Originally published November 15th, 2023.

Hollywood Life:

Rachel Bilson is excited to get back to work, the Hart of Dixie alum, 42, exclusively told Hollywood Life while promoting her partnership with Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. Now that SAG-AFTRA reached a tentative agreement with the AMPTP following its 118-day strike, Rachel recalled the moment when she found out the big news. 

The ‘Hart of Dixie’ alum also noted that she is a ‘big fan of inclusivity’ in the entertainment industry while promoting her partnership with Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. 

A few days ago I heard about the Hollywood strike ending. I decided to write about it, so I searched for “SAG strike over.” The second story recommended proudly featured the utterly moronical former starlet Rachel Bilson bloviating about how much she loves screenwriters and also diversity.

If you don’t know who Rachel Bilson was, she was yet another cute girl who couldn’t act, yet had a porn whore length career until she was replaced with the three years younger version of herself. She was in some shitty yet popular teen shows about twenty years ago, and that’s about it. You know the type.

Rachel Bilson, girl on the far left.

Clearly, she’d enjoy continuing to have a career. To that end she’s obedience signaling about how much she loves inclusion, and it’s not really worth taking seriously. 

When asked what she would like to see improved in show business, Rachel pointed out that the strikes raised “important issues” about the future of Hollywood, and she is “a big fan of inclusivity.” 

When I think “people who should be involved in conversations about important issues,” I think Hollywood actresses. And not just any Hollywood actresses, specifically the ones who only had a career because they were decently hot two decades ago and can be counted on to say whatever Schlomo wants even when there isn’t a script explicitly shoved in their face. 

The screenwriter’s strike was the first and only time I have ever wanted Jew capital to crush the “workers,” to the extent we can refer to the human filth that churn out the utter garbage Hollywood claims is art as “workers.” It was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now.

The good news is that even scripts finished long before the strike have contributed to chuckle inducing failures from basically every major content producer.


  • The Marvels opened to a disappointing $47 million at the domestic box office, making it the lowest total in Marvel Studios’ history.
  • Overseas, the film earned $63 million, bringing the opening weekend gross to $110.3 million, still far from enough to break even.
  • The reasons for the film’s underperformance are uncertain, but questions remain about superhero fatigue, audience dissatisfaction, and the film’s quality. Nonetheless, the cast is not to blame for the film’s reputation.

First of all, there’s nothing uncertain about the cause for the failure of this garbage. I watched the trailer at 2x speed, any slower would have been intolerable, and it honestly felt like some machine learning algorithm had thrown together all the cliches and tropes of Marvel into one diverse and utterly generic mess. 

Take Critical Drinker, the king of the Disney Alogs, with a grain of salt. These guys cream their pants for awful movies, like the new Mission Impossible, as long as they don’t push a blatantly anti-White or pervert message. However, I haven’t watched any Marvel movies since the second Avengers flick, so if you for some reason want the opinion of someone who watches all this garbage, yet won’t ever name Der Schlomo, here you go. 

The Disney Alogs put on a special group video just for dunking on The Marvels. The general consensus among them is that something worse than hatred has happened to Marvel, apathy. Hatred is something that can always be recovered from, because it shows that people still care. Apathy is the AIDS of consumerism. It’s terminal, there’s no coming back from that. 

It also mirrors what I’ve heard from a family member who used to be a big fan of the comic book movies, especially the Marvel ones. There’s more MCU content now than before, and it’s not only all terrible, but interwoven, so you basically need to watch all of it to understand what’s happening. She stopped watching for a while, which broke the habit, and that was that.

That’s just one anecdote of course, but what’s objectively true is that Marvel has had a string of movies and shows that didn’t make money, and now a verified bomb in The Marvels. This lets them join PixarDisneyHBOAmazon Studios (again and again), and just about every other major content producer in (((Hollywood))). Again, all of these movies were finished production long before the writer’s strike. (((Hollywood’s))) failures will continue after the writer’s strike, because the writers are a bunch of spiteful mutants who can’t write. 

This is the best they could come up with to save their own jobs.

Unfortunately, if Hollywood just stopped spending a hundred million, plus double that for advertising, on these things, they’d probably still be making money despite the non-existent quality.

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