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Troon Light: Layoffs Begin as Destroyed Brand Replaced by Other Brand Owned by Same Parent Corporation

The Troon Light fiasco has been fun to cover. They put a mentally ill pervert on the can as a deliberate insult to fans, and saw an immediate and crippling loss of sales, so much so that they are no longer America’s top beer. This was the case, even though servatives like Donald Trump Jr. and the Republican Party went out and deliberately told everyone to stop boycotting them. You see, they weren’t really a “woke” corporation, because they gave money to Republicans.

In contrast, a week ago everyone’s favourite Israel shill, Ronnie DeShabbos, pretended to be bringing the cuck hammer down on Bud Light. He’s gonna do that by taking a look into the corporation at some unspecified point in the future. Let me tell you, he’s really gonna look at it. There’s gonna be a level of looking at the corporation and then doing nothing that shouldn’t even be possible. 

In the face of a genuine, grassroots backlash Bud Light caved, only to see the troons denounce them anyway.

Actually, they have something of a point here. The Bud Light fiasco was a complete disaster for the tranny agenda. There are many things in politics where you have to commit all the way, or risk hurting your own side. We see this being done to us by “the right” time and time again, and that’s done intentionally. Recently, we’ve seen something similar with Jason Aldean, a prominent country music fag, taking out the BLM footage in his music video for “Try That In A Small Town.” 

If you decide to promote a message of resistance and immediately run away after a little pressure, you should do nothing at all. You demoralize people and undermine those of us who are actually fighting back. Jason Aldean should’ve done us all a favor and joined the do-nothing Twitter anons with sonnenrad bodybuilder avatars who chronically complain that no group is good enough for them. At least these pussies know to stay out of sight. – Eric Striker

As an aside, the Eraser parody of the song is fantastic.

It’s rare to see this happening to the other side, but the complete failure of Troon Light, and the subsequent tanking of the entire brand, has done a great job of delegitimizing these perverts. There’s a huge propaganda industry designed to gaslight everyone into thinking that other people like this filth, and that fails when you have a shining example to the contrary. Usually they succeed at the gaslighting, because capitalism is fake and you’re a peasant, and almost all big conglomerates don’t need to respond to real consumer demand due to being oligopolies controlled by (((Larry Fink))).

It might seem that this is different, because Bud Light is forever damaged by their attempt at ramming diseased “girl” penis down the throat of the Weimerican Consumer. That’s true, but the same conglomerate, Anheuser-Busch, also owns Modelo. 


Mexican lager, Modelo Especial has climbed up the charts to become the top-selling Beer in America for the month of May. This is the first time in over two decades that Bud Light has been dethroned from the top spot. Bud Light’s fall from grace continues in light of the conservative backlash that the beer brand has been receiving ever since it partnered with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Modelo’s ownership varies in the US and outside the country. The beer maker is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev in countries outside of the United States. However, within the US, it is owned by the New York-based beverage conglomerate Constellation Brands, helmed by CEO, Bill Newlands.

Sure, they don’t own the rights inside of the US, but who cares?

Ultimately, this is just a shift of profits from one division of the same corporation to another. 

CNN (July 26th):

In a statement, an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson said the restructuring “will simplify and reduce layers within its organization.” The layoffs will not include frontline staff such as brewery and warehouse staff, drivers, and field sales, among others.”

The job eliminations represent “less than 2%” of the Anheuser-Bush US employee population, the statement said. The company’s website says that it employs “more than 19,000 employees nationwide.” Two percent of that figure would number about 380 positions.

Still, it is newsworthy that Anheuser-Busch is laying off employees months after Troongate, and months after their weak apology. In fact, sales are still falling as we speak, but (((Wall Street))) is trying their darndest to make sure the parent corporation share price stays high.

Market Watch:

Bud Light sales are still falling, as the impact of a boycott against the beer continues to stick. But Morgan Stanley analysts on Thursday said that impact was already reflected into shares of its parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and that AB-InBev’s global footprint and the falling costs of beer ingredients would help sales and margins up ahead even if struggles in the U.S. spill over into next year.

Morgan Stanley assumed coverage of AB-InBev BUD, -0.94% with an overweight rating, a step up from its prior equal-weight rating. The firm bumped its price target on the stock higher, to $68.50 from $64. Shares of AB-InBev were up 0.4% on Thursday.

Of course. We can’t let the peasants punish a corporation for pushing (((our agenda))) now can we?

Imagine how successful this could have been with political leadership that didn’t exist to fumble the baton.

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  1. Can’t find the meme explaining it but BUTT light , Target, all those companies that pulled the tranny scam are in a large part owned by Black Rock (the kikes) – who crashed their stocks and bought way more at dirt cheap prices.

    I smelled this scam before I found the meme – proper response – never forget, never forgive.

  2. Considering how fake and gay the Republican party is, I’m pretty sure DeShabbos only wants to investigate in the hopes of scoring some dick pics of that hideous troon.

  3. Probably putting butt lite beer into other brand name cans. Most peasants wouldn’t know the difference. Best to boycott everything (((they))) own or are known to control or have influence over.

  4. Since AB makes Landshark, they should brew Mudshark

  5. modelo is overpriced and they push pro mexican and diversity garbage in their commercials so I hope they fail too.

    Most mexican beers have a German recipe anyways so it isn’t anything they invented. I think mexicos main exports at this point are poverty, fat leeches, violent crime, and drugs and we already had way too much of that before hand.

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