I was recently contact by someone at Antelope Hill Publishing somewhat out of the blue. They asked me if I was interested in letting them run ads on the site, and informed me that I would be remunerated for my efforts. I was indeed quite excited about this, as I had wanted to put links to related sites at the bottom of the page for quite some time, similar to how colon report does it. I feel like having links to related and friendly sites is great for the reader and builds a community spirit.

It’s Alex McNabb, not Alex Mccnab, but you should indeed follow at your own peril.

The problem is that I don’t have any idea how to actually do that. The links or the Antelope Hill Publishing ad specifically. I work with a site theme here that does most of the formatting for me, and I’m long overdue for a technical touch up of a whole host of issues.

But I’ve worked on technical problems like this before. Sometimes they’re ten minute fixes. Other times you’re ten hours in, and no closer to the destination. Or worse, something got borked.

AH told me that they were interested in having me place these two ads on the site, with them also serving as links to their site. And like I said, I would if I could. Frankly I’d probably support them for free, considering the work that they do.

As of the time of writing, their second featured book is In His Own Words, by CJ Miller, which I am doing a very long review of and enjoying immensely. Something like Antelope Hill has been needed for a very long time, and I’m happy to say that they’re very professionally run and quite competent. In fact they’re so on the ball that they ovened my writing submission for their competition because I was a few microseconds past the arbitrarily chosen 12PM EST due date. 

Why was EST chosen over PST? Because that’s what Hitler would have wanted.

Well it serves me right anyway. I waited until the very last day to finish my short story. As a result, I wasn’t really happy with my writing, thought it could be better, and missed the submission date anyway. It’s simply motivated me to be more on top of things by the time the next competition comes around. 

You can check out their website here and find everything they have to offer. You can also follow them on twitter, and telegram. I’m sure you too can enjoy buying twenty or so oftheir books and getting around to actually reading two or three. It’s what Hitler would have wanted.

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