I never wrote about the Montgomery anti-White lynching, because I was away on vacation when it happened. After the fact, I didn’t think that I needed to add any commentary, but it turns out the BLMers are still celebrating weeks later.

Daily Mail:

A man who became known as ‘folding chair man’ following a viral brawl on an Alabama dock has turned himself into cops.

Reggie Ray, 42, faces charges of disorderly conduct as a result of the melee, after four other people were also arrested and charged over the melee in the last three weeks.

In shocking footage seen by millions online, Ray appeared to wildly swing a folding chair at a group of white boaters after they launched into a furious frenzy.

The brawl was allegedly started when the group of white boaters became enraged after being asked to move their boat on the dock to make room for a riverboat. 

Daily Mail is Ben Shapiro’s blog, so don’t expect to be informed. I searched for “Folding Chair Guy” on YouTube and found the following video. They don’t even show Reggie Ray, the Folding Chair Guy, even though I searched for that specifically.

Before I even get into that, here is what YouTube showed me.

They censored the first two videos and many others. This is the same website that refuses to censor porn whores talking in graphic detail about their anuses exploding. Frankly, they even promoted it to me on the front page.

Remember, YouTube doesn’t know how old I am, since I don’t sign in on an account. When it comes to promoting anal prolapse, that’s not a concern. 

But my tender eyes must be shielded from the Montgomery, Alabama dock brawl. So much so that you’re not allowed to see the violent assault on the White bystander done by Reggie Ray, a Violent Assault-American. In fact, none of the videos that are up on YouTube show this assault, because it is so utterly indefensible.


Even TMZ, a gutter rag, condemns this man. That’s because there is no way to justify him going and attacking a random White Woman just sitting there on the dock. It’s a racially motivated hate crime, and there is a good argument to be made for attempted murder. 

No sooner have we said this is indefensible, than the 13/50-Americans run to his aid. Even weeks later, after the dust has settled and the story has long since cleared the news, random Black content creators are still giving him puff piece interviews.

Elon Musk broke twitter X, so I can’t properly embed videos anymore. You can find the original tweet here, and I’ve created a transcript below.

Interviewer: So the lady that you hit. She was just walking by, probably trying to get a cold drink, and you just pop her.

* Shaniqua co-host chortles in the background*


Reggie Ray: Yeah I blacked out.

*More laughing*

Emotions was runnin’ high. And all I remember when I saw that lady – all I could picture was that day they wouldn’t let Rosa have a seat, so I gave her ass a seat.

Isn’t attempted murder on random White Women just sitting there hilarious!

The BLMers are eating it up.

That’s what the so-called Civil Rights Movement means to the Dindu. It means “go assault random White People, they somehow deserved it.” If I wasn’t so swamped with another project I could turn this into a ten thousand word piece. In short, these people are entitled filth.

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  1. “Folding chairs could be here”

  2. Low IQ morons having a laugh. Ooga ooga. I hope the White lady sees how she’s become the butt of their lowbrow joke, and starts taking Scott Adams’ advice very very seriously.

  3. Niggers are a lot like zombies, stupid, stinky, ugly, they show up in hordes and they cannot be reasoned with. The nice thing about niggers vs zombies though, is that gun shot wounds anywhere on a niggers body can be fatal, whereas you generally have hit a zombie in the brain.

  4. The photo of Ben “Bitch Boy Rabbi” Shapiro and ZioClops is truly hilarious. Inbred Ashkenazi midget retard Shapiro posing in a cowboy hat as if he was a healthy, masculine white male, in order to fool the dumber goys into thinking he is pro America and right-wing, rather than the Zionist jew supremacist parasite cry-baby that he actually is, is quite entertaining. The kikes and the fake right are a bunch of truly sad fucking clowns.

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