In the days after the murderous Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre, which you can read about here, we predicted a mainstream propaganda followup that would take place in the following pattern. 

Kosher-Leftists: Ignore, downplay, don’t mention race, don’t cover victims.

Kosher-Rightists: Ignore almost as much, don’t mention race, blame DEMONrats, don’t cover victims. 

Syrian Girl compiled a fairly good collection of Kosher-Leftist responses, when they were actually bothering to talk about the anti-White terrorist attack in the first place. 

Even we weren’t really ready for (((CNN))) to print the following. 

You hear that Whitey/Goyim? A car did this… incident. There was a parade crash, and… a car… is responsible.

Reminder, Darrell Brooks was a BLM supporter who made multiple posts online talking about doing violence to White People. He explicitly referred to himself as a terrorist. Here is an article we wrote on him. Below is a picture of him..

And here is a video I made documenting his social media history.

Odysee version below. It doesn’t always embed as well.

But how did our prediction fare for the Kosher-Right? Well in my article I wrote on the DailyManlet Being Weird on Kenosha, which you can read here, I ctrl+f’d the Fox News website for “White,” “BLM,” and “terrorist,” and got zero results. And this was done just three days after the BLM terrorist attack that murdered 6 and injured 47 others, many of them children. 

Here’s what Fox Jews looks like today.

There is a grand total of two articles on the Waukesha BLM Massacre. The one below is the very last article on their main page, and  I clicked on it. This is what it looks like. You can read that article here.

I ctrl+f’d “white,” and was surprised to get four results. Then I found this was all in the comments. “black” returns no results. Neither do “BLM,” or “terrorist,” other than the comments. 

The other article is even more predictable. You can read it here.

Once again “white,” “black,” “BLM,” “terror,” all return no results except from the comments. The article itself is pure garbage, and is the definition of Finklethink. It’s short, and there is literally nothing more than “Look at these LibURalS who claim a car committed murder. Vote Republican.”  

The above isn’t an actual quote, but let’s check in with voting republican. I’m sure that’s going to-

Oh right, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson lectured White People on how we we’re getting too uppity with the BLM Massacre of White People in Waukesha. When he had to talk about it, which he’s stopped doing, he and lots of other Cuckservatives started bleating about “muh bail reform,” which is a fake issue designed to detract from the anti-White terrorist attack that has just occured.

So to recap it all, our predictions were pretty much spot on. Since an openly anti-White BLM activist murdering White People, including children, in a terrorist attack is a story that no amount of spin can possibly turn into good propaganda for Globo Homo Schlomo, they’re pulling out all the stops to get this covered up. Our job is to not let that happen, and part of that is the great work done by organizations such as NJP, who recently picketed outside of the Waukesha Courthouse protesting this anti-White terrorist attack. We covered that here.

There are other actions we can do to keep this anti-White BLM terrorist attack fresh in the minds of the public, such as petitions, demands for specific legal action, such as hate crimes, and many others. 

This article will keep track of further coverups by the media, and will be updated in the future.

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