This couldn’t be more timely, as I recently had yet another flareup of Hardcore Aryan Warriors on Telegram aggressively chastising anyone for supporting Hamas, using the term “shitskin” about five times per post. I came to this a bit late, and vanned everyone involved, but these types just keep coming back, like Herpes. You’d think that every single “far-left” Government in the Western world bending over backwards to support the genocide state of Israel would send them the right message, but apparently not.

The gist of the argument was the complete and utter non-sequitur that, since zionists control levers of power in our own countries, we shouldn’t care about Israel. It’s an argument that is designed to thunderstrike the recipient with its blazing stupidity. It is the equivalent of saying “we’re fighting a war against some nation, so we shouldn’t be happy if half their military is destroyed, since they still have the other half.” 

Israel is a genocidal racial supremacist state. Since it’s so unimportant, I’m sure our extreme left wing Government here in Canada will have no trouble passing hardcore sanctions against it, just like they did with Russia.

Anchor: We’ll return now to that vote in the house of commons, as MPs voted to pass an amended version of the NDP motion on the Israel-Hamas war. Liberal moved the amendment late in the night, changing some key points on the motion, including no longer calling for the Government to officially recognize Palestinian statehood.

The best part about this “anti-Israel” legislation is that it already didn’t do anything. Even still, the “left wing” Liberals made sure to remove any language that might make it rhetorically inconvenient for the Jews to racially cleanse the Palestinian Goyim off their land and steal it for themselves.


Defence Minister Bill Blair said Thursday that despite this week’s drama over a divisive House of Commons vote calling for an end to future arms exports to Israel, the Commons-approved motion doesn’t change Canada’s approach to the file at all.

“We haven’t changed,” he told CBC’s Power & Politics Thursday. “I would characterize this as a continuation of existing government policy.”

Most Liberal MPs, including cabinet ministers, joined the NDP in backing a motion Monday calling for an end to new export permits for arms bound for Israel. The motion was heavily amended by the Liberals before going to a vote.

But confusion over what the motion actually does in practice has been growing in the days since — with some groups arguing it amounts to an arms embargo and others saying it simply reinforces business as usual.

Confusion has not been growing. No one in Ottawa, except maybe some clueless and unimportant MPs, is unaware as to what this bill does, which is precisely nothing. It’s theater put on by the butthole-left to pretend like they’re going to be stopping weapons shipments to Israel, when even the unadulterated version of the bill focused only on “new weapons permits,” meaning that any old contracts would continue in perpetuity.

The NDP drew some red lines in the sand, one of which being that the Canadian Government had to officially recognize Palestinian statehood. Then the “left wing” Liberals decided that they weren’t doing that, and the NDP immediately folded.


Anchor: When we spoke yesterday you mentioned you had a couple of red lines in your motion. Recognition of Palestinian statehood and the ban on military exports at the top of that list. So why did you agree to vote for something that removed the immediate recognition of statehood?

NDP MP Heather McPherson blathers on for over a minute not answering the question, and referring to Hamas’ strike on Israel as “a terrorist attack.” It’s a waste of my time to transcribe all of her non-speak, so I’m skipping ahead more than a minute here where she gets even worse.

Anchor: Okay I want to talk about the arms exports in a second, but sticking with this question about the recognition of statehood. It was a red line when we spoke around this time yesterday, and then within a couple of hours there’s a compromise amendment. How do you go from redline to compromise in 120 minutes or so?

NDP MP Heather McPherson: You know for me it was listening to the community, and this uh entire process the the reason we brought this motion forward the reason why we had a debate which by the way is a historic debate we have never debated peace in the middle east between Israel and Palestine in the House of Commons in Canada so even having this debate it was always about centering those who are most affected, that we were listening to Palestinians that we were listening to people who had experience on what is happening on the ground. 

You know I met with doctors who talked about what they saw on the ground. I’ve spoken to human rights uhmmm workers I’ve spoken to humanitarian workers just to make sure we’re listening. So for us, when we went back to the community and said ‘we don’t think this is going to go’ you know we had walked away. The the New Democrats had walked away because we had not gotten the language that we had needed to see. The community had said ‘can you please move forward on those things that will help Palestinians right now.’

We have thirteen thousand Palestinian children that have been killed in this war. We have innocent people that have lost their lives in this war. The bloodshed needs to end. There are things that the Canadian Government can do right now that are urgent, and we have time to be able to move forward on the Palestinian statehood.

I have a private members bill that is in the House. I will be moving forward making sure that we have those debates, have those conversations. I have never understood how a Government can say ‘we support a two state solution,’ without recognizing the existence of two states. 

To put it bluntly, this is not how real politics is done. This is fake, pretend politics. This is a politician doing a song and dance to explain why they won’t do what their supporters want.

McPherson pretends that her private members bill means something, when she knows damn well it won’t go anywhere. It’s a classic method of drawing out the process, to get the peasants to tire of the whole thing and stop paying attention. She also knows why the Canadian Government claims to support a two state solution, yet doesn’t recognize the Palestinian state. That’s because it’s better optics than saying “we support Jews slaughtering the Goyim and stealing their land.” When it actually matters, they’ll do what Schlomo wants, and the NDP will happily fold while pretending that their own base told them to.

By the way, Canada only ships an insignificant $21 million of military equipment to Israel per year. Shutting that down means next to nothing. What should be happening is a total embargo of Israel, coupled with Israel cheerleaders being thrown in front of “human rights tribunals,” and sent to jail. If “leftists” were serious, they’d declare the flag of Israel a hate symbol and use the institutions that already exist to punish zionists to the maximum extent of the law.

Whining about a tiny amount of military sales is taking 99% of the fight off the table. However, as insignificant as that is, their (((owners))) don’t feel like giving the butthole-left even symbolic victories, and the “representatives” on “the left” don’t feel particularly bothered about losing even even these meaningless battles.

The Globe And Mail:

The federal government’s decision to support an NDP motion on the Israel-Hamas war has sown confusion within the Liberal caucus and the NDP over what Canada’s official foreign policy is on arms exports to Israel.

On the way into their Liberal caucus meeting on Wednesday, MPs had different conclusions about what the government agreed to when cabinet voted for a motion that included a call for Canada to “cease the further authorization and transfer of arms exports to Israel.”

Ontario Liberal MP Chandra Arya said he believed it meant