Zero Hedge:

Sex workers – who frequently face financial discrimination, losing access to payment apps and banking apps such as PayPal, Venmo and CashApp due to their profession – began using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as an alternative for payments, which bypass traditional banking systems and avoid service fees from platforms such as OnlyFans.

According to data by the Free Speech Coalition2/3 of sex workers have lost access to a bank account or financial service, with 40% having an account closed within the last year, Wired reports.

I doubt that (((banks and financial services))) care about these whores whoring it up. If anything, I would predict that they would support the whore industry, whether that would be porn or anything else. These corporations have a lot of illegitimate power, and if they wanted to, they could easily shut down the porn industry overnight. Cancel their credit card services and see how long they last.

Another sex worker, Allie Rae, an ICU worker by training, began posting on OnlyFans when her husband was placed on work furlough. After a short period of time, she was making nearly $500,000 per month more than her day job – but she says she quickly ran into trouble.

$500,000 per month works out to $six million per year. There are almost none of these whores making that kind of money, and that claim also makes what comes next nonsensical. 

After her OnlyFans account was discovered by her employer, she was fired. She also found that realtors shunned her, lenders refused to extend a mortgage and accountants ghosted her. Rae eventually established a corporation to run her business through, however no major bank would open a business account.

Why would you care about being fired from your job as an ICU worker when you’re making six million per year posting pics on OnlyWhores? Why would you even care about finding a realtor? You’re making enough to buy a house every month. 

It calls into question the veracity of this story when details like this are thrown in. However, they claim to provide some evidence for at least one whore getting her bank account shut down. We only see Alana Evans account. For all we know, there were more mundane reasons for her account being closed and she’s pretending otherwise on the internet. 

In any case, all of this misses the mark on why OnlyWhores is bad, and is reminiscent of the butthole-left arguing that the real problem with pornography is that society doesn’t treat the whores like princesses, and then the e-right coming in and laughing at the exploited wahmens. The problem with OnlyFans is that it exists at all, and to the extent the wahmen are getting fucked it’s because they got encouraged to sell their future for peanuts. 

I’m not kidding about the peanuts. OnlyWhores is one of the most winner-takes-all markets out there. A few whores at the very top make obscene amounts of money. Almost everyone else makes nothing.

This is accidentally verified even by propaganda that tries to promote this garbage.


OnlyFans creators earned $3.86 billion in 2021, an increase of 115% from the year prior, bringing the company’s payments to creators to more than $8 billion since its 2016 founding. Gross revenue (i.e., fan payments net of taxes) also more than doubled, to $4.8 billion, for the year ended November 2021. OnlyFans creators keep 80% of the revenue generated by their accounts, with the company taking a 20% cut.

The number of creators on the platform increased 34% last year, to 2.16 million, while the number of OnlyFans users jumped 128% to 188 million.

There are 2.16 million “creators,” and they collectively earned $3.86 billion in revenue. That works out to $1,787 per creator per year, or just $148 per month. Even that is misleading, as the biggest earners massively skew the mean. The median is undoubtedly a tiny fraction of that.

In 2021, model and TV personality Blac Chyna was the top-earning creator on OnlyFans, pulling in an estimated $20 million per month, according to research service Statista. Actor-singer Bella Thorne took the No. 2 spot with an estimated $11 million per month, followed by rapper Cardi B with $9.34 million per month, according to Statista.

Literally just those three very mid tier whores are raking in $40 million per month, or about $480 million per year of the $3.86 billion total. That’s more than 12% of the total, for three whores out of more than two million. 

Jaime, can you pull up that Confused Cat?? post again please?

In a BANG thread discussing this article a commenter said the following.

Yep. I had a family member who started one, and my cousin’s friends found out and gave him unmerciful shit about it. She was retarded enough to be promoting it on accounts that were linked to her real name and face. So her butthole pics are out there forever now for an amount of money she could have made working a single shift a week at a gas station.

OnlyWhores is basically this pic, but without even making the money. 

OnlyWhores is like dick pics, but for women, and even more embarrassing. Ever send a dick pic? Ever felt immediate regret afterwards, knowing full well that you couldn’t undo that mistake?

Not like I’ve ever done that. I’m just saying theoretically, it would be bad.

