The American Servative:

All the polls that assured us a swing to the right in Spain’s July 23 general election were wrong.  All hopes that a country with weight in Europe would join Giorgia Meloni’s Italy in stopping the E.U.’s leftward drift have vanished.

Giorgia Meloni?

Definitely need more people like her in power to stop the LEFTISTS who are trying to implement UN AGENDA 21 and push Marxist tactics meant to divide us from our Judeo-Christian brothers in Israel.

All hopes that change in Spain and Italy could represent a major force at the U.N. in bringing the West back to common sense, abandoning the predations of wokeism and environmentalism have also gone to hell.

Thank God we’ve got these far-right Israel lovers fighting against the WokeSTeRs. 

Boat migrants are natural conservatives. White Liberals like George Soros BTFO. 

There was not enough whiskey in Spain last night for us conservatives to wash down so much disappointment. 

There are a lot of people who haven’t fully internalized the truth that servatives exist for no other purpose than to get out in front of Whitey on racial issues, and everyone on social issues to make absolutely damn sure that we get nothing. Anti-Whiteness is so unpopular that it gets shot down on ballots, even in California, and trannies are viscerally repulsive and disgusting to everyone, as the Bud Light fiasco recently showed, assuming any proof was necessary. 

Although that California ban proved to be of little obstacle to our (((Democracy Class))). 

They found a way to “enhance diversity without affirmative action,” and I’m sure that Republican appointed judges helped them with this.

It’s similar to how a Trump appointed judge overturned the Tennessee ban on drag groomer shows.

The point is that there are policies that normal people want, and politicians jobs are to make sure to betray the people and do what the (((Democracy Class))) wants instead. For the record, “leftists” do this on anti-war, anti-Israel, and anti-billionaire issues all the same. That’s why Joe Biden calls himself the “most pro-union president of all time,” after making it illegal for the railroad workers to strike.

Pro-union in the streets, pro-(((capital))) in the sheets.

Explaining what has happened to people outside of Spain is difficult, and not only because of the hangover.

No, it’s actually pretty easy. People are tired of neocons pretending to be populists. It’s the same reason why Ronny DeShabbos is having to downsize his political campaign. Servatives are going through a legitimacy crisis.

The Servative Party of Canada has another one of these absurd puppets, Pierre Poilievre, installed as Chief Cuck. If you think this fag is going to deliver you any policies, I don’t even know what to tell you at this point.

The Popular Party has obtained 136 seats against the 122 of the current prime minister, the Socialist Pedro Sanchez. But even adding the friendly votes, from the right-wing Vox to like-minded minority parties, the P.P coalition would be five representatives away from being able to govern. Feijoo says he wants to govern in minority, but in order to be invested the Socialists would have to abstain in the vote. That, less than a possibility, is a joke.

Oh noes! Not SoCIaLiSTs! They’re too economically illiterate to understand that capitalism provides more opportunities for the economic migrants of colour that we want to bring into this country legally.

Considering that Pedro Sanchez is talked about favourably in the (((NYTimes))) of all places, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that his brand of “socialism” is less “fuck the billionaires,” and more “fuck Whitey, trans future now.” However, The American Cuckservative does their best to promote him to their audience.

Sanchez is an unscrupulous individual capable of doing anything to stay in power. He embodies something akin to Sanders’s political program, albeit with Biden’s moral laxity. To achieve his investiture, Sanchez would have to enter a pact with Communists, Basque and Galician independents, the heirs of the terrorist group ETA, and those convicted on charges related to the secessionist coup in Catalonia in 2017 whom he subsequently pardoned.

So he’s at least somewhat serious about economic issues and has forgiven secessionists in his country, something I believe to be the moral position, and probably frowned upon by Washington. That’s not much, but it isn’t nothing either. Do the servatives have some sort of counter position that they bring to the table?

