For those who don’t know, there appears to be an anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is less than 100 miles from Kenosha, where a historic trial just took place, resulting in the correct verdict and freedom for Kyle Rittenhouse. You can read our article collecting the seething and coping here.

Seemingly in response to that, we have either one or three black men who intentionally drove into a Christmas Celebration of almost entirely White People in Waukesha, Wisconsin. As expected, there are some social media posts from anti-Whites, who have not been censored we might add, celebrating the murder of between 5-8 White People in an anti-White terrorist attack. This article exists to collect this anti-White hate speech for posterity.

This coward deleted her tweet above.

Mark Feinberg apparently works for the below employer, OTHRStore. We’ve included their email in this article.


We will be updating this article rapidly in the coming hours.


UPDATE: Someone sent an email to OTHRStore, the employer of Mark Feinberg. We’re showing it below, and suggest you send a similar email.

UPDATE: Excellent work from some of our telegram channels. Remember, you don’t need to do anything except look for keywords on twitter.

UPDATE: It’s hard to take time away from screencapping these people to post, because I’m afraid they’re going to start deleting their tweets. Still.

UPDATE: One of the three suspects, black male Darrell Brooks, has been arrested. He has quite the rap sheet, and was released from prison on bail just a few days ago. Beyond that, Waukesha is an extremely White area, and it’s not clear if this BLMer is even from there. Probably went out of his way for this terrorist attack.

UPDATE: It just goes on and on.

UPDATE: The majority of responses on twitter are actually pretty decent. Lots of “this is anti-White,” or “probably BLM related,” type stuff. However, Cuckoldservatives deserve a special callout for being anti-White pieces of shit, yet again. Below is a collection of their shit.

UPDATE: It. Just. Doesn’t. End.

NOTE: Deletions were common as the optics became too untenable.

UPDATE: And now for a little bit about Darrell Brooks, confirmed to be in the car if not the driver. His twitter/Instagram handle was “Mathboi Fly,” no idea but those are his posts below unless named otherwise. We don’t have any explicit BLM tags, but that could also indicate premeditation. He may have deleted his posts containing BLM ahead of this terrorist attack.

The killshot. Supporting black on White terrorism.

UPDATE: We’ve got our first hate mail. We’ve got her doxxx. We know where she lives, and what she does for a living. However, we’re not going to post that here, because she’s just a retarded npc. Also, she thinks periods are optional when ending a sentence.

We will include a picture we found of her, so you can see what these types of people look like.

UPDATE: Once again thanks to our many readers for chipping in. At least 20 of these, probably more, come from you. Email us at if you have a nice example. Even the link itself is enough.


UPDATE: I don’t want to post too many of these, but this is a picture of the street after this terrorist attack.

UPDATE: We have hit the motherload with Darrell Brooks. However, since we have almost 50 images to go through, we will post them in a different article. For now, here are just three to wet your appetite.

UPDATE: We’re over 100 now.

UPDATE 11/22/2021: Next day, and we’ve got some fresh anti-White hate speech.

And we also have to focus on the propagandist coverup, as well as the fact that the Waukesha Police Chief, Daniel Thompson, is a BLM supporter who lead a pro BLM rally last year. Beyond this, the story that there was a knife attack appears to be 100% false. National-Justice as well as will inform you more on that later.

UPDATE: The propaganda about there being some knife attack and the BLM supporters were just fleeing. Actually this was a complete fabrication, designed to cover for a premeditated anti-White terrorist attack.



UPDATE: Never forget.

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  1. Anyone falling for the “black perp fleeing a normal crime” hasn’t learned anything from the past ten years. They are trying to rock the baby back to sleep with that bs. This nigger was evading police so he drove past the only roadblock in town?

    Great work on the articles guy.

  2. Hey I just looked at that Angry Shiba account because the tweets were so insane, and I’m 99% sure it’s a parody so I’d take those down.

    1. I was on the fence initially, but they retweet 100% non-parody Globo Homo Schlomo accounts. I’m pretty sure that it’s legitimately just someone with schizophrenia.

      EDIT: No, you were right. I mean that just has to be satire. Taking those out now.

  3. Please tell me you’re archiving all these on

    1. This.


  5. Hey TDC, that girl in the street with the sheet over her is from the Nice truck attack in France years ago, you are going to want to remove it from this article.

    1. Great spot by John. Removed.

  6. Hitler did nothing wrong

  7. I know this person. Was bullied online by him. Tried to comment in the telegram channel but it’s not allowing for comments 🙁

  8. I know Mark. Not a good dude. Tried to comment on telegram but bannons channel won’t allow me to comment for some reason.

    1. That usually means the telegram channel banned you.

  9. This ALL is so horrific…we cannot and Will NOT allow this this type of action and violence to continue.

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