Christopher Cantwell is not on a redemption arc. Christopher “Punished” Cantwell has finished his redemption arc. At this point his character needs to ride off in to the sunset. Except that better not happen because I think we all want more Cantwell now.

Speaking of which, leaked audio showed Cantwell doing a freestyle rap after his closing arguments on behalf of the defense.

Redeemed. Esteemed.
I was not what it seemed.
When I spoketh even Kaplan creamed.

She had not dreamed.
Of a bald goy who spoke and memed.
And deemed hisself and his frens clean.

She shrieked and screamed.
And steamed and reamed and midstream
Demanded Judge Moonman intervene.

It’s obscene.

It’s the motherfucking Radical Agenda
Now tell this fat lez hebrew
To suck my foreskin smegma. 

Suck his foreskin smegma Kaplan most certainly did in the courtroom, figuratively, if not literally.

For those not following the trial, we have written a previous article covering this trial which you can find here. National-Justice has had by far the best serious coverage of this trial, and you can find the latest article here.

Cantwell has been leading the defense right from day 1. In contrast to Jason Kessler, who did the typical “just curl up into a shell and fight on legal technicalities,” routine, a tried and testing LOSING strategy, Cantwell has gone on the offensive. Never was that more clear at the last day of the trial, where Cantwell was scheduled to give the defense.

This is from earlier in the trial, when Seth Wispelwey was a witness for the plaintiffs.

Earlier in the trial Cantwell had done a cross examination of Deborah Lipstadt. Considering that Lipstadt is a lying jew nationalist it seemed like we were heading for a showdown of epic proportions. However, as revealed by the excellent reporting by Spectre, including multiple calls from jail, Cantwell had barely any time to prepare his legal defense at all, and almost no resources.

Contrary to many people’s expectation, he was only given the court provided laptop for research for a few minutes a day, and even that cut into his sleep. So it shouldn’t have been surprising that he didn’t fact check Lipstadt on the Lampshadocaust in the middle of his trial, only asking her a few questions.

Closing arguments for the defense are quite different, since closing arguments are mostly about rhetoric, unlike witness examination. The horrid, completely unfair amount of time Cantwell has to research his defense is somewhat less relevant, since he needs to write a speech under time pressure instead of do fact finding research.

Again, from earlier in the trial.


Still, it’s quite the task having to write and then execute on a 20 minute speech encompassing the entirety of this trial. So how did Cantwell do?

Cantwell started off viciously attacking the plaintiffs witnesses. Once again reiterating how full of shit they are. Hammering this point home again and again. A snippet from the leaked audio can be read below.

Well you see court, these filthy New Yawk Kaiyks have these lying antifa cunts and cuntesses who make shit up. Make it up I tell ya. And we here at the Radical Agenda won’t stand for this sort of kikery. Won’t stand for it one bit now will we. Bunch of filthy lying – I mean look at this shit. Look at this video of this filthy lying spiritual kikess just lying her cunt mouth off. Community Defense Tools, absolutely laughable. Lying cunt mouths are not what you will find at Radical Agenda Dot Com I tell you that much for sure”.

Cantwell then moved on to powerfully stating the obvious. That he did not go there for break the law, and neither did anyone else on the UTR side. Similar to Chairman Moike’s statement of “you prove to me,” this is a powerful rhetorical framing device. Of course everybody knows that the violence was 100% initiated by Antifa and BLM, as Cantwell masterfully states.

The second best moment of this Made For A Movie speech by Christopher Cantwell was when he made it clear that he was innocent beyond any reasonable doubt. But Cantwell wasn’t up there to save his skin. Cantwell was up there for blood. And blood he got.

The speech ended with a dramatic crescendo. The piece of shit judge, Warren Moon, was interrupting the defendants closing arguments. He did this multiple times for Richard Spencer and others. Moon tried to interrupt Cantwell as he belted out that James Fields was innocent. And what did Cantwell do? He talked over that fucking cunt and loudly proclaimed his own innocence at the end as well.

God bless Christopher Cantwell. And if you were wondering, while we don’t have the audio of the real speech, there was a screenshot illegally taken of the courtroom, which we can leak here.

Or perhaps this was an artists interpretation. Either way, Cantwell is the man, and when he gets out of jail in December 2022, we’re gonna be there for him.








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