None of these parties offer their support for free: All are already demanding power. They want the independence of their regions and the construction of far-left republics in, at least, Catalonia and the Basque Country, which would mean the end of Spain as we know it and a new problem for the whole of Europe. 

Not sure why it is so important to have Spain as one country if the individual regions don’t want to –

Internationally, the allies of the Spanish left are neither Brussels nor the Atlanticism with which Aznar and Bush brought the United States and Spain closer than ever, but Latin American Bolivarian tyrants and obscure allies from nearby, where Islam is the official state religion. Sanchez is about to form a government in Spain with the sum of each and every one of Spain’s enemies. What could possibly go wrong? 

Hold on a minute here. You’re telling me that this Sanchez guy is hated by both the EU and America?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone torpedo their own case this hard, this fast. I want politicians who are hated by Washington and Brussels, and whose only allies are South American and Middle Eastern countries under sanctions by ZOG, and I don’t think I’m alone here.

Itxu Diaz, the author of this public cope session, blames the dumb dumb peasants who didn’t vote for the blatant Israel puppets at Vox or the “Popular Party.” 

[Pedro Sanchez’ case] should be studied everywhere. He represents the most dangerous type of leftist because, though he does not believe in anything, he is capable of oscillating between progressivism and populist extremism without batting an eye if it allows him to stay in government. His administration has been rife with scandal and yet he has obtained many more votes than expected. 

His incompetence is endless, and it is hard to understand why he has been voted for by nearly 7,700,000 people—compared to the little more than 8,000,000 who voted for the P.P. If I had more faith in mankind I would be inclined to believe that this is a result of rigging, but then I would be a leftist. Actually, I feel closer to H.L. Mencken here: “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

Jaime, do we have a picture of the man calling us too stupid not to vote for the Made in Israel candidates? 

Ixtu Diaz

Thank you, Jaime.

What is happening in Spain is happening all over the West. The left has so triumphed in its cultural, educational, and media wars, has so inoculated relativism and sectarianism, that its leaders can commit the worst barbarities and still receive millions of votes. This forces the conservatives to draw up a plan that goes beyond winning the next election. Although, unfortunately, the only way to implement it would be to start by winning the next elections. 

Don’t worry guyz. Servatives, who exist purely to lose on social issues just made a whoopsie and totally lost when it came time to fight for power over literally every single institution in education, culture, and media. However, if you just vote harder for them, then they might come up with a plan, at some point in the future, to consider creating a powerpoint presentation brainstorming ways of talking about vaguely doing something about it.

Although we can’t use any state power to wrestle control away from these “leftists.” That’s right out of question because it’s bad somehow, but you still need to vote for us so we can run the Government. It’s crucially important that we be the ones doing all the things that you don’t like.

Now half of Spain wants to hang sociologists and pollsters for having been so wrong and having created false hopes. It so happens that, as a sociologist by training, I already had the worst possible opinion of us and our scientific techniques before knowing the election results. Speaking of hanging: Vox campaigned on throwing the U.N. Agenda 2030 into the wastebasket.

Both Davos and the European Commission expressed concern about the dangers of a government with Vox, but you can bet that no liberal institution will say anything about the imminent possibility of Spain becoming a Venezuela at the heart of the E.U. 

Jesus Christ, what a fag.

After showing us that Pedro Sanchez, who is probably still terrible news, at least has the chance of enacting some policies that people want, Ixtu finally explains to us what Vox campaigned on: Klaus Schwab and UN Agenda 21. Shockingly, no one cared.

As Striker always says, just because servatives are selling something doesn’t mean there are any buyers. They’ll happily ruin their own electoral viability running on garbage that their donors want pushed as The Thing you’re supposed to care about.

Nevertheless, do not look for me amongst the mourners. Centuries ago, a Spain devastated by Islam and almost rendered extinct raised its morale and mounted the Reconquista—thanks, in large part, to the protection and the apparitions of St. James. We continue to trust in his protection, although it does feel today like he wants us to beg for it. 