When I wrote my first very long critique of the exploitative meatgrinder that is the porn industry I argued that there were two very different ways of exploiting these whores. The first was extreme physical abuse, degrading acts, (((agents))) who openly worked for the (((production companies))), pressuring the whores into doing things they didn’t want to do, etcetera. These are partly systemic, but partly one-offs. The butthole-left focuses on these when they feel the need to make a critique of the porn industry, when they aren’t ranting about men not wanting to marry whores.

The second form of exploitation is the nature of the industry to churn through as many new girls as possible, exploiting their stupditity, optimism, financial precarity, and insecurities, never explaining to them the massive repercussions they’ll face for the rest of their life, in exchange for almost no money in 99% of cases. 

As Lana Rhoades said, 

Lana Rhoades: So many friends and girlfriends who thought porn was a good idea, and they don’t end up with the same outcome as me. They end up with a bunch of videos of them getting fucked on the internet for their family to see, they make no money, and it’s over for them.

OnlyFans may or may not have any of the direct physical abuse of the standard porn industry, but they’re the latter on steroids. With the old porn industry you had to physically be at the right location. That might have meant moving to LA, Miami, New York, or any other place where Jews live. Although in the case of Adriana Chechik and Mia Khalifa, they got scouted while just living their lives. 

Even still, it takes more of a committment to make porn that way. With OnlyFans all you need to do is take a selfie of yourself naked, make an account, and upload it. It’s a quick, easy, five minute process to destroy your life.

Continuing the trend of the e-right being absolute trash, mainstream servatives, such as Lauren Chen, have occasionally made decent videos on the subject, saying almost all the same things that we would say. Chen’s video covers the (((media))) glamourizing whoredom and constantly pretending that the girls are going to make far more money than they will in reality. She points out that the average girl would make more money working at Chipotle, even if she makes it into the top 1% of OnlyWhores. In exchange, they get to face a future where their butthole pics are forever online.


If you actually are in favour of women’s empowerment, trying to convince women to post photos of themselves naked online for $180 a month, knowing that this will likely ruin future relationships for them, it’s just so disgusting and opportunistic and exploitative.

We could take it to the next step, and start demanding that feminists like Justin “closet case” Trudeau defend the exploitative porn industry that they refuse to ban, or even regulate in any way. That would be a great political move, which is why servatives will never do that, although at least Lauren Chen put out a decent video hitting most of the right notes.  

Even Brett Cooper, the sexy airhead who works for Ben Shapiro, has a somewhat okay video on the matter. 

When doing research for this I found Rashida Jones, who isn’t even “right-wing” in any sense, yet who made a great anti-porn documentary in 2015’s Hot Girls Wanted. 


It’s a perfect storm for the (((people who are in charge of this industry))) to exploit the girls who are expecting a very specific kind of lifestyle when they get there, and don’t get it.

Wikipedia features commenters whining about Rashida Jones being anti-porn, as if that were a bad thing.


Rashida Jones, before making this documentary, had controversies in the world of sex workers. InsideHook’s Kayla Kibbe states, “Critics accused Jones of doxxing the film’s subjects, exposing personal information and recycling content without their permission.”[14] Sex workers have criticised the documentary as invasion of privacy. The Daily Dot reported a quote from Mistress Matisse: “Hot Girls Wanted was not made by anyone who’s actually in the sex industry, and it was very obviously planned to fulfill an agenda, and that agenda is to make the sex industry look bad.[15] In The New York Times Ana Marie Cox interviews Jones and mentions her past comments on sex workers: “But in 2013, you wrote a pretty strident essay in Glamour against the ‘pornification’ of everything, where you recount using the hashtag #stopactinglikewhores.

Although our tireless journalists captured this candid photograph of Rashida Jones, one doesn’t need to be a Fuhrer Enjoyer to have the common sense belief that the (((porn industry))) is disgusting and exploitative. It is so obviously true that it feels almost like a waste of words to reiterate it. The sky is blue. Water is wet. The (((porn industry))) is gross and exploitative. 

Even Evie Magazine had a great article against OnlyFans.

Evie Magazine:

The idea that OnlyFans is a get-rich-quick fast pass has worked its way into becoming common knowledge. The only problem? It’s not true. Men joking about women “living life on easy mode” and women joking about dropping out of school to sell their nudes online are both wrong. Most people make more money working at McDonald’s than they would on OnlyFans.

