Capitol Hill Seattle:

The City of Seattle has ended its legal battle with a group of Capitol Hill property owners and businesses that claimed the city showed “deliberate indifference” over its handling of 2020’s CHOP occupied protest in what could be a multimillion dollar settlement over thousands of missing text messages from top officials including then-Mayor Jenny Durkan, her Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, and Seattle Fire Chief Scoggins.

Ah yes, the Capitol Hill LARP. One of the funniest, and yet most important events of the past half decade. 

I stand by everything I said in that piece I linked to above, but I originally forgot to mention the garden. Yes, what you see above is what these antifas had created as the agriculture for their new country. While enough food for a couple of salads slowly grew, they ordered food from America – a different country according to them – on their uncancelled credit cards. This was the true story of the birth of their great nation of CHAZ.

Antifa is the world’s most embarrassing terrorist organization. They are, with BLM, now also the world’s most embarrassing insurgents and seditionists. However, it’s the thought that counts, and they should all have been executed for treason.

Instead they were allowed to LARP for a few weeks before walking away.

The city has said Capitol Hill-based developer and property manager Hunters Capital was seeking $2.9 million in damages in the case while 12th and Pine’s Richmark Label is seeking $90,000 for lost business. Dollar totals for the other plaintiffs were not disclosed in the course of the multi-year legal fight after the lawsuit was first filed in June of 2020.

The Seattle Times was first to report the settlement.

UPDATE 2/17/2022: KOMO reports the city has agreed to pay $3,650,000 in the case — including $600,000 in legal fees.

Never forget that Antifa/BLM are the privileged golems of our (((Democracy Class))). But the legal system is still set up in such a way that, should you have enough money, you may be able to fight back in court. If you’re a normal person, good luck with that.

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  1. The treatment of these clowns vs the jan 6th protestors is the best example of hypocrisy ever.

    Also I wonder what would happen to a normal person if the EPA found out that they burnt some vinyl fluoride in a burn barrel on their land to get rid of it. I bet they’d throw the book at them. Yet the EPA advices the first responders to set the vinyl fluoride on fire release water, CO2 and HF. HF being released totally makes sense why people are coughing up blood. HF is strong enough to burn you to the bone, and toxic enough to stop your heart at the same time. If HF was getting in peoples lungs, from the massive burn off of Vinyl Fluoride which it was, that explains coughing up blood.

    It took me 2 second with my iphone to look it up and see that you wouldn’t want to do a combustion reaction of Vinyl Fluoride because you would release HF which is even worse. What is the excuse of all the scientists and experts at the EPA?

    1. HF is hydrogen fluoride, for those unaware. Expose it to water and you’ve got hydrofluoric acid.

      I believe the excuse for burning it off was that they were worried about an explosion if one of the containers was perforated. But yes, if you burn some vinyl fluoride on your own land I’m sure they’ll throw you in jail forever.

  2. >then-Mayor Jenny Durkan, her Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

    Absolutely insane to have women in those offices.

    At this point, I have zero respect for any man who votes for a woman — the problem with female officeholders is more than obvious — the few exceptions prove the rule.

    Of course many men are a problem too.

  3. […] City of Seattle Settles Deliberate Indifference Lawsuit After CHAZ Allowed to LARP for Weeks […]

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