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The US Army, Navy, and Air Force are likely to miss recruiting goals for the second year in a row just as Pentagon data shows the number of young Americans interested in joining the military shrinking.
Amid the waning popularity of the military, she added, US leadership must recognize that Gen-Z, those 25 and under, need to be offered real added value or they will find better options.
Many of them who pay attention to the US military notice that service senior leadership is less competent, more elitist, and less trustworthy than it was in previous decades, Kwiatkowski said.
Not to mention, most Americans, including many veterans, are not impressed with the Pentagon’s history of failure in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere, the former Defense Department official said.
And spending hundreds of billions to spark a war with nuclear powers halfway around the world, without public explanation, she added, will make it a challenge to recruit the traditional American teenager.
Kwiatkowski, commenting on reports the Pentagon may let military test applicants use calculators, said making the entrance exams easier to take will only cause bigger problems.
“We see another lowering of intelligence and comprehension standards, which will in turn contribute to a weaker military – one that is more difficult to be a part of, and to lead,” she said.

It is rare to find an article not written by someone in our group that is so good that it ought to be quoted in full. Unfortunately, Sputnik appears to have some formatting issues when copied over to WordPress. I apologize if it can be difficult to read. 

Karen Kwiatkowski, ex Pentagon analyst and author of the piece.

It’s not like it’s all that difficult to describe the problems with the US Military. Their recruitment is objectively beneath their targets, and their recruitment advertisements are desperate and universally loathed. It’s gotten so bad that they’re GOTCHA’ing veterans and bringing them back from the Individual Ready Reserve for four more years of mandatory service.

I briefly clicked on my old article making fun of their most recent recruitment ad, and saw that the US Military had privated the video. Yes, the US Military, which talks about itself like the most badass fighting force in all of existence, and wants you to go and die in some foreign wars for Yidsrael, is so assblasted that anons were trashing their recruitment ad that they took their ball home and they’re not letting you watch it anymore. 

Even still, the damage has been done. I highly recommend reading that article again, if for nothing else than the comments. A choice selection below.

Nobody in my neighbourhood speaks English or flies the American flag. Thanks for defending my country.

The days of young people accepting shit pay for the opportunity to die for Weimerica are long in the rearview mirror. I’ve said many times before that the US will keep the ICBM’s working, and try to keep the blue water navy working, and then use the dying country of Weimerica as a terrorist state meant to keep the enemies of Schlomo in line. They appear to want tens of thousands of young White Men to put their lives on the line for ZOG, but they’re not willing to make even one tenth of the changes necessary to bring that to fruition. Hell, even in Ukraine they put a troon as the face of their “Territorial Defence Force.”

That doesn’t mean that (((they))) won’t happily use the American population the same way they’re currently using the Ukrainian population. Start a war with Russia, or maybe China, and get as many White People killed as possible. That’s the ZOG way.

Weimerica being on the way out is good long term news for us politically. In the short term, expect things to get pretty wild.

Kwiatkowski suggested the Army and the other services themselves do not really know how many recruits they really need in part because the Pentagon is running a jobs program rather than defending the nation.
“Pentagon bureaucrats operate much as the Soviet Union and Communist China did in the past – using unrealistic bureaucratic ‘five-year plans’ that may temporarily serve the leadership, but not the core mission. Perhaps the recruiting targets themselves are far too high for the real defense that is being accomplished,” Kwiatkowski said.

I do have a slight disagreement here with Kwiatkowski’s framing. I don’t know a single person who would argue that the US Military isn’t at least in part a jobs program, and I don’t think there’s a single person who would argue there couldn’t be enormous personnel cuts with no negative on output, or even positive, especially in leadership and administration. However, the US Military is obviously not just a jobs program. It exists to terrorize the enemies of Jew Supremacy all around the world.

I’m getting a whiff of some nonsense that reminds me of the Disney Alogs. They’ll argue that (((Hollywood))) casts a bunch of non-Whites in traditionally White roles in order to suppress criticism of their movie as “racism.” In reality, they cast non-Whites as an insult to Whites, which is why the Wakanda movies are Blacker than the line for the watermelon at the buffet in Newark.

This some sort of WNBA photoshoot?

