Games Workshop has been on a bit of a libtarded tear as of late. A few years back they were “fighting back against fascist hate symbols,” endemic amongst the Warhammer 40k community.

Fascist symbolism is pretty much the entirety of the Warhammer universe, and for good reason. When basically everything wants to genocide you, and chaos can seep in at a moments notice, it really is fascism or death. Since antifa and Warhammer go together like oil and water, it was looking like Games Workshop was choosing to slowly loot the brand and have it dwindle into irrelevancy. Drop the fash, get no cash.

At least that was the thinking before they dropped this deliciously grimdark trailer for new product. Will I be consuming this product? Absolutely not, tabletop gaming is an enormous waste of time. Do I like the aesthetic? Unquestionably.

Others are not so thrilled. When asked to elaborate, it’s exactly what you’d expect. 

Jaime, can we pull up a screencap of the terror demons that these fascists are fighting against?

It is amazing that this NPC takes a look at murderous genocide demons and is like “I don’t know, the White Men who are cleansing the planet of these things are a bit too fashy for my liking. I think I need to side with the tyranids.” The window into the id of the spiritual Heeb shows us that there is no golem to evil to be sympathetic to them. No societally destructive force that isn’t somehow misunderstood.

As can be expected from Der Untermensch, xir has adopted the patronizing tone of an assumed genius graciously informing the dumb peasants as to the naughtiness of their fashy toys. We’ll have a picture of this Goy later, and he looks exactly how you’d expect.

Xir also gets ratio’d in its own thread, and walks back their criticism in a way that I’ve rarely seen non-conservatives do. However, the common refrain from the peanut gallery appears to be that Warhammer 40K is somehow not actually fascist. 

I think I might have to side with AAG on this one. Warhammer 40K is fascist, and that’s a good thing. TND gets it.

Sure, it’s a parody of fascism, and the world is an unlivable hellscape where everyone is being murdered by xenos, or forced to slave away on the factory worlds, but at least there is a complete absence of child grooming.

If you’re curious about Ad Astra Games, they’re a tiny gaming company that appears to be on its way out. Their website has a news section, screencapped above, and the last update was from almost a full five years ago. 

Really, the company is just a front for this one man, Ken Burnside. Assuming “man” is a decent descriptor of this specimen. 

Jaime, can we find the body shot. I’d really like the body shot.

Ken “studly” Burnside and his man tits in the flesh. It’s always nice to put a face to the anonymous online account whining about Warhammer 40K online. After all, a normal person might look at the brave soldiers of the Warhammer 40K world facing down certain death in order to rid the world of murderous xenos scum and feel appreciatory. However, Ken “saggy man tits” Burnside is here to ask “are they defending all of humanity a bit too fashily?” Truly, this is the question that we all wanted to ask, but didn’t have the courage to.

Imagine if someone were to just find pictures of this absolute goof and then totally ignore his arguments instead of taking them seriously and responding to them. That would be totally intellectually unrigorous, and also very productive. 

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