I enjoyed myself yesterday. Celebrated my birthday with friends and family. Played some novelty card game called Unstable Unicorns which I’ll never play again but which was nevertheless surprisingly competitive.

People got going with it. There was some yelling. I’m pretended to be less angry than I was that people screwed me out of my only path to victory relatively early in the game. It was a good time, mostly.

What I did not do was bother actually writing anything for the scheduled morning piece, which is why you’re getting this. Normally I’d segue into talking about the importance of family, and having the right people in your life. To take a break from the internet, if you’re the type to be on too long, and step outside. 

But honestly I’m still feeling the sauce, and I’m so tired that I can barely see right now so I’m calling it quits. We pick up in full force tomorrow, which may be today depending on when you read this, and knock out that last piece on the Traffic Soyboys. I’ve been putting it off forever, because there is so little to their claims of suburbs all being Ponzi Schemes that it’s actually hard to deboonk, but we do it anyway.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hopefully the Latvian girl showed up inside what I imagine was a yacht-shaped cake.

    1. Yes, and then she died of leukemia after a night of passion. It was extremely romantic. Quite the tear jerker.

  2. Happy belated birthday fren

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