New Semitism just dropped.

And I’m pretty offended at how unfunny it is. A transcript right from the beginning. The lines are delivered by the (((elf))), Sarah Silverman.

“When you’re a kid there’s only one day a year more special than any other day, and that day is Christmas. And we are the magic behind that day.

So let’s get these fucking kids some fucking presents.”

I just love how the music stops after the first line, and we prepare for the funny. And we’re all supposed to just sit back and go “Holy smokes, Sarah Silverman really went there. She… swore in a video in 2021. How can she keep getting away with it?”

The rest of the video is a collection of (((humour))), and I’m honestly wondering if jews have no actual sense of humour. There’s just so much nepotism in (((Hollywood))) that you get Literally Never Funny kikesses like (((Sarah Silverman))) being put in charge of multimillion dollar HBO projects. So maybe there are some jews that are actually funny, but because they’re 50x over-represented you would never know because you’re still dealing with Sarah “I like Pee” Silverman.

Oh, you like pee Sarah? Wow that’s such a funny thing to say. I think it’s funny that more jew children have, through abortion, been murdered in your womb than in Auschwitz.

Do you see what I just wrote, and the above image? That’s what actually funny shock humour is like. It’s where you say things that are actually funny, and make people guiltily laugh at what you just said.

It’s not professing your love of pee and swearing, you unfunny hack.

The video continues with Seth Rogan playing Santa. He’s not funny either. Nothing that happens is funny, and at one point they make sure you know this is brought to you by the (((unfunny people))) behind Sausage Party.

Alright let’s take a look at who specifically is behind this production.

Holy Dreidel Schlomo, was this written in a Synagogue? There’s more heebs here than a 10 square foot Auschwitz Shower Room Insecticide Chamber.

There’s this next part which I transcribed.

(((elf))): “Good news sir, more American kids believe in you than they do in vaccines or the Holocaust.”

Santa: “That’s great, I mean disheartening for America, but great for us.”

More unfunny bits reveal that Santa Claus is retiring, so they need a new one. Since there’s been no non-White santa, it’s assumed that this is a problem by the (((elves))) and then the hook-nosed elf plots for getting itself to be the new Santa.

The laugh factory continues as we see the characters humourly overusing the term “bitch.”

God these jews are just so funny. It’s a shame we’re going to force them all to climb tall trees before Murderous Aryan Lumberjacks cut the trees down so the jews all fall to their deaths. But we’re not going to have enough material for our Do It Yourself Ikea Furniture Sets without their little jew bones, so it’s the only way.

Anyway, it’s reiterated that Santa being White and Male is a Serious Problem that Needs Being Solved. More unfunny things happen. There’s more crude vulgarity from the ovenable jew writers, and then it mercifully ends.

Needless to say it has not been a hit with the goyim. The comment section is absolutely ripping the elves to shreds. Some others laugh at YouTube disabling dislikes to “help small content creators.”

These were just the top, and remember that YouTube has extremely strict auto-censoring of comments.

Frankly, we might have to actually pirate and watch this for more content.

UPDATE: Silverman makes it explicit that elves == jews.

UPDATE: Comment section and other comments are just too absurdly based to ignore.

UPDATE: Reddit chimes in.

UPDATE: It just keeps happening, and we’re up to 30k dislikes and 1.3k likes.

UPDATE: Apparently a 100k subscriber Borderlands 2 Let’s Play streamer is in there spitting fire.

You love to see it.

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    I’m Lovin It

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