A neo-Nazi who punched a black security guard after the man reacted to being called a racial slur is facing jail time after being found guilty of the vicious assault.

Reacted? Reacted how? What does “reacted” mean in this context?

Since we won’t get an answer from ABC, we have to turn to local Aussie media instead.


Sensational CCTV footage has been released this week of an incident on March 1, 2021 which resulted in Thomas Sewell being arrested.

The footage from the Channel 9 office in Melbourne clearly shows the unlicensed security guard either grabbing or hitting cameraman Jacob Hersant in the throat before Thomas Sewell legally intervened.

They include two videos tweeted out. Video is clearly best, but since I anticipate they will quickly be censored I have screencapped the other video.

Above we see the security guard walking out. Below we see him snapping his hands to either the cameraman’s throat or shoulder area. He also clearly shoves the cameraman away, despite them already walking back, because he felt like pushing them around.

Sewell’s team had the camera footage, and I saw from their perspective the week that it was aired. The Black security guard was being very aggressive towards the two of them to start, and there was no real reason why they were kicked out of the building, seeing as how they weren’t screaming at anyone but just doing a little investigative journalism to the so-called journalists at Channel 9, who had written a few hitpieces on Sewell himself.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to get the backstory clear, since Sewell’s telegram channel has been censored, ostensibly because it spread pornographic content. His channel obviously did no such thing, but I guess in extreme cases where they want censorship even on telegram they pull this out of their hat.

Thomas Sewell said some stuff about the Boers of South Africa and cow milk that I am sure he would like to take back. No one is perfect. That does not mean he deserves to be thrown in prison for defending himself against a violent unlicensed security guard who is clearly trying to abuse his power. 

The above video is maliciously edited, surprise surprise. Again, I saw the fight live, and the security guard got up all cocky, before Sewell let him square up before knocking him out. The editing totally removes that and implies that he just lay on him beating him the entire time. But what else could we expect.

Sewell faces a maximum of five years in prison. His sentencing will be in January.

UPDATE: Apparently his telegram channel is up, or at least a replacement is. It doesn’t come up through searching for me though, so there appears to be some censorship in place. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

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  1. He most likely will make a statement about it on his Odysee –

    I’ve been a semi-regular viewer of the the guy, he is a bit of a religious retard. He thinks Hitler was an Avatar of God, has a religious understanding of NatSoc and the white race in general. His streams are very rambly too. Otherwise he seems like a good dude.

    The other e-famous Aussie WN Blair Cottrell also believes in Astrology! Don’t know why the Aussie WN’s are so weird.

    1. maybe you could fill us in on your definition of a religious retard, and why Hitler wasn’t an avatar of god

  2. >after the man reacted to being called a racial slur

    Yeah, sure.

    As I stated not long ago in a comment elsewhere, provocation is a longstanding and long accepted concept in criminal cases — e.g. if a Black kills someone and later says he was called a nigger, this can, and in today’s political climate no doubt will, be enough to eliminate any charge of murder, especially in a case where there are no witnesses and the victim is dead and cannot deny the accusation — instead the maximum charge will be some form of manslaughter, typically involuntary manslaughter, where sentencing guidelines in many locales call for ten years or less in prison.

    Every criminal defense attorney is certainly aware of this, so I expect to see it happen a lot more often — they know the anti-white media will uncritically report the allegation and accept it as true, and the anti-white justice system will see the use of nigger as sufficient to justify a lesser charge due to provocation.

    I am not familiar with this case, but it may have happened here.

  3. >Maybe it’s a regional thing.

    Could be — I know some alternative outlets, e.g. Bitchute most notably, do censor/geoblock content on behalf of e.g. EU countries, most notably Germany and France — that’s why if you live in those countries you will be unable to see certain videos, or even entire channels, that have been judged to contain content related to ‘Holocaust denial’ or ‘incitement of racial hatred’ (typically the most common grounds).

    Currently Bitchute is having a problem with their former bank, which froze their account and it seems is also refusing to return the remaining assets — this is an escalation, because as I said Bitchute dutifully censors and geoblocks when asked (something Torba at Gab has always refused to do; he sometimes posts images of letters he has received from EU countries asking him to censor content or accounts) — apparently censoring on commend is not good enough anymore — just hosting controversial content at all is enough to get you unbanked.

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