I subscribed to Jimmy Dore on YouTube. I find he’s just about the only semi-interesting political commentator left. Or at least left from the OG days. Leather Apron Club is pretty great.

He was the guy behind the recent Joe Rogan video that went somewhat viral.

Jimmy Dore survives in part because he has Jimmy Dore Syndrome, which is the term I made up for leftists who actually care about economic issue and trying to stop wars, but who also think that they’re in some sort of “progressive alliance,” with the anti-White perverts, at least to some extent. I don’t mean that in an overly critical way, because I think Dore is genuine. He also likes pretty much anyone who fucks with elected politicians, which leads us to Alex Stein.

I started the video at the part where Alex Stein starts chirping Dan Crenshaw, and it’s a great watch. Although skipping back to the start might be advisable, because calling AOC “my favourite big booty latina,” is both the funniest and most incisive takedown of her that I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly a great deal more serious, despite being comedy, than the usual “muh SOcIalIsT AoC DEMONraT,” that you’ll get from cuckservatives.


Far-right troll Alex Stein spent Tuesday afternoon confronting lawmakers in Washington, and managed to get Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to call him a “piece of shit.”

Perhaps that was the goal – to get a member of the House to lose their composure. Stein first confronted Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) over his association with a suspected Chinese spy commonly referred to as “Fang Fang” in 2014. The Democrat ignored him.

Stein also had a run-in with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) that was essentially a public display of affection.

In the latest video posted on Twitter by Stein, he picked up where he left off with Crenshaw and called him “eyepatch McCain” for his trademark eyepatch a day earlier.

Crenshaw lost an eye while serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan.

“You lost your eye for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist,” Stein said as he hectored him, referring to WMDs in Iraq, where Crenshaw was not wounded. Wednesday, Crenshaw was less patient as the two again met on a Washington, D.C. sidewalk.

Fucking brutal. Sure, Stein’s a jew, but everybody gets one, and I like what I’m hearing.

“Dan, you’re just such a little loser,” Stein said. “Navy SEAL… I’m so much bigger than you. You’re just a little sad little boy.”

Stein went on to attack Crenshaw as a “globalist” as the congressman told him to get a job, and at one point grabbed at his phone.

“I got a job,” Stein bragged. “I work at The Blaze. I make a lot of money.”

We were so close Alex. You were right there. I was almost ready to start shilling for you, and you have to remind me that you’re working at the Blaze. Come on bro.

Well at least he actually made some nice points.

Alex Stein: This guy cares more about Ukraine than he does America.


Stein: Is there an invasion on our border right now. 

*He has to ask the question about 10 times because Crenshaw avoids answering*

Stein: Will you admit that there’s an invasion on our border right now?

Crenshaw (finally answering): Of course there’s an invasion on our border.

Stein: And yet, you won’t do anything about it. So why do you give $80 billion to Ukraine? 

Crenshaw: Uh I think you’re getting your numbers wrong there bud.

Stein: So what, are we at $100 billion now?


The two later clashed on Twitter over the encounter.

“Well, America, this is what happens when our culture degrades boys and doesn’t teach them to be men. They end up like Alex Stein, a shameless, pathetic provocateur that is so desperate for clicks he will shame a group of veterans for their service. Just watch,” Crenshaw captioned a video of part of the encounter.

“The war in the Middle East was based on lies and millions of people died unnecessarily…I stand by what I said,” Stein replied.

I’m just exposing Dan Crenshaw for being a neocon that is sending young people to die for wars that only benefit bankers and I don’t care if people take offense to what I do…it’s meant to be offensive sometimes,” Alex Stein said in a statement to the Washington Examiner on Tuesday when asked about his Tuesday encounter with the Texas representative.

A while back I wrote a piece on Alex Stein’s anti-Putin rap performance in Texas. I somewhat regret that now, since I think he was kidding, and I got officially trolled.

Whatever his angle is, I’ll give him some credit for going out there and trolling this guy. I’ll give him more credit for landing some nice blows. I’ll give him even more credit for getting under Crenshaw’s skin when he called him short repeatedly. Other than that, nothing of any real importance happened, but I thought it was funny.

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  1. The confrontation w/ Crapshaw was some time ago — you must be catching up.

    Anyway, while Stein is in part self-serving and generally obnoxious, he also usually makes a point, and you have to concede he has guts and does what a lot of us would like to do: get in the face of these shitty politicians.

    1. Stein the JOO doesn’t have any guts at all. He is a JOO – so he can do whatever he wants. His “funny” stunts are Deep Goy Trolling. He will be punished for NOTHING he does. Stein embodies the utter contempt, the CONTEMPT, that jews have for everyone. He’s gloating over the naivete, weakness, cowardice and cluelessness of the Goyim. Especially faithful slaves like Crapshaw.

      Think about it. Crapshaw is a White man. He is very Shabby Goy. I regard Shabbies like Crapshaw as Renfields to the Jews’ Dracula. EVERYTHING Crapshaw says and does revolves around serving the Jew. He lives to serve ZOG. He’d slit his own throat if his jew masters tell him to. Yet the Jew Stein gets right up next to him and trashes him. The worst part is that everything Stein said is correct. And it was all done in the service of ZOG. So it’s a deep deep deep Humiliation Ritual for the Faithful Slave of ZOG. And well deserved.

      \Stein goes after weak targets. I’ll accord him credibility when he goes after Adam “I Love Me Some Niglet Meat” Schiff, or Chuckie Schumer the Shomer. Schumer has REPEATEDLY stated, IN PUBLIC, that his job, as an American Senator, is to get gibs for Israel. They is High Treason and he should be tried and hanged – but no one bats an eye.

      1. ^^^This point needs to be repeated over and over again. Jews are always laughing AT us not WITH us.
        As the only Alex worth mentioning Alex Linder calls it, this schtick by Alex Stein is courtier satire.

  2. Did Alex Stein drop some REDPILLS? Did he REDPILL Dan Cashew? Did he drop a REDPILL in this video? Did he drop some REDPILLS? Are there some serious REDPILLS in this video? Is that the one REDPILL? How many serious REDPILLS were dropped? How many REDPILLS did Alex Stien drop?

    1. Thank you. Stein somehow failed to mention Ciu Bonosteinberg, when he “confronted” Crapshaw’s antics.

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