Paypal has decided to recommit to its anti-disinformation policy a mere several weeks after it was caught implementing it. As you may or may not recall, paypal instituted a new policy which allowed them to charge users $2,500 if the company determined that they had been spreading wrongthink.

Uppity goyim started noticing, and a cascade of complaining eventually led to a holocaust of over 6 million paypal accounts being closed (I made that number up, but who knows, maybe it’s accurate). Schlomo quickly backpedaled and apologized, and within a few days, most people had forgotten all about the fiasco. One would have expected them to wait at least a few months before reinstituting the policy, but through the use of maximum chutzpah, it only took about two weeks for paypalsteinbergowitz incorporated to bring it back, which is where we are as of yesterday. Disappointed, but not surprised.

To be clear, it doesn’t look like they actually removed it, rather, they kvetched and hoped people would trust them. Anyways, if you still know some boomer who uses it, you may want to encourage them to close their account before they go back to ranting on faceberg.

You can search through their user agreement here. Ctrl + f “Restricted Activities,” to get to the correct part.

Honestly I’m not so sure this means all that much. The law is a very complicated thing, and the only relevant line in their user agreement is the following under “restricted activities”.

  • Provide false, inaccurate or misleading information;

This was taken in the online-right sphere to mean that PayPal reserves the right to holocaust your account if they deem you said something untrue. I don’t think the above sentence actually means that, nor do I think they can win in a court of law if they try to enforce that.

But we already knew that PayPal was bad news.

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