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The pointing and laughing must continue until faggotry improves. As before, I want to show people in the wild shitting on Fuentes, so all these users are from KiwiFarms. I’ve tried to get the longest responses out of the way in this article, so the others can be a bit more snappy and catty.

High Tea,

More winning for Nick. Elijah Schaffer announced Nick Fuentes wunderkind replacement John Doyle was hired by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze conservative tv network. It could have been Lil Nickles. If only he hadn’t mixed meth, irony and catbois. Coveted CPAC spot filled.

There is something beyond satisfying about Nicky Fuentes getting the exact treatment from Cuckservatism that we got in 2017-19. John Doyle’s “optics,” are hilariously shitty, in terms of appeal to anyone who isn’t a soycuck.

It’s actually better that John Doyle is so amazingly shitty. He’s an uncharismatic manlet with beyond shit-tier takes on everything. His slogan, “Heck Off Commie,” seems perfectly designed to appeal to Enthusiastic Boomer Cuckservatives who want to pretend that he has appeal to young people because it makes them feel cool by osmosis.

He’s safe, reliable, and 100% guaranteed will never do something as “bad optics,” as advocating for White People, or really fighting against the powerful in any way. He even has a lisp and sucks at public speaking. 

But that’s okay, Nicky can still compete with him using his YouTube Account. I mean he’s the Optics King, so he’s definitely still got-

Wow Nick, you should have  just had better optics and then you could of been the next Doyle. God why are you such a bad optics Wignat? You deserved that. Fucking cringey lampshadocaust fact-checker. Next thing you’ll be actually having sex with a woman. So cringe.

Chris Chad,

I talk badly about Nick Fuentes because if a 5’5 homosexual manlet spic is supposed to be the savior of America, then the country deserves whatever will happen to it and it should summarily be swept into the dustbin of history. Nick Fuentes and his followers don’t want to do anything politically serious, they just want to live their lives in a state of arrested development, stuck in high school where they can gossip about people they don’t like, play videogames all night and listen to rap music while eating fast food. 

Are they Catholics? No, because they “ironically” jerk off to anime porn and think pursuing women to start a family is a bad thing and they openly advocate against associating with women at all. Are they White nationalists? No, because they’re led by a non-White and any silverback hood nigger who wears their hat is allowed in along with any other mystery meat mutt that represents the same genetic mix of their leader. Are they pro “traditional American culture”? No, because they idolize rap niggers and hispanics and listen almost exclusively to rap music and talk like they’re American negroes. Are they even trying to do anything for the millions of disaffected young men in America who see themselves surrounded by a culture and country that is hostile to their existence? Fuck no, they think you should sit inside, be a NEET and spend your entire day on meaningless bullshit like Twitter!

America First is a movement full of “terminally online” young men who don’t work, don’t have real life friends, and don’t contribute anything to the country, let alone their community. All of the people who have these things have moved on from Nick. This is why your “career” is doing a nosedive, Nick. Not because you were deplatformed, not because you were banned from Twitter, but because you’re not saying anything worth hearing anymore and you’ve utterly failed to create something anyone can believe in.

Imagine looking at this guy and thinking “yes, the savior of the White Race has arrived.”

Speaking of ugly manlets, one user found Andrew Anglin’s take on Fuentes. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the meth fueled manlet behind the DailyStormer. 

Andrew Anglin, 

When people ask me who in politics I support, my only answer is “Nick Fuentes.” If you watch some of the above videos, you will understand why.

Right now, the vax is the only issue that matters, so I’m very glad Nick is participating in these rallies. Anyone who says any other issue matters is simply distracting you – if we don’t escape this vaccine, the game is over. There is no future for the vaxed…

In the long term, we win outright because it is impossible to maintain this evil system indefinitely. We already see it cracking. The only thing any of us need to do is the right thing, and victory will be delivered unto us.

5’6 Andrew Anglin.

Why must all the beautiful tall people be against us? And don’t worry, we’ll have something written up on Andrew Anglin later, but we’re focusing on the AmNat crowd right now.

Seven !!!,

If AF is only preaching to boomers about the vaccine and is getting packed with “based” minorities now, what makes AF and Fuentes any different than TPUSA or Charlie Kirk? Has Nick even ranted about the Holocaust, Jews, or Israel since his StopTheSteal grift?

Well jews run his organization now, so probably not. Although it is amazing how, even after being banned he’s still a complete faggot who won’t talk about meaningful shit like the Lampshadocaust. He’s like the Worlds Least Important Controlled Opposition now that he doesn’t have an audience.


