NY Post:

Seven US government investigators became sick while researching the possible health impacts of the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment in early March, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Roughly half of the 15-person CDC team reported symptoms including sore throats, mild headaches, coughing and nausea — similar to conditions documented by East Palestine locals after the toxic Feb. 3 derailment.

The symptoms that these CDC workers are experiencing are quite similar to what the NJP guys reported when they went to East Palestine in February.

They also said that the town stank of chlorine, or some other chemical smell. Considering that this NYPost article is from April, it doesn’t look like any serious cleanup has been done.

“Symptoms resolved for most team members later the same afternoon, and everyone resumed work on survey data collection within 24 hours,” a CDC rep said in a statement to CNN.

An official familiar with the workers’ illnesses told CNN that while it’s unclear what caused their symptoms, members of the team found it suspicious they became ill at the same time with the same symptoms.

That also matches with what Striker and the rest said with respect to their exposure. They felt seriously ill, but then it cleared up once they got out of the area. That jives with what the locals have been reporting since the toxic train derailment, although they can’t leave.

The catastrophic incident forced residents to evacuate their homes as fires burned for days, prompting widespread panic and causing many locals to experience adverse health effects.

Many locals have expressed frustration over what they say has been a lack of real information.Frustrated East Palestine Mayor Trent Conway also ripped President Biden for visiting Ukraine instead of the scene of the toxic train derailment, calling it “the biggest slap in the face.”

Trent Conway is this man below, and what he’s saying here is obvious, but worth repeating. I’ll remind you that Pete ButtEnjoyer has still refused to visit the town, and instead went on a tour whining about construction workers being too White. The same is true for President Biden. Visiting the area is a symbolic gesture, but symbolic gestures aren’t unimportant. 

The total lack of care that the Democracy Class is showing to the White People of East Palestine is far beyond uncaring and unquestionably malicious. Meanwhile, the residents have paid for their own forced evacuation from out of pocket, and their own Republican “representative”, Governor Mike DeWine, has still refused to declare a state of emergency, which would be necessary for FEMA to be called in. Instead, he has requested an extension, which would let him declare the train derailment a major disaster at any time before July 3rd, 2023.

Don’t bother trying to make sense of why he would do that, it’s just for show. The purpose is for him to pretend like he might, at some point in the future, do the right thing and declare a state of emergency over the toxic chemical spill that was so bad the residents of East Palestine were forced to evacuate.

If people are forced to evacuate, then it’s a major emergency. There’s nothing to think about. We don’t need new evidence. He’s just trying to run out the clock while making it look like he isn’t doing that. Then, when July 3rd comes around, he can create some minor distraction to make people forget that he never declared a state of emergency, and therefore can’t request FEMA funds be used to reimburse the people of East Palestine, Ohio.

And, once again, the residents of East Palestine have had to pay these costs out of pocket.

News5 Cleveland:

For East Palestine residents, each day and train that passes, the derailment remains at the forefront of their minds.

“It actually seems like it happened last weekend, I mean we have not had a break from it,” said resident Mont Meckler Jr.

Meckler lives next to the tracks and can’t afford to move his family; emotions remain high two months later.

“How many times did you [Norfolk Southern] risk our lives that evening?” said Meckler. “You derailed in my backyard you caught fire in my other backyard and now I have to live in your mess. It’s been an ongoing issue and there feels like there’s no escape.”

Meckler bought a camper in case he needed to up and leave again like during the evacuation.

“I don’t have much,” said Meckler. “I have worked hard for what I have and look, I want to keep it.”

Walker doesn’t know how much longer she can afford hotel hopping, even with Norfolk Southern’s reimbursements.

“It’s very expensive, there’s time we have to use money out of our own pocket,” Walker said. “Sometimes those gift cards for $1,000 dollars do not cover a week’s stay.”

East Palestine Superintendent, Chris Neifer, said 11 families have pulled their kids out of the district since the derailment and over 100 students are currently choosing online learning.

For now, Walker’s kids still attend East Palestine schools and participate in online classes when their hotel is too far away, but she wants out.

“I don’t want to be here in East Palestine,” Walker added. “If I could take my school district with me I absolutely would, but being here in East Palestine I don’t think we have a future here. At least my family does not have a future here.”

Meckler said he has no other choice than to stay put and hopes that reality doesn’t tear his family apart.

“Do I hold my daughter accountable that she doesn’t want to bring my grandson here anymore? That I can’t have family events in my own home anymore? Who is going to pay for that? How much is that worth?” said Meckler.

Norfolk Southern has been giving a paltry sum of money to a tiny number of families affected by the disaster. This is after these rail corporations broke the backs of the rail workers despite record profits on the top of their precision scheduled derailments scheme. 

Guess who is getting FEMA funds. 

Spectrum News:

New York City officials late last month submitted an application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $350 million.

The requests for money come as Mayor Eric Adams’ administration has been struggling to manage resources for the influx of asylum seekers.

Knowledge of the application comes the same week Adams’ administration asked most city agencies to cut their budgets by 4% and submit a proposal by April 14 with the reductions, citing the ballooning costs of asylum seekers.

Flooding your country with migrants is so important to the (((Privileged Class))) that they demand the Government cut spending elsewhere to accommodate them. Actually, they enjoy cutting back spending on everything except anti-Whiteness and pervert garbage anyway, so it’s win-win. Especially if that spending is on housing coloured criminals and mentally ill crack addicts. 

Mayor Adams has recently said the asylum seekers are set to cost the city a whopping $4.2 billion by fiscal year 2024, up from an initial estimate of over $1 billion.

The city to date has only received $8 million from FEMA and an additional $2 million from Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office. 

They “only” received $8 million for non-Americans who don’t belong in the country. Poor them. They should have received $350 million of your taxdollars for these parasites. Although that $8 million is $8 million more than East Palestine has received despite having their town destroyed by Norfolk Southern. 

If only Orange Fag was this based.

Because when you have totally (((controlled))) opposition like Governor Mike DeWine at the helm, you could have Norfolk Southern irradiate your water and cause five hundred fatalities, you ain’t getting any of that FEMA money that your tax dollars funds in the first place, Goy.

And don’t think it’s just the Butthold-Left that wants to flood your country with third worlders. I’m sure the good people of East Palestine, Ohio have spent their working lives getting taxed to pay for these migrant “refugees,” that DeWine has so magnanimously shoved into their state against their will. 

There’s your update on East Palestine. The town is still messed up, may never recover, and the citizens are getting no money. Migrants are getting millions from FEMA, are asking for hundreds of millions, and will probably get that. Meanwhile DeWine is refusing to give the Goy-cattle he rules over on behalf of his (((owners))) a single shred of relief. Republicans only support handouts for Israel and big banks, not for working class White People who’ve been forced out of their homes by rail corporations toxic derailments. That’s just SocIALiSm.

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    It’s over for the united snakes – there’s a reason they played a military funeral song on jan 6.
    Worst inflation ever recorded in the US – and highest unemployment – he can go straight to hell and talking about internet celebs ain’t helping. Not focusing on central banks and JOOS aint either.

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