Originally posted October 19th, 2023.

Like most people, I stopped covering the Russia-Ukraine war with any sort of regularity. So much so that I didn’t even write an article gloating over NATO’s much hyped summer offensive, which ended in complete and utter failure.


As Part 1 of this series examining the past performance and current capacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) detailed, Kyiv’s troops in 2022 achieved some exceptional and major battlefield successes. Hope was high heading into 2023 that these wins would pave the way to ultimate victory in the war. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian senior leadership suffered from a combination of bad decisions, an overestimation of their own capacity, and – sadly – an overestimation of the efficacy of Western military gear.

I’m not sure I’m willing to let (((Ukrainian leadership))) off the hook so easily. Zelensky strikes me as being a moron, and while it’s possible that the entirety of US Military leadership is filled with morons, it’s unlikely.


The more plausible take is that they just didn’t care. When White Ukrainian soldiers get killed, the Jews who forced them to their deaths rub their hands together and cackle with glee. Whether they ever had a real chance at driving Russia out of Ukraine is totally irrelevant to their calculus to send them to their deaths. In fact, the more certain the defeat, the more gleefully Schlomo sends the Goy to his death. If Ukraine had a chance at winning they might actually care about keeping these guys alive for a while. 

As early as January 2023, Western media sources began talking about a Ukrainian “spring offensive.” At that time, the Russians had been badly mauled during battles over Ukraine’s Kharkiv and Kherson. Moscow was four months into its partial mobilization of 300,000 troops – but had stumbled badly at the outset in processing the new conscripts – and unconfirmed reports claimed that up to 700,000 young Russian men fled the country to avoid having to fight. Ukrainian morale was sky-high and Russian motivation was in the toilet.

This is unquantifiable, and almost certainly bullshit. I included it, because I want to make it clear that Daniel L. Davis, a former Lt. Col in the US Army and author of this piece, is towing the party line 95% of the time. Part of that is the eye-rolling “Russia baaaad and incompetent/demoralized, Ukraine goooood and plucky/excited,” nonsense these shills always trot out.  

I took a look at the rest of the guy’s articles, and he’s pretty much a run of the mill NATO/ZOG shill, not just for our Military Industrial Complex, but for our (((Democracy Class))) more broadly. Below he can be seen whining about the legitimately peaceful protesters who went to the capitol building and walked around for a while, before six of them were murdered.

It is because this guy is such a standard shill that his numerous articles documenting the unadulterated failure of the Ukrainian offensive, and the Ukrainian military effort more broadly, are so cutting. These are statements made against interest.

In any case, he gets around to criticizing Zelensky in the next few paragraphs.

Bakhmut was a medium-sized town of about 70,000. It had some tactical significance for whoever possessed it, but by itself cannot be considered critical at even an operational level. Ukraine had held the town, but by early March, Wagner reached the eastern outskirts of the city. The military necessity for Ukraine at that time was to withdraw from Bakhmut to the next defended line to the west.

From this new position, Ukraine’s ability to defend would have been stronger and Russia’s task to attack the new Ukrainian lines more difficult because the Ukraine side would have had the high ground and open fields of fire through which Russia would have to advance, making any assault extremely difficult and costly in terms of men and equipment. But by staying in Bakhmut, the task for the Russians was much easier. Now, Russia could move to within literal meters of the Ukrainian positions within Bakhmut without being seen. The Bakhmut defenders were at a disadvantage from that point forward. 

However, Zelensky chose to press the fight anyway. For months, senior U.S. leaders warned the Ukrainian president the battle was unwinnable and to move to other defensive positions. Not only did he refuse to withdraw to a superior fighting position, he ordered his men not to give up so much as a single building, forcing them to fight to the death. Month after month, Zelensky sent brigade after brigade to reinforce Bakhmut in an effort to reverse the tide. 

Fucking kike.

Not only was it painfully obvious that military fundamentals made clear there was little rational hope of stopping Wagner’s drive to capture Bakhmut, but many of those brigades Zelensky sent in futile aid to help Bakhmut were also urgently needed in the upcoming spring and summer offensive. Two days after Bakhmut’s fall, Zelensky was still defiant, claiming the city had not fallen. In 2022, Zelensky’s tenacity and unwillingness to compromise resulted in blunting Russia’s invasion and then inflicting two major operational defeats. 

Zelensky is a coked up zionist moron, who is too stupid and evil to care about the Goyim he sends to death, even if for no other reason than the military value they bring while still alive. I remember him pretending that Bakhmut hadn’t fallen days after it had, and if the propaganda in this country wasn’t completely controlled by the Rabbis of Zion, he would rightly be seen as a comically delusional Stalin-esque dictator.

But those successes bred hubris that in May 2023 led him to make very costly mistakes with strategic implications: not only did Ukraine spend irreplaceable resources on defending a strategically inconsequential city, but they also lost critically important brigades for their long-shot offensive that was to come. Unfortunately, once the offensive was launched in June, the mistakes continued.

This unfunny Jew comedian made military mistakes? You’re kidding me.