Making about $2,500 a month on OnlyFans puts you in the top 1% of OnlyFans creators. That might sound like a lot, but it adds up to about $15 an hour, and that’s all pre-tax. In other words, you could make the same amount working at Chipotle (and OnlyFans doesn’t even have guac). And again: This is the top 1%.

Money aside, selling your nudes is selling yourself short. Having your career rely on your body is one thing if it’s work you can pivot from, and even then, you should have a backup plan. Making a full-time career out of something like professional ballet or gymnastics will mean a pretty early retirement, but at least it won’t prevent you from subsequent careers.

Sex work, meanwhile, even in the rare case that it does become a well-paying gig, has a similarly short horizon without the same kind of future.

It’s not just about “slut shaming,” either. Sex work is inherently traumatizing for all of the lives it touches.

The costs of sex work extend to other parts of your personal life, too.

Evie Magazine is officially more based than the fags in the redpilled manuresphere.

Speaking of which, let’s check in on the uncensored e-right fags telling us that steroid abusing narcissists are peak masculinity. I’m sure they’ve got some reasonable takes on the subject.

Bro, get a load of these MODERN WAHMENS, bro. Modern Wahmens are such entitled little princesses. Typical MODERN WAHMON regretting Hookup Culture. I can’t tell you how obnoxious it is to see these young wahmens, who control all of our major institutions and created hookup culture, regret it only when they’re past their PEAK HAWTNESS. Remember, there are no systemic factors at play here, other than wahmon’s preferences. Hollywood, the media, banks, and politicians aren’t controlled by any interests other than eighteen year old wahmons. 

Get a load of these girls who regret doing OnlyWhores just because they hit the wall. Typical solipsistic female behaviour. It’s just all about them, all the time, when it should be all about making money for (((OnlyFans))) and (((porn producers))) in the free market capitalistic economy that has provided so much wealth for hard working migrants of colour who want to escape SoCIaLISm, wimmenz preferred economic system.

The girl in the video above admits that she hit the wall and that’s the reason why she quit doing OnlyWhores. That’s exactly what she says in the video. It’s just constantly “look, I’m not as hawt as the younger girls, which is why I regret OF.” Here’s the part where they quote her saying precisely that.


Here’s why starting OnlyFans was the worst decision I made in my life. I did not realize that I was literally selling parts of my soul and the money could have never made it worth it. I just wish that someone would have warned me and I would later be experiencing PTSD from the sexual trauma and the experiences that I was subjecting myself to on a daily basis. 

I did not know that I would later need to be in trauma counseling. It brought me into way darker places than I ever could have imagined, and I never want to go back there.


In case you think that these videos are any better, they’re aren’t, but it’s not worth my time to transcribe them. It’s the same cookie cutter deluge of trash that we’ve come to expect from the uncensored e-right.

Here we see another “successful” OnlyWhores girl who admits that she totally regrets it all.

Girl: This is for girls who are considering starting OF. Uhm, I’ve been doing it for the last two years and I just think social media glamourizes it so much, and nobody talks about the reality of what it actually is, and somebody needs to.

Heavily censored (((social media))) glamourizes doing porn. It’s not like the ADL is incapable of censoring this trash. After all, we’re censored from everything. Instead it’s glamourized.

This would be a great argument against “Big Tech Censorship,” for servatives to make, if they weren’t the biggest beneficiaries of said censorship and literally promoted by the same (((institutions))) that censor us.

52 million views…

As it stands, it’s still a good argument to make against (((censorship))). That’s why I bother pointing out that YouTube promotes these clowns, the e-right, and porn whores talking about prepping their colons to avoid anal disasters in uncensored videos that aren’t even age restricted and are right there on the home page.

There may never have been a less justifiable censorship regime than what we face under ZOG.

You might even have friends that are encouraging you to do it right now, but later on down the road when they get in a serious relationship, or married, or start having kids, they aren’t going to want a girl who does porn around their family.

And, there are far and few between that are okay with it, I’m not excluding everyone, but our generation likes to act like we’ve accepted anything and we haven’t. And I’m not pushing for acception[sic], I just want to make you guys aware of how truly lonely this job is because you will lose friends and family, so much so that OF agencies create these group content get togethers. Which, yes, you’re making content, but it is also said up front even that they’re encouraging you to make girlfriends amongst each other, because you are gonna have a very hard time making girlfriends outside that.

And as far as guy friend groups and stuff, you are not going to be called by your name anymore. Like, you’re the girl who does OF, and that might sound really cool at first, like she’s bad, but a year or two and that wears off pretty quick.

