Edward Snowden, a former security contractor who leaked documents about secret surveillance by the US National Security Agency and then fled to Russia, was granted Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin on Monday, according to a report from Reuters.

After living under asylum since 2013, Snowden was granted citizenship along with 71 other foreigners in a decree signed by Putin, the report said.

Snowden, 39, posted on Twitter on Monday, indicating that there’s now more stability for his family, in response to a tweet of his from two years ago that said he and his wife would be applying for dual US-Russian citizenship.

This story is from yesterday, but I felt the need to cover it because it’s important to hammer home how duplicitous and self-serving “muh freedom democracy,” propaganda truly is. Our parasite class pretends to be the benevolent guiders of a Human Rights Freedom Democracy. They also constantly spy on their peasants and throw whistleblowers in jail for informing We The People.

US authorities have been seeking to have Snowden extradited back to his home country but have met resistance from Russia. In 2017, then-CIA director Michael Morell reportedly suggested Putin “gift” Snowden to then President-elect Donald Trump, a move that Moscow didn’t make. Russia doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

I remember years ago when the Snowden revelations were new I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. I can’t even remember the guest, but I remember Rogan telling the story of how Russia was going back and forth as to whether they would give Snowden to the US. Then, in the middle of all of this, the US State Department does one of their regular denouncements of Russia for some alleged Human Rights Freedom Abuses, so they basically just said “yeah, fuck it, you’re not getting him back.” 

But then again, maybe it was Assange he was talking about. And since this is Joe Rogan, I’m not betting my life on this happening, but that insane arrogance certainly feels true to our psychopathic zionist run country.

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  1. Snowden has been my boy since I was an anti war libertarian who thought Glenn greenwald made some valid points… so it’s good to see him getting some solid arrangements in Russia.

    Poking the US in the eye and pointing out their bullshit is something Russia should do more of. Hell, Iran, and China ought to get in on the action of pointing out the rank hypocrisy of this zog regime, it’s a low cost and effective way to hurt zog and I wish they’d do more of it.
    But that just goes to show you that no one is coming to save us but ourselves.

  2. >Edward Snowden Granted Asylum in Russia

    I thought the headline would have been corrected by now: Snowden was recently granted Russian citizenship, not asylum — he was granted asylum by Russia years ago.

    In most European countries, including Russia no doubt, being granted asylum (status as a recognized refugee) means the authorities believe you have a ‘well-founded fear of persecution’, so they grant you permission to stay — later a refugee may be allowed to work, and the leave to remain (as a refugee) can become permanent, with the next step being citizenship (Germany is stupidly granting citizenship to many foreigners who came as refugees, most of them phony) — but generally refugee status can be revoked (Denmark is doing this with Syrians) — so having Russian citizenship is very good news for Snowden.

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