

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  1. Slovakia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Good for them! Their leadership is refusing to freeze out their citizens. Unless the Whores of Zog in the West.

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