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Senior officials within the US Air Force (USAF) plan to wind down a Lockheed Martin hypersonic weapon development programme, in favour of other options.

Lockheed has spent several years developing the Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) for the USAF. The precision munition is capable of achieving speeds exceeding Mach 5, but the system suffered numerous technical challenges over its short lifespan. 

This is not the first, second, third, or even fourth failure of their hypersonic missile program. It’s been a LOLcow right from the very start, and this is a mercy kill. Frankly, these missiles barely even qualify as “hypersonic,” if their max speeds are Mach 5. The Russian and Chinese hypersonic missiles are capable of almost Mach 10. So the US Military set the bar low, and then failed anyway.

Big surprise why.

Kendall took a more blunt tone in his assessment of the 13 March event.

“The one we just had was not a success,” he says. “We did not get the data that we needed.”

Hard to get the data you need when your missiles keep exploding.

The US Military is a shitshow that can’t recruit anyone, and for good reason. Their recent recruitment ad got a Hollywood style ratio’ing that was eye opening even for me. No one believes that the military serves their interests, and the veneer of US military dominance is quickly dropping. That isn’t helped by the now mostly unavoidable truth that Russia is, failures in CAS and interdiction aside, slowly grinding out an inevitable victory in Ukraine.

The above picture is from Weeb Union, one of the few objective overseers of the Russia-Ukraine war. Contrary to the ever present claims by the WMD Liars of the Russians being down to six and a half thousand men armed only with shovels, they have picked up their slow, methodical, grinding down of the Ukrainian Armed Forces right where they left off before the Kharkiv retreat. It’s tragic that this appears to be continuing until ZOG runs out of Ukrainian conscripts to throw into the meatgrinder, but it is what it is, a countdown to the inevitable.

It is truly enraging to hear these propagandists refer to the deaths of our men in the following cavalier manner.


Ukraine is widely reported to be in the final stages of preparing for a spring offensive against Russia. Whether it ends in success or failure, this will likely mark Ukraine’s last chance to launch a large-scale offensive operation for a half year or more. This is true regardless of how many NATO weapons and ammunition are subsequently delivered.

After this operation, Ukraine will have expended the majority of its remaining Western-trained and experienced combat formations. Russia, on the other hand, still has substantial manpower resources from which to draw, as well as an industrial capacity that is producing war material now and will increase its output over time. 

Sorry that you got “expended” in the war, Goy. Take heart, shitlibs got to pretend to be Harry Potter heroes by putting Ukrainian flags in their bios right next to their pronouns. 

Anyway, the era of America is ending, whatever Russia does or does not do. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. Its offtopic but I have to say this:
    Everyone who was involved with the making of star wars should be killed.

  2. The Russia/Ukraine thing shows just how far we’ve dropped.

    In WWII nations fielded entire armies; and the military leadership had the competence and ability to direct millions of men. Today, what Russia and Ukraine field – what, brigades? – and even limited brigade level operations seem to be a stretch?

    Canada seems to be suffering the same military anomie. According the CBC, Canada is struggling to create combat brigades, and “In a recent interview with CBC News, Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre wouldn’t be pinned down to a precise timeline but said “the first exercise we’re looking at is in 2024 … at the brigade level.”

    The article goes on to suggest that some kind of mobilization may be required.

    Canada’s Baltic partners share the same problem.

    UK: “At present — and for the foreseeable future — the British Army is unable to maintain a continuous rotational presence of an entire armoured brigade outside the U.K. without announcing mobilization…”

    Germany: “The German Army will not have one fully equipped brigade available until 2023, when it will be on duty with NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF)…”

    And even if the desired Brigades suddenly materialized, there is no room in the Baltic countries to house them.


    I hope the military trannies and faggots fix all this up, real soon.


  3. I guess fucking White men out of those engineering and science slots in education for 50 years hasn’t worked out all that well.


    Presumably the solution will be to throw more sub-70 IQ sun-Saharan blacks into those fields, while the jews call us racist for merely existing.

  4. I look at the picture of that downie in camo and I have to ask – has the army really giving McNamara’s Morons another try?

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