“Bad,” in this case means promiscuous, but in a sexy way.

And as far as your, you know, self respect having a price, it does pay good,

It doesn’t except for a tiny few.

but a few more years and you’re gonna want your self-respect back. It is just a shortcut that takes more than it gives.

Because no matter how loyal of a person you are, how honest, how loving or kind or sweet you are, you’re gonna be judged off of the fact that you did do OF, and… you can’t get it back, you can’t get it down. It’s on the internet. It is what it is. And you’re just – at some point you’re gonna want your self-respect back, you really will.

And you’re gonna want to get married, you’re gonna want to have kids, and explaining that to somebody, what you did, is so much harder than you think it will be, and most people aren’t okay with it. And if they are, is that really a man of value that you want to marry?

In short, you’ll have no friends, your family will disown you, and you will never find a man worth having, because no man of value would ever settle for a former OnlyWhores girl. That’s not me saying it, that’s this girl, one of the top 0.1% “creators,” who actually makes money. The rest of the girls get all the downsides, but without the financial reward. 

Let’s see what “The Poor Mans Podcast Reacts,” has to say about this. 

Fag of Colour: Her friends lied about accepting it because they’d rather be seen as a good person rather than tell their friend something that might stop them from making a life altering decision.

People do this all the time. They say “Lizzo is healthy and beautiful,” but they don’t want to change bodies with her. They’ll say “there’s nothing wrong with sex work,” but they don’t want their kids to do it.

The only thing worse than having enemies is having a bad friend. Who needs enemies when you have friends like hers.

I personally applaud her for being honest though.

How fucking hard is it to just say “wow, looks like OnlyFans is a terribly exploitative site where even the successful whores regret it.” That is the natural reaction of the psychologically healthy to hearing that woman’s video, in part because it’s pretty much exactly what she says. Instead, this fag goes on about her friends not holding an intervention to stop her from doing OnlyWhores, even though all the girl said was “you might even have friends who encourage you to do this,” as a brief aside.

It’s takes some creativity to come up with random novelty takes that miss the obvious point to this extent. It takes a misogynistic passion to laugh at these women’s suffering.

By the way, when I searched for “onlyfans regret,” on JewTube, I kept getting semi-random other videos from the e-right thrown in. They’re all as toxic as you would imagine, and I remind you, literally recommended by the same YouTube that we’re all censored from.

OnlyFans may avoid the absolute worst abuses of the regular (((porn industry))). It makes up for that by kicking into overdrive the sheer number of wahmens thrust into the meatgrinder, to have their futures destroyed by a split second decision that was advertised to them by (((ADL controlled))) social media, along with (((traditional media))). In the end, 99.9% of them make even less money than the traditional porn whores who already made no money.

Doing porn is like doing hard drugs, and OnlyFans is to the traditional porn industry what Amazon Prime heroin home deliveries would be to the traditional drug industry. The trad way sees you risk being stabbed and beaten while buying or using. In the case of porn this is analogous to getting pissed on and suffering excruciating ass pain and constant trips to ER while “your” agent tells you to stop complaining.

In contrast, the Amazon Prime drug deliveries carry little of that risk. As a result, they make it quick, easy, and painless to get a drug addiction that will utterly ruin your life. On top of this, the heroin lifestyle is advertised constantly on heavily censored social media to an audience of seventeen year olds. On their eighteenth birthday they can sign up for their first heroin, even though you need to be 21 to drive. 

In order to make the conversation retarded, there’s some finklethink set up where the butthole-left pretends that drugs are great, even liberating. They claim that the real problem is when the drug addicts are disrespected by the filthy peasants. The druggies should be free to conduct their business right there on the sidewalk. If that means public defecation, then that means public defecation, fascist.

Occasionally, they pretend that there are a few bad apples in the drug industry. But for the most part, drug dealers are just hardworking small business owners and blah blah.

The mainstream servatives like Juden Peterstein respond by almost never talking about this problem. When they do, they make some weak arguments about how drugs are bad for you, and focus on you personally abstaining from drugs. Because remember folx, the personal is the political, somehow.

Although my unironic advice to Mr. Lobster Dominance Heirarchies would in fact be to quit the benzos, he serves as almost the greatest example of the personal not being the political. The guy’s personal life is a disaster, yet he’s heavily promoted everywhere because his (((friends))) control the levers of power, which is what is actually important politically.  

