Mood this morning.

These past two days have been aggravating to say the least. Originally I could at least work on the site, while the rest of you couldn’t see it. There was this weird thing where I could access the site through WiFi, but not over 3G. Then it stopped working for me yesterday morning. I still don’t know what was up with that, but HostPapa did get back to me with some emails and they fixed the problem.

You don’t need to read all of that. In English what it means is this. CloudFlare requires you to change your nameservers to point to them. That may not be the correct technical term for it, but this requires you to edit two lines. Cloudflare wasn’t working, so I dropped them, deactivated, and went back to the original nameservers that HostPapa provided.

Except that I had upgraded from the original hosting plan to another. The new hosting plan involved different nameservers, which meant that the default ones provided by HostPapa didn’t work properly. The solution ended up being, as expected, a two line fix that probably took the HostPapa staff less than one minute, but took me hours of troubleshooting to not make progress on.

And of course everything takes forever to propagate on the internet, so you may still be having some issues with the site for the next few hours, but that’ll get solved quickly. That’s also why this took so long to resolve. I expected things to be getting updated in the background, which would have never worked, since the nameservers were incorrect.

I’m just happy to have this behind me, although the original impetus for CloudFlare, which was the site’s servers being overloaded, has not gone away. But at least the site works again.

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  1. Bro, are you sure that you need to doxx yourself (if it hasn’t already happened before), those screenshots you posted show your name (Tim).

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