Daniel Davis continues the rest of the article somewhat more mundanely. He attributes failures in Ukraine to three different factors. First, the troops didn’t get nearly enough time to train properly on the equipment they were given. Second, they have nowhere near enough raw equipment, from howitzers and artillery shells, air defenses, missiles, electronic warfare systems, and less than 25% of the de-mining capacity they needed. Third, they just don’t have enough men, especially at the rate they are expending them.

In another article, he points out that there is no possible path to victory for Ukraine.


If both Zelensky and Putin decide to continue fighting, there is no rational basis to suggest Ukraine can come out on top.

In Washington, Brussels, and Kyiv, a never-ending stream of government officials, military officers, and opinion leaders often and defiantly declare they will support Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s illegal invasion “for as long as it takes.” The war’s objective, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, is to drive every Russian out of Ukrainian territory. In the face of overwhelming and mounting evidence that there is no viable military path to a Ukrainian victory, such defiance and confidence is more likely to cause harm than to help.

Far from enabling Ukraine to win the war, the most likely outcome of continuing to resolutely fight is to doom Kyiv’s most valuable asset — its people — to ever deeper levels of loss. Providing blanket support to a country so it can continue fighting a war it is very likely to lose is, in my view, immoral.

If we truly care about the people of Ukraine, it is time to chart a new path forward — and before tens or scores of thousands more Ukrainians needlessly pay the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of a militarily unattainable objective.

But that’s the thing, Daniel, your Zionist owners don’t care about the people of Ukraine. Actually, that’s not quite true, they have a burning hatred of those eebil Ukrainian Goyim who (ostensibly) pogromed their sweet, innocent ancestors. So they care about killing as many of them as possible.

How many soldiers has Ukraine lost?


More critically, Ukraine has lost a conservatively estimated 200,000 soldiers killed and wounded, including tens of thousands who have had limbs blown off and an unknown – but likely massive – number of troops with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Continuing the war isn’t merely a matter of sending yet more cash to Kyiv and another batch of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and Howitzers. Without trained and experienced troops, no amount of equipment and supplies will turn the tide.

In a different article he points out that Ukraine had lost approximately 130,000 soldiers as of April of this year, before the utterly disastrous Summer Offensive. So they lost about seventy thousand men for their meme offensive, and these are conservative estimations. 

Thank God NATO slightly delayed Russia annexing the territories that were 80-90% ethnic Russians, and which would have voted to join Russia in any peaceful referendum. This was definitely worth hundreds of thousands of White lives. I’m really glad that there are people who pretend to be pro-White who support this, and I take them very seriously when they call Putin a Neo-Soviet BLMer and Russians “asiatic.”


The Washington Post on Friday published an analysis of Ukraine’s offensive and found that Russia had “learned from its mistakes” and was performing in an improved and professional way in its “well-ordered defense” system. A recent CNBC report found that “Russia’s tactical adaptation” from its disastrous start, have resulted in the emergency of a “coordinated and reactive armed force…and one that’s particularly strong on the defensive.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) sent the best of their armed forces into the teeth of that defense, and since June 5, have been unable to penetrate more than 12-15km at only a couple points, and they still have 25km to arrive at their intermediate objective of Tokmak and a further 75km road distance to the strategic objective of Melitopol. The UAF have suffered significant losses to its armored fleet and personnel over the past three months and it appears unlikely they will have sufficient strength to continue much further.

The general consensus is that the Russian military is fairly mediocre on offense, but excellent on defense. In my opinion, this is largely a result of their air interdiction and close support failure, largely stemming from not having the right equipment. However, defense, especially when the enemy isn’t breaking through, doesn’t rely nearly as much on the mobility advantage of air power. As a result, their competent combat engineering takes over in importance, and they can even find a use for their fragile attack helicopters as pop up ambush ATGM platforms. 

Since the Ukraine counteroffensive died the Russians have tried a few counterattacks. These have mostly failed, such as at Avdiivka, despite the Ukrainians not having nearly the defensive fortifications as the Russians. I’m not making any concrete predictions, but considering that both sides in this conflict appear to have very mediocre offensive capabilities, and excellent defensive performance, I would not be surprised if this war continued to drag on for years. 

This might be shortened if aid to the puppet state of Ukraine is cut. You’d think that with Israel, the mothership, being attacked that would cut into aid for Ukraine, but it’s not like the (((Democracy Class))) of Weimerica cares about squeezing the peasants for every last shekel. Having said that, there is a shortage of physical materials that money can’t be directly transformed into, so who knows?

What we do know is that, similar to the foreign legionaries who have been withdrawn from Ukraine to Israel, the intolerable online ZOG shills have largely moved on to shilling for zionism more nakedly. 

Above is “DecolonialFella.” He’s really against colonialism and also a big fan of Israel, Jew nationalism, and Jews stealing land from the Goyim and committing genocide. What a cute little kitty! 

Here’s Ukraine Weapons Tracker. A long time shill for ZOGkraine, self-holocausted.

It’s not like these channels aren’t run by intelligence operatives. It’s not like they’ve run out of money to pay some agent to post FUD online. They’ve just largely moved on. Their objective of murdering hundreds of thousands of White people was achieved, and Ukraine’s slow, inevitable defeat is clear. It’s time to focus on other aspects of the zionist foreign policy like a war with China, and of course supporting genocide in Palestine.

Weird how totally predictable this all was.


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