Getting back to the drug analogy, occasionally some e-right fags make an issue of it, but focus on what trash the drug addicts are. They make sure to remind everyone that no one forced the druggies to start taking hard drugs, and totally avoid any critical examination of society, power dynamics, drug dealer exploitation of their victims, or anything else that a normal person would focus on. When they see videos of ex-druggies talking about how drugs should be banned, and how drug dealers are evil people, they laugh at the ex-addicts.

Remember that “Poor Mans Podcast Reacts,” fag? He has 600 videos on his uncensored YouTube channel, 773k subscribers, and over 200 million views as of time of writing. The description on his about page says the following:

Here’s a screenshot I took of the Instagram page that he links to.

Most of the time in politics I find the problem is no one advocating for me. Occasionally, I get people ostensibly advocating for me when I would really rather they not.

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  1. These girls need a political education, followed up by an introductory economics class.

    The average girl thinks she’s going to get rich or at least make a living by selling nudie self-photos/vids? Hahaha. Sweet summer child. Professional photographers, journalists, news editors can barely make a living – and you will by selling some “exclusive” pics?

    Oh and don’t forget – the average girl will be using e-platforms whose owners hate her and want her dead, or at very least socially and culturally destroyed?

    That the e-right can’t or won’t provide this type of very simple, basic analysis is a huge, big telling fail.

    1. The average girl who does OnlyWhores, which is obviously a subset of all wahmens. But yes, the obvious analysis is also the damning one, yet it’s leapt over by these uncensored fags.

  2. Weird that this story comes up in my feed after reading your recent essays. It is interesting to see how the CB Hebe take the “pro” side of this issue.

    To summarize, the Hebe lets a porn starlet with a history of chronic bowel disease ramble on about how sweet it is to be a sex worker who now has to poop through her abdomen.

    Seems that the Hebe wants its audience to know that all is a-ok in the porn world – nothing to see here goyim. Even disabled whores are making a living.

    The poop bag starlet says, “To my surprise, I discovered that I loved being a sex worker. It wasn’t just the financial stability that appealed to me, but also the freedom to express myself. I could also make my own schedule, meaning I could take as many sick days as necessary.”

    See that goyim. Sick days! As many as necessary! And cash for new colostomy bags.

    Maybe I’m dreaming, but I’d like to think that the CBHebe is springing into action because they’re nervous that normie nationalists might be getting through to young White women; and filling each heads with visions of marriage, fidelity, family, and home.

    Or maybe the Hebes are just perverts who get off on sticking stories about sick whores into my feed.

    1. That is absolutely dreadful.

  3. I’ve noticed that there’s tons of stories coming from The Daily Mail about women supposedly making millions per month on Only Fans. Both companies are headquartered in the UK, so it’s obviously an advertising deal. In an age utterly swimming in free porn, I can’t imagine there’s so many people willing to pay for it when they could go anywhere for it. They don’t even have to pirate it though that’s obviously an option too. Consider that for Blac Chyna to make that much, she’d have to find 2 million men willing to pay her more than they’d pay for Netflix or Hulu every month. She looks like nothing special, there’s millions of better looking women on the Internet for free, so why would millions of men pay out the nose to see her pictures?

    In my opinion, if their numbers aren’t completely made up to serve as advertising to OF, then they’re doing some kind of money laundering for organized crime. The girls get a cut and some fame, but otherwise they’re controlled by the network just like Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland. The porn (and music/movie) industry already has ties to organized crime so it would already be in their wheelhouse.

    1. I’ve been wondering about that myself.

  4. It’s sad that the e-right pass themselves off as “based and redpilled” (I’m really sick of this phrase, we need something new) when in reality the opposite is true.
    They’re sociopaths (they demonstrate a callous lack of empathy for victims of ZOG) who espouse politics that can only be described as painfully kosher (they either have no critiques of the system, or they have the same retarded takes of controlled opposition talking heads).

  5. I found it interesting how many people fell for Imam Tate, the manufactured right wing pimp. I’m not sure he was running his brothel via onlyfans, but if so, he would be the exception to the “fewer bitch-slaps for work-from-home-whores”

    He had to combine the conservative platitudes from of Islam [which western audiences assume stemmed from Christendom, as with Juden Peterson] its embrace of slavery and condemnation of whores. So he fucked them, pimped them, slapped them and dumped them.

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