One could argue that “the vax-scene” immunizes itself from criticism, simply by being so baffling that one does not know where to start.

I felt like drinking myself

But we have to start somewhere. Might as well be with the unnerving creepiness of the open shilling for New Big Pharma Product two years into Covid-19. Shilling that comes from the same people who said that shutting down the border was unnecessary xenophobia. Or that BLM doesn’t spread Covid-19. And finally, that anti-lockdown protests do spread Covid-19.

Well I with that was finally, but in reality there are about 10,000 other bits of Covid-19 disinformation they’ve put out. Wear masks, don’t wear masks, wear two masks, bigot. Get the shot and you’re vaccinated, jk LOL no you actually need three. There are no serious side effects, jk actually your heart might explode.

I would personally like to congratulate the audience for making it to day 785 of 15 days to flatten the curve.

Sorry about the bar, but sometimes I need the right frame.

But we might be treating this too seriously. Colbert’s mannerisms are so weird and offputting. Put the video on mute and just watch him. His lips don’t quite move right, and his behaviour is this repulsive soyboy smarminess, mixed with this obviously put on “aw shucks,” affectation. It’s like he’s got this smile plastered on his face that doesn’t quite meet his cold dead eyes.

And it turns out this is a common reaction.

I really don’t know what retard wrote the lyrics for the “vax scene” bits. I noticed around the 4:45 mark that the lyrics don’t even rhyme. Then I noticed that actually, most of the lyrics don’t rhyme. In fact looking closely, the lyricists did this bizarre thing where they did in fact try to make about half the bits rhyme. Just enough to make it annoying every time they don’t.

They rhyme polka with poke ya, for instance, but other times they just have these bizarre word choices that make sense if they’re setting up a rhyme, but then they just don’t. For example, here’s one of the jingles below:

Are you going

To get your vaccine?

I would say

That it’s about time

Take off your mask

And show us your chin hair.

Now when you kiss

You probably won’t die.

That’s just… not a rhyme Colbert

Now I know that this could be seen as trivial, but it’s so odd. “Show us your chin hair,” is a weird choice over “show us your smile,” or something like that. But it’s not in service to some rhyme, it just weirdly doesn’t work. Again, I know this is trivial, but my brain is trying to cope with civilizational collapse here, and has latched on to some things that it just won’t let go.

Besides that, isn’t telling people to take off their mask disinformation Colbert? I guess it depends on what week we’re in.

Moving forwards, the animated vaccine’s are so fucking weird. They’re poorly drawn in that childish way, which makes the whole thing some combination of baffling and creepy. It’s like the artists were going for some combination of silly combined with gothic horror, and really did not do a good job at all.

Vaxxx me harder Daddy. Man MDE would be amazing right now.

I really cannot stress enough how offputting Colbert is. I’ve always really hated that fake dorky routine he does. He and his writers are too talentless to pull it off, but they seem to think “act moderately silly and then do a forced laugh at how silly you are,” is a replacement for actual humour. It’s not. He’s just not funny, and I do mean that even in the absence of political commentary.

You know when you do something ridiculous, and then you naturally break character and laugh? Well Colbert fakes that about 10 times in this video, and it gets to be this sort of uncanny valley effect. I know it’s a replacement for actual humour, but he’s not acting like a real human being.

Here’s at least 50% of Colbert’s “humour.”

>Does something silly that’s not funny, but you can kind of see what they were going for.
>Immediately break character with some forced chuckle, in a “boy am I being reedonkulus,” way.
> Stare at camera for 5 seconds before resuming flapping your gums.

This is the start of the finale

The finale is an exercise in bizarre, forced propaganda. It starts as a dance number with real people dressed up as dancing vaccines. Colbert is in the middle with an “I’m pretending to have fun,” smile plastered on his face. Then they go out into the audience.

In motion it’s even creepier. The audiences low energy “I guess I’m supposed to be smiling” reaction adds to the effect.

The general vibe from the audience is that horrible “pretending to have fun,” state. It’s like I’m watching cult members who’ve halfway checked out getting a visit from Dear Leader, and they’re sort of into it but it’s still weird to them.

Colbert poorly pretends to “spontaneously” select a clear and obvious audience plant and they do a little dance. Colbert also pretends to be just absolutely loving this. BTW, I can not find a single frame of this horseshit that can’t be talked about all on its own. If you take a random screencap at any moment of this you’ll have evergreen content.

Then the human vaccine dancers go away, and Colbert goes back to the stage, where he once again does his tepid uninspired “haha we’re so silly,” routine, utterly devoid of any jokes. And watching that it occured to me, how can you have jokes when your job is to shill for multinational pharma companies? We underestimate how difficult it must be to be funny when you’re Colbert, you can’t talk about all the funny stuff? Imagine having to get sanctimonious about trannies and Pfizer’s latest strategy for Q4 earnings in hitting new expanding markets?

I actually don’t quite have enough contempt to avoid secondhand embarrassment for Colbert.

But despite a 5.7k upvote to 33k downvote ratio, they keep the video up. That might change, but I guess it’s a way of saying “you see this goy-peasants? Look how retarded our propaganda is. But you’re the ones censored muaaa haa haaa!” I mean ultimately, who is the one being humiliated? Colbert, the audience at the show, or the people downvoting in the comments?

Theodore Dalyrimple once said that he realized that communist propaganda was often meant to be ridiculous. The purpose of this was to show the peasants who was boss. That they could say blatantly false things, and that you peasant, can’t do shit about it.

These aren’t even the best comments, just the top 5.

But then again, there’s a limit to how ridiculous you can make your propaganda before the joke truly isn’t on the audience anymore. If everyone is laughing at this garbage, your propaganda fucked up, and considering that these people are so bizarrely incompetent that they forgot how to rhyme halfway through, I really don’t think that was intentional.

“State enforced homosexuality.”

I think these people are about 1 year away from passing Sam Hyde’s parody of them from 2013. Imagine calling these people “elites,” instead of “the privileged class.”

“Hey Stephen, what’s going on big guy?”

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