As PPP says, his messaging depends entirely on whatever is on his retarded Mexican mind that day. He’s “America First”, but says China is better than America. He is “against Jewish power”, but the finest people in the movement are Jewish. He’s “anti-degeneracy”, but has a history of defending pedos/deviants like Milo, Chaggot, and LatinoZoomer. He claims to be bringing back America to its glory days, but advocates for Catholic theocracy, despite the fact that America was founded by White Protestants. Says Jim Crow was preferable to what we have now, but listens nonstop to rap music and bends over backwards for blacks whenever he gets the chance.

I think it’s highly likely that his incessant cocaine use is a big reason why he changes his opinion every five seconds, as cocaine is known to cause intense mood swings.

BTW, this pic is from Stormfront. When those guys are making fun of you, it’s over.

Snickerdoodle, (warning, wall of text incoming).

There’s really no rationale behind dividing the movement and attacking wignats. There’s ultimately no logical reason Nick and Groypers shouldn’t see Striker or Woods as at the very least neutral compatriots or fellow travelers. Instead it is this constant and incessant relentless vitriol and inability to even remotely be charitable.

It doesn’t make any sense politically. Just don’t comment on them. Ignore them. That’s what Tucker and Trump did to Nick Fuentes, they pretend he doesn’t exist. I’m sure Trump probably wanted to call him a Nazi and Holocaust denying bigot and anti semite, but he decided to be silent. Why attack people who are ultimately voting for you and fighting a common enemy?

The notion that wignats and Groypers don’t have common enemies and concerns is just objectively wrong, they share concerns that are unique to them and are not shared by most of the rest of the political spectrum. For a movement that is already marginalized and underground it makes little sense to pick faggoty fights when you can just shut your faggot mouth and be a decent actor in a common political struggle.

Instead Nick cozies up to weirdos like Milo and Q tards and what are basically meth addled criminals in Chaggot and Chicken Andy. Of course, those people aren’t wiggers or subhumans. Or Gunt with his illegitimate kid. It’s laughable. Say what you will about those people, but they’re clearly fucking wiggers of the lowest order.

But no it’s Striker and Keith Woods and Borzoi who are worthless bad actors. I’m not a huge fan of TRS but their content has been consistently intelligent on and off and even if it’s not sometimes, it is definitely VASTLY higher quality than anything you’ll see on 95% of the time.

There’s no reason for Nick and Beardson to act like kikes and appoint themselves the deciders of who is and isn’t kosher and “really in the movement” but they do. And it’s likely that they are and always have been some kind of controlled opposition to defang the passion and radicalism of the movement and make it weak, controlled, and ultimately castrated of its potential to actually do anything of real authentic meaning.

If they aren’t controlled op, I would be surprised. The radicalism and ultimately the sincerity and authenticity that has been the beating heart of the movement the last ten years seems to be absent, repressed, and called “cringe” as a manner of gatekeeping it and controlling it into a digestible, kosher transmutation. That’s why I ultimately reject it. It might appear to be successful as a tactic but on closer inspection you start to sense it’s a slow controlled cooption of the movement, removing its original vital essence and replacing it with gay Halloween Merch and Jewish Groypers telling you sonnenrads aren’t funny.

I’m sure Fuentes really does fill Milo’s gap. Or maybe Milo fills Fuentes’ gap. Who knows, maybe it goes both ways. But yeah, Fuentes obviously was a bad actor. And anyone with a twitter account is a controlled op.

If you looked at “optics,” from the perspective of politics, it doesn’t make any sense. If you looked at it from the perspective of a grifter getting rid of competition like TRS, it makes perfect sense.

Fuentes has to attack Striker, Keith Woods, and TRS guys, and make sure to slander them as Feds, or Wignats. Whatever keeps his paypiggies in line and sending him shekels instead of… reading Striker’s content that he puts out for free. His business model is to have an audience to get superchats and donations from. He doesn’t do show to do politics, unlike TRS guys.


Nick will shit on white women but those white woman jurors who voted to acquit Kyle have done more to fight ZOG than he ever will.

Family Guy Reference,

Fuentes thinks he can change the narrative to whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and that puts him in scenarios like this where a newer narrative is in conflict with an older one. It’s a classic example of a liar telling so many lies he can’t remember them all. He can rationalize it because groypers are either retarded and don’t notice it, or drank so much of the cool-aid that they ignore it.

Nick Fuentes thinking his ever dwindling audience is a bunch of extremely low quality retards is like, his one and only true belief. A serious audience would not put up with 1/1000th of the shit this whiny, effeminate, backstabby, catty homo video game streamer politics LARPer. 

I mean the guy in the middle brought his hentai pillow for fuck sakes. 

