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On the Elves and Their Lies…

Many of you know about (((Santa Inc))), the unfunny and anti-White new garbage video producte put out by Hebrew Box Office. You may have read our article on this, but since then a few things have happened.

Whitey got the jew Seth Rogen so assblasted he put out the above tweet. Then he realized what a bad look it was, and deleted it. 

Then some guy named “The Critical Drinker,” who has this gimmick of pretending to be an alcoholic, reviews the trailer. It’s only a 4 minute long video, and from what I can tell of both this video, and Drinker more broadly, he’s sort of like “normal person, but not political.”

Starting at 3:04, there’s this great monologue where he does a very subtle “hmmm, I wonder,” as he monologues about who could possibly enjoy this type of thing. It’s a subtle enough German Shepard Whistle, but I heard ya Mr. Drinker. 

Remember, everybody knows about Schlomo, and anyone trying to tell you otherwise is simply lying. And speaking of those jews.


These Schlomo’s got so assmad that they shut down comments on the original video, but The Critical Drinker didn’t, and it’s glorious.

In fact, it’s even better than being 100% our goys. Unlike the first video, which was about 95% explicitly Uppity Goyim, this one feels more like 25% Uppity Goyim, and 75% Normal Goyim going “WTF is this shit?” but not pushing back on us at all.

This is actually better because it means our Extremely Naughty Goy message gets normalized even more. And the context of the exceedingly unfunny kikes responsible makes this completely indefensible from the perspective of any artistic value. 

Oh, and it’s explicitly anti-White, so Cuckservatives are going to have a much harder time getting out in front of this. 

I reuploaded this video to our BitChute channel. It’s not mine, but I’m sure the twatter account it came from is not going to be around very much longer. It also has a great collection of comments.

Beyond that, while the vast majority of POL had the right understanding of this, I did see a few absolutely retarded takes like below.

Oh yeah I’m sure jews everywhere are really happy that their anti-White and anti-Christian hate propaganda is being called out as being specifically jew, and not finklethinked away with “muh DEMONrat,” garbage. Nothing makes the ADL happier than Uppity Goyim naming them in the comments section, that’s why they try their hardest to do mass censorship.

Weird, I was over here thinking that these Schlomo’s got so absolutely assmad that they shut down the comments section. 

Oh right, I thought that, because it is that.

The entire idea that jews don’t constantly do stupid shit needs to die a fiery, painful death. As the TRS goys can attest, (((Roberta Kaplan))) is this poorly spoken and entirely unimpressive little hobbit who sucks at being a lawyer, but has racial/political connections. These are unimpressive people, who can only succeed through illegitimate racial nepotism.

No no goyim jews getting absolutely rekt on a product they spent millions of dollars on, destroying both current and future earnings and raising Uppity Goyim Levels Internationally is secretly good because *insertRetarded4DChessReasonHere, idiot!

I hope the non-retarded are enjoying the W.

I for one, am tired of these hooked nosed beady eyed elves with dual citizenship to the South Pole who keep pushing an anti-Santa agenda. They must be stopped.

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  1. This just made my day.

  2. This just made my day.

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