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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The February meeting of the North Idaho College board of trustees was, by recent standards, civilized.

Coeur D’Alene is a nice little city in Idaho. That’s the town that Patriot Front got arrested protesting the drag groomer creeps pictured above. I know that there are plenty of our guys down there, and they are involved in local politics. 

There were no shoving matches or speeches from far-right podcasters. Nobody pulled the fire alarm. The parade of community members who, under the wary eye of campus security officers, took turns at the microphone mostly kept their voices below shouting volume, until an hour or so before midnight, when a woman cried “Shame on you!” and stormed out of the room.

They don’t supply a picture of her, so we’ll have to use our imagination.

For most of the past two years, the college’s governing board has been a volatile experiment in turning grievances into governance. Trustees backed by the county Republican Party hold a majority on the board. They have denounced liberal “indoctrination” by the college faculty and vowed to bring the school administration’s “deep state” to heel and “Make N.I.C. Great Again.”

To give you a small taste of how insane university pseudo-intellectuals can get, here we see the Queer of Colour Theorizers at the University of British Columbia’s Social Justice Institute. That a town in Idaho found their local college bureaucracy captured by these butthole-leftists does not surprise me one bit.

The injection of such sweeping political aims into the routine administration of a community college of 4,600 students, one better known locally for its technical training programs than the politics of its faculty, has devolved into a full-blown crisis. The school has faced lawsuits from two of the five presidents it has had since the start of the previous school year. A district court judge ordered one of those presidents reinstated on Friday in a ruling that castigated the trustees for “steering N.I.C. toward an iceberg.” The college has lost professors and staff and had its debt downgraded by Moody’s, which cited the school’s “significant governance and management dysfunction.”

The troubles culminated last month in a letter from the regional higher education commission, which warned that the 90-year-old college could be stripped of its accreditation if changes were not made in a matter of weeks — an effective threat of closure and a potential catastrophe for Coeur d’Alene, a town of 56,000 in the Idaho Panhandle. The college is the sixth-largest employer in Kootenai County and a source of skilled labor for much of the local economy.

This one governing board is facing massive institutional pressure, with them even going so far as to threaten to remove accreditation of the university programs. This is what happens when you actually fight, something servatives never do, and is the surest sign to press your foot down harder on the gas pedal.

For what it’s worth, I highly doubt that the removal of accreditation is a serious threat, provided that they have halfway decent legal representation. But the idea of not letting people get credentialed because they went to a university that pushed back against anti-White garbage is enraging. 

Greg Green, a telecom entrepreneur and philanthropist, vowed to fund challenges to the committee-backed bloc of trustees in the next election. “I had no clue how bad things were,” Mr. Green said.Credit…Margaret Albaugh for The New York TimesIn 2020, Donald Trump won 70 percent of the vote in Kootenai County, Idaho.

Greg Green

Thanks, Green. Maybe if you invest that money into your business you can get big enough to justify a Wikipedia Early Life section tthat confirms what we already know.

Rick MacLennan, a former president of the college who was ousted by the trustees in 2021, describes the school as “a canary in the coal mine” — a warning of what awaits local institutions across the country as fiercely partisan and disruptive cultural battles spread into new corners of public life. He and other critics of the trustees see parallels with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s efforts to remake New College, a state-run liberal arts school in Sarasota, Fla., as a conservative bastion.

What’s different about North Idaho College, however, is that local voters have more directly driven the change — and the results have been less ideological overhaul than organizational chaos.

Let me once again translate this from Hebrew to English. Because this is a grassroots effort, there is no Jordan Peterson-esque bullshit. They see the bad people, they want them gone, so they remove them. They see the bad policies, they want them gone, so they end them. They don’t waffle around and whine about the WokEsTerS being too mean to Israel and fall back to conservative trannies who like low taxes.

In Kootenai County, a magnet for conservative retirees from other states where Donald Trump won 70 percent of the vote in 2020, most public institutions and services are overseen by directly elected trustees. That means that Republican activists and voters, who increasingly see even once-benign institutional authorities as a threat to their values, are in a position to do something about it.