If that was my audience I’d probably make it my mission to grift them out of every dime just like Fuentes. Imagine thinking a guy who doesn’t just buy a hentai body pillow, but actually has the insane lack of social awareness to bring his little waifu pillow with him to a public conference and pose with it for pictures, is a really serious guy ready to take on the American Empire.

CoolGuy1488, (on Fuentes’ constant twitter bans). 

Holy shit each ban he gets less followers each time from 10k to barely 500 I cant wait to see leaked video of jayden getting domesticed by nick from how irrelevant hes becoming. I can hear it now “YOU THINK IM A FUCKING LOSER DONT YOU?!” *smack* “YOU THINK IM FUCKING CRINGE JAYDEN?!” “N-No Nick bab-” *Smack* “DONT YOU FUCKING CALL ME THAT YOU FUCKING FAG”

Somewhere else in that thread they were talking about which America Fister is gonna troon out first. These guys were honestly always too gay for me to watch, but the smart money is apparently on Jaden McNeil. 

UPDATE: This aged poorly.

I can see it. Either way I think we can all agree that them turning into trannies is about 10,000x more likely than them winning elections.

Later they make a lot of comments on why Fuentes keeps humiliating himself by making ever smaller twatter accounts only to get banned faster and faster. To make that clear, his last account as of this writing did not even last 96 hours.

But there are lots of people on, a twitter competitor, so why couldn’t Fuentes just use that? The technology, while not as good as twatter, works just fine, and he could build a strong audience on there. 

Cocktimus Prime, 

He cant because fedi would eat him alive. I think fuentes was considering it but then ralph got ran off of it. Ralph didnt last 24 hours on fedi if fuentes made his own instance he’d have blocked the entire fedi within a day and itd be worthless because everyone hates him from the wignats on poast to terfs on spinster he would get ran off within a day and he knows it. Fucking pussy

Salubrious Hog,

Awsome, that confirms he’s all talk and no bite. what a fucking pussy. He’d literally rather be on a place where he can’t maintain a following and gets aggressively censored than go on an actual censorship free, genuinely free speech platform just because he knows he’d get fucking clowned for it. that is exceptionally fucking childish.


These worthless grifters aren’t pro-free-speech, they are just pro-their-speech. If they can flick a switch and make dissenters disappear, or have violence induced upon them, they’ll do it, even if the violence is coming from groups they dislike such as ANTIFA and BLM.

Twitter is ironically their best platform since only diehards will follow them and dogpile on any pesky a-logs.

A-Log is internet slang. It means displaying excessive hatred to someone or something. And I would not be surprised even in the slightest if Fuentes was getting his followers to mass report alt-right accounts way back in the day. 

Whether he did or did not, this fucking faggot openly celebrated when “Cringe Wignats,” sorry let me fix that, “Cringe heterosexuals,” were getting banned. He really wouldn’t be able to make it on a free speech platform, for all he whines about censorship, because TRS guys and others would MOG the shit out of him. 

Above is one of the TRS guys, Mike Peinovich, at a recent rally in Waukesha protesting the lack of anti-White hate crime or terrorist charges for the BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks. We covered that story here.

Just compare these guys and how normal and approachable they seem with Nick Fuentes. The below video is from his “White Boy Summer,” road trip done summer 2021.

Nick, you’re inside, take your sunglasses off.

I am consistently thunderstruck by Fuentes and what a complete and utter faggot he is, constantly. Judging by the comments under that video, I am not alone in my heterosexuality.  

Oh and keep in mind, that’s BitChute. These aren’t Antifa types brigading on YouTube.

Fuentes should be thought of as the kind of guy who could only succeed in precisely the conditions that were created for him by better more interesting people. TheRightStuff, James Allsup, Jazzhands McFeels, Peter Molyneaux, Alt-Hype, and even the DS back when it wasn’t amazingly shitty. All of these predecessors built the audience and rhetoric that Fuentes was essentially handed on a platter by Google/Twitter/Facebook/Etc, when they banned all the aforementioned content creators but not him. 

Hell, even though he’s a grifter Milo Yiannopoulos actually had some amount of political productivity. He’s probably the purest example of censorship being about efficacy over message. Even though Milo was a Cuckservative Gatekeeper, he started getting a massive following and would occasionally cause serious rhetoric problems by saying things like “I’m a gay jew, why wouldn’t I support no muslim immigration?”

And this causes problems for Globo Homo Schlomo, because there actually isn’t any good answer other than “this hurts White People Milo, get with the program.” So even though Milo objectively had great “optics”, being a gay jew who talked about “sucking miles of black cock,” he still got censored from twitter early in 2016. Nick made it to 2021. Because he’s more of a faggot than Milo.

If you just want a catty homosexual why not go for the real deal?

The felting continues.

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