The Reconquista is an inspirational story. Who was it who let the foreigners in again? Can someone remind me?

That’s right, the same exact people who run Vox and all these other Kosher-right political parties. 

Quick, we’ve got to stop UN Agenda 21. If we don’t, you’ll see a bunch of Africans replacing White Spanish in important positions like “General Secretary of the (fake) far-right party.” 

Speaking of Jew owned fake populists, Italian PM Giorgia Meloni had a very productive sit down with Joe Biden.

AP News:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Thursday thanked far-right Premier Giorgia Meloni for Italy’s steady backing of Ukraine, offering a warm welcome to the White House to a leader that his administration saw with some trepidation when she rose to power last year as the head of Italy’s first far-right-led government since the end of World War II.

It’s a good thing that the WMD Liars keep reminding us that Giorgia “Israel Uber Alles” Meloni is “far-right.”

With all the “let massive amounts of foreigners into Italy” policies that she keeps enacting, in direct contradiction to what she campaigned on, one could be forgiven for forgetting that she’s the far-right politician, and anyone “to the right” of her is just some sort of crazed extremist.

Biden administration concerns about her ideology have been eased by her support for Ukraine and her seeming openness to pull back from Italy’s participation in China’s infrastructure-building Belt and Road Initiative. Her visit came as Italy prepares to take up the presidency next year of the Group of Seven industrialized nations.

Italians get nothing by withdrawing from China’s Belt and Road Initiative. It serves their interests, and there are no downsides. Italians also get nothing from mass migration of Turd World parasites, but Meloni isn’t in the business of doing anything for Italians. Really makes you wonder who she works for.

I’m left here scratching my head. I’ve been informed by internet natzees that Putler is a Jew puppet and we should be supporting ZOGkraine, yet literally everything I see with my own eyes shows me that we should be doing the opposite. So weird how you keep getting mass migration, child trannies, support for ZOGkraine, and hostility towards China as a package deal. Total cohencidence.

“Evidently, I’m in sync with the Republican Party,” Meloni said of her political ideology at a news conference following her meeting with Biden. “That doesn’t impede me from having an excellent relationship” with the U.S. president.

No, it really doesn’t. 

A “far-right” cunt gets nice and cozy with Joe Biden and his (((cabinet))), because fake democracy is fake, and all the policies are decided behind the scenes anyway.

“On issues of foreign policy, there’s been a lot of overlapping and mutually reinforcing approaches that we’re taking on with Italy,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. “Italy is a NATO ally and they are a very competent NATO ally and they’ve been a tremendous supporter of Ukraine.”

In remarks to reporters after meeting McCarthy, Meloni said it remained critical for the West to remain united in helping Ukraine defend its sovereignty.

“For without a world based on the international law, we would live in a world of chaos,” Meloni said. “That’s not the world we want to live in. We want to live in a world in which we can respect sovereignty and freedom.”

Her Brothers of Italy party, named after the first words of Italy’s national anthem, has roots in a party founded by nostalgists for fascism following the demise of dictator Benito Mussolini’s regime. But Meloni brushes off any insinuation that she is nostalgic for Mussolini, writing in her autobiography, “I don’t hold the cult of fascism.”

When Meloni ran for premier, she called for a naval blockade of northern Africa to thwart smugglers’ boats overcrowded with migrants determined to reach Europe’s southern shores. But once in office, she quickly dropped talk of any blockade.

Giorgia Meloni ran on respecting the borders of Italy. 

Now that she’s been installed, she’s just decided to move past that icky “advocating for Italians,” thing that she was forced to do before, and gone instead to the “advocating for Jews,” thing that she wanted to do all along. That means respecting the borders of Ukraine, for now. We need to have ZOG control Ukraine so that they can shove millions of third worlders in there to “rebuild” the country. 

Every time Putin disappoints me, NATO reminds me why everyone should hate them.

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