The clash over the college began in 2020 when, after the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, the school’s diversity council issued a statement expressing support for social justice demonstrations, including Black Lives Matter protests. The statement caught the attention of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.

I try not to point out every last little snuck in premise pushed by the WMD Liars, but they keep doing this so I keep having to repeat myself. They Wow, JUST Wow, at how these Rubes are so dumb that they think benign institutions are a threat to their values. In literally the next paragraph they talk about the Universities “diversity board,” publishing statements supporting BLM’s fiery, but mostly peaceful riots. 

That year, the committee began vetting and endorsing candidates for county board positions in what are technically nonpartisan elections.

There are no non-partisan elections in Weimerica. 

In the Coeur d’Alene Press, a committee precinctwoman accused the school of supporting a “radical, racist and Marxist organization” and “guilting white male students,” and urged county residents to vote for two candidates endorsed by the committee “to balance the N.I.C. Board” in the November election.

I could do without the Marxist stuff, since these butthole-leftists have largely abandoned the pretense of caring about workers. However, you can say whatever you want as long as you’re giving me results. 

The committee’s college trustee candidates both won. They formed an informal majority on the five-member board with a like-minded incumbent trustee, Todd Banducci, who had clashed on occasion with other trustees and the school’s administrators and staff.

In an email to a conservative student, Mr. Banducci wrote that he was “battling the N.I.C. ‘deep state’ on an almost daily basis,” and complained that “the liberal progressives are quite deeply entrenched.”

In a conversation after the election, Mr. Banducci chided Mr. MacLennan, then the college president, for his wife’s support for Hillary Clinton and told him that he would give him “marching orders,” according to Mr. MacLennan.

“My perspective was, you can’t do that,” Mr. MacLennan recalled. “It’s not going to work like that.”

This man told a BLM supporting butthole-leftist that he was going to get him fired. Then he did exactly that. 

This is what peak democracy looks like.

In January, he wrote a letter to the trustees expressing his concern over what he described as a pattern of behavior by Mr. Banducci, who had been privately censured by the board the year before following a report that a college staff member had felt “threatened and intimidated” by him. (Mr. Banducci did not respond to a request for comment regarding the incident.) In March, local human rights organizations filed a complaint with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the accreditation body, arguing that Mr. Banducci’s conduct had “severely violated” several criteria for accreditation.

Amazing how these human rights organizations have managed to never once go after the mass murder propagandists who lie us into wars. You’d think that mass slaughter of innocents is a human rights violation, but you’d be wrong. Instead it’s saying no to the Prolapse-Americans. If you don’t have AIDS, you don’t know what true human rights advocacy looks like.

“They were in the process of dismantling the institution,” said Tony Stewart, the secretary of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, which drafted the complaint.

Mr. Regan argued that Mr. Stewart’s organization, which formed in the 1980s to combat white supremacists who were active in Kootenai County, had strayed far from its mission.

“Were there human rights violations going on?” he said. “No.” He called the accreditation review a “political” process, “started by people who didn’t like the results of the election.”

Mr. Banducci’s bloc of trustees eventually fired Mr. MacLennan without cause, installing the school’s wrestling coach as interim president.

The wrestling coach!

A power struggle ensued, with the state education board at one point appointing several interim trustees who hired a new president. In the November 2022 election, candidates backed by the G.O.P. committee once again claimed a majority and replaced him, too.

The turnover has been cited by the accreditation body, along with several votes of no confidence in the trustees from the college faculty and student government, as a source of its concern. Sonny Ramaswamy, the commission president, declined to discuss the accreditation review, citing discussions with the school.

In November, Greg McKenzie, the current board chair, dismissed the prospect of losing accreditation as “Fake News” in a letter to constituents.

It is and it isn’t. They can threaten whatever they want. But you can always go up to their houses with shotguns and see how committed they are to the bit lawyer up and follow the rules to countersue or whatever. I highly doubt that accreditation bureaucracies have as much power as they think they do. 

