He’s done it boys. Juden Peterstein beat that piece of toast which caused him an entire month of insomnia. Then he beat his clonazepam addiction by shuttling off to a detox treatment facility in Russia, for some reason. Finally, he conquered the final boss of “lots of people trying to take me out,” by having YouTube constantly promoting him.

And he’s ready to cuck up a storm with the Daily Mail.

*Violin music swells in the background.

I recently joined forces with the Daily Wire, in a new venture they call “Daily Wire Plus.”

I like the unabashedly shameless capitalist ethos of the Daily Wire crew. They made me a great deal financially. I’ve always deemed myself an evil capitalist.

Juden Peterstein is a complete and utter fraud, so it’s not surprising to see him trot out this Tough Guy Cuckservative Persona that had a best before date at least a half decade in the past. Nobody likes some fag who goes on about being a “shameless capitalist,” when people are being made poorer and poorer every year and trillion dollar multinationals are engaging in mass censorship of everyone. This doesn’t even work ironically.


It is time for those of you in the Muslim World to stop fighting among yourselves, you Shi’ites and Sunnis. And also time to stop regarding the Christians, and even more specifically the jews, as your enemies. 

*Incredibly long pause*


*Incredibly long pause, video ends*

I managed to get the shot of him saying “whyyyy,” with his mouth open. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

I remember way back in the day Peterson explicitly said “my number one goal is to prevent young White Men from White Nationalism.” I can’t find that exact video, but here’s something close enough. And no, don’t feel like you need to actually watch that.


So who are Peterson’s closest friends? Well none other than Ben Shapiro, also his new boss, who once said “don’t call it an ethnic cleansing, just call it population transfer,” when referring to his dream of racially cleansing the Palestinians from their ancestral lands. So jew nationalists are great, but White Nationalists are bad. Thanks, Juden.

There is nothing about Benny Shapiro that isn’t completely disgusting, with the only exception of his smokin’ hot sister. By the looks of things, he agrees with the goyim on that front.

Yes, this is a fake tweet. Still funny though.

But really, who wouldn’t?

Nick Fuentes apparently has a smokin’ hot sister as well. Solid 7/10 latinx pussy I’d enjoy cuddling.

Nick Fuentes eternally jealous of all the Chads she gets to fuck.

What is it with all these manlet koshervatives who end up with these smokin’ hot sisters? It’s like the genes which make them so snarky, effeminate, and short lead to them having these knockout sisters.

There’s a lot of them out there, but Abby “milk me goy,” Shapiro really has to take the cake.

Girl could feed a small country with those mammaries.

If Juden Peterstein’s whole angle is that he’s just trying to get closer to Abby Shapiro’s gooey Khazar fronthole I don’t even blame him. I’d probably sell out everyone I knew for a solid weekend balls deep in Abby guts.

POV: You’re lying down…

I’m tellin’ you I’d do it. I’d sell you all down the river just to grab a fistful of Abby Shapiro’s hair and bend her over. Wrap my hands around her throat. Give her a nice spanking. Not hard enough to hurt her, much. We’re talking tasteful, understated sexual dominance of Abby Shapiro’s tight Hebrew taco.

What? You think I’m alone here? Check out the tweet that the National Justice Party doesn’t want you to see.


Imagine making Abby Shapiro get on her knees, bite her lip, and nod her head when you say “does Abby love sucking nazi dick like a good girl?” Nothing gets my dick quite as –

FUCK! Jaime get that shit out of here.

Like I was saying, if Juden Peterstein ends up banging Abby Shapiro then the he can consider himself redeemed. Since I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon, it’s just another chapter in the career of the weird cuckservative self-help guru weirdo named Jordan Peterson. 

It is of the utmost political importance that you clean your room, buckos!

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