There are obviously some relatively apolitical and parasitical forces in the US Military who are in it to make money. There is obviously a bloated bureaucracy that could be cut down to size. There are obviously a bunch of worthless generals and whatnot, who just want their little fiefdoms.

If those were the only relevant forces, and the MIC just wanted wars, then the US would have invaded Mexico using the drug cartels as an excuse, among many other countries. If they just wanted oil, a common bit of nonsense from the butthole-left, they would have invaded Saudi Arabia long ago. They could even have made up some bullshit about the treatment of wahmens.

The actual US foreign policy is totally immoral pragmatism on behalf of Yidsrael. When viewed through that lens it’s entirely dubious the claim that the extra useless jobs are the point of the US Military, as opposed to a byproduct of the natural inefficiency of large bureaucracies and organizations. 

It’s still a great article regardless, and I’ll try keeping an eye on Karen Kwiatkowski in the future. Nothing she says is revolutionary, but compared to the standard insane bloviations on foreign policy she’s a breath of fresh air. Compare the above analysis to whatever the hell this is. 

Get excited about Ukraine’s NEW Counteroffensive, totally different from the current, utterly failed counteroffensive. It’s a Ghost of Kiev tier video made for kidults, and that’s what passes for the majority of war “analysis” that you’ll be exposed to in the entirely censored “free world.” 

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  1. The CAF’s enticement is the idea that military service is not just a, but a great career – especially the “work/life balance” for the wahmens.

    The current poster girl found on their recruiting website’s landing page is of a 20-somethig female abo. Fat chance she’s real-world enlisting, tho. Moron’s probably been affirmative actioned onto the board of directors of an oil company or bank or Crown corporation somewhere.

    But if they’re going after that demographic, they really should just clean out the prisons – lots of homicidal abo females there who’d feel comfortable living outside in a trench, and probably easily kill someone for a pack of cigarettes. Or for a thrill – not sure which really. Let the new Filipino sergeant figure that one out.

    Anyhow, happy young White men have taken a pass.

  2. There’s a boiling undercurrent of of ‘knowing’ , I see it everywhere , the as yet undeleted youtube comment, the chat of a WoW private server, in the streams of some slightly edgy twitch faggot.

    When you say ‘ I don’t want anything to do with niggers’ ‘trannies are disgusting freaks’ or ‘jews control our governments’ etc it is met with 10 people agreeing and 5 people eager to report and hope to shut you up.

    Think about what is gonna happen when most people have finally got to the correct information, and not just generalized hate of the current situation. I mean there’s still a lot of incredibly badly informed people who think trump is ‘their guy’, but it does actually come out in time. Yes the majority of people that hate the US military and left comments on that video were likely very misinformed and not aware of the reality of the situation but in so many cases it doesn’t matter, they are so close to the truth its enough to hurt our enemies. There’s no coming back, there’s no deescalation for the jew anymore, information can flow so fast now, its not possible to stop. Every day, nay, every hour the jew loses someone else, a new ‘antisemite’ is born, and from this birth they have better information than 99% of anyone in history, even if they don’t have the absolutely correct shot, they are close enough to damage jewish power. What happens next? the idea that the jew can somehow turn it all around is laughable, if all Palestinians were dead and Syria was a smoking crater i could believe that the jew has the power to turn it all around and go back to handfeeding the goyim ‘will and grace’ or some shit, but alas, the jew doesn’t have this power, they have hold of the leash but the dog is not on the other end anymore, and it is only a matter of time for that hungry animal to turn around and have itself a kosher meal.

    I am extremely positive about the future. Military trannies and nigger bigshots are not a bad thing, they are useful to us, they are a mistake made by our enemies and i want more of that please, they could have very quietly ruled us until we were all dead, but they simply could not control their jewish impulses to debase and destroy.

  3. Living long enough to be able to see the beginning of the end of ZOG, and their goy collaborators is a real joy. It is going to get really messy for a while, but we really need to savour every single systemic disaster, and every dead white traitor and every dead jew we are privileged to witness, and there are going to be many. Chaos brings opportunity as well as entertainment, and the increasing systemic paralysis will present us with a smorgasbord of delicious choices. Eat up and enjoy.

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