But at the February meeting, as that loss suddenly seemed like a very real possibility, the trustees appeared somewhat chastened. Mr. McKenzie reminded the crowd that members of the accrediting commission were watching via livestream and asked attendees to help avoid the circuslike atmosphere of recent meetings. In January, Vincent James Foxx, a far-right antisemitic podcaster who lives in Kootenai County, took the microphone to offer the bloc of trustees his “100 percent support.” A December meeting was interrupted twice by fire alarms.

Not surprised to see this credit stealing fag show up. He is in the area after all. At least he’s possibly doing something good this time, unlike when he shared fake news about the drag queen being naked in Coeur D’Alene, which gave him some easy clicks at the expense of destroying any political momentum. Or when he put out retarded anti-RAM propaganda despite hanging out with them years prior.

At the meeting, Greg Green, a telecom entrepreneur and philanthropist, vowed to fund challenges to the committee-backed bloc of trustees in the next election, in particular Mr. Banducci. “I had no clue how bad things were,” said Mr. Green, a Republican.

This is what you get from (((Republicans))). They take action against you if you do anything at all about anti-White hate propaganda being taught in universities. The local Republican Party seems mildly supportive, but Todd Banducci was an independent, and the national or even state level GOP has zero support planned for these guys.

But the bloc has withstood one such challenge already. In November, the local chamber of commerce and a new political action committee called Friends of N.I.C. endorsed a slate of rival candidates for three open trustee seats. But a Republican committee-backed candidate won one of the three races, enough to recapture a majority.

Despite the complete lack of institutional support from Republicans, they have defeated the butthole-leftist challengers. This is what people actually want, and the hard part is winning that first election. Once you get elected the first time it becomes more normal for people to continue voting for you, both socially and also due to the first past the post system. Still, campaign funding and media help would be helpful, so rest assured, Der Ewige Republican will be funding the (((Greg Green))) approved challengers instead.

In interviews, students said the imminent threat of losing accreditation had caught the attention of a student body that had mostly tuned out the years of confusing power struggles.

Once again I remind you that there is literally zero justification for the threat of removing accreditation. They removed some butthole-leftists from running the University. It will now undoubtedly be better in every way. So I’d like to see these troons try. 

Either way, I love what I’m seeing from these guys. 

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  1. The University of Wyoming is super leftist and gay, all because some gay meth enjoyer named Mathew Shepard owed another gay meth enjoyer drug money, so he was beaten and tied up to a barb wire fence, the guy didn’t realize Mathew would die out there he was just trying to intimidate him into paying up. The media hyped it up as an anti-anal sex between men hate crime, and ever since the university of Wyoming may as well be called Mathew Sheppard university.

    There are some lolbergtarian teachers and that’s about as ‘based’ as it gets.

    I’m super jelly of Idaho right now. Wyoming has been Republican for like the entire history of the state, I don’t think democrats have won an election or won the vote in Wyoming in over 100 years. The people of Wyoming have of course received nothing in those 100 years; republicans usually buy unpopular party members a house in Wyoming that no local could ever afford, up in Jackson hole or something which they spend a month or so a year at, and then run them and of course they tend to win. It’s like Wyoming is a vassal state for DC republicans who couldn’t get elected anywhere else.

    1. I would also like to add that pretty much nobody from Wyoming can afford a nice place in Wyoming, like a ranch or something. We are a lot like Hawaii in the sense that locals end up leaving the state to go elsewhere because literal billionaires and Hollywood celebrities made the prices of property so high that you could never hope to own anything. I once saw 10 acres of sage brush with no farming capability and a bombed out looking trailer with no roof for 500k. You pretty much have to be a rich outsider to own something nice here, like Ye for example, one of the only outsiders I am happy to have since his truthful comments about Jews.

      1. Very insightful comments.

  2. The loss of accreditation threat would impact a student’s ability to receive a student loan. But other than that, accreditation is a joke. The fact that so many young people graduate from accredited institutions with joke degrees, and crippling loan debts is a testament to how rotten the system is. Oh, and their morbid dread of locals actually having a say over local education.

    1. Credentialism in general is a joke, at least in this society. Nevertheless, in some areas the credentials are required, so it’s a more serious threat than otherwise believed.

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