I had a few articles I wrote yesterday get deleted, one of them being about getting banned in Germany. This was prompted by a Poast user messaging me that he couldn’t see me, and he was currently in Germany.

This then lead to Ferocious Chihuahua chiming in that this probably meant I was banned in Austria and Poland as well. However, other posters claimed that they could see the site just fine. I think this probably was a red herring, had nothing to do with censorship, and everything to do with the “seamless transition,” that HostPapa subjected my site to.

You might think that there’s a lot of whitespace in this article. There isn’t. The above is all a screencapped image. That was what the homepage to this site looked like to me for almost all of yesterday. Even weirder, here is what the dashboard looked like.

And I don’t even know, but at some point it ended up looking like this.

The part of the site where I could add new articles was fine, except that I couldn’t put any images into any articles. Weird stuff.

In other tech-related news, the Odysee situation is finally getting sorted out.

Like many people in our movement, I have multiple emails. I also have multiple Odysee channels. There was this weird issue with different emails and channels not being able to sync, coupled with some bugs on Odysee’s end.

In any case, it appears to be solved now.

They’re not kidding with the “few more days,” comment. That email is from early morning a day ago, and I’ve still got this to go.

Weirdly, they count the channel as having 216 subscriptions.

It’s actually over 350 now. They appear to have some bug where they don’t properly measure subscribers. But whatever, as long as they’re allowing me to sync, I’m fine with it. The Odysee channel is here, and you can subscribe to it now, but there won’t be much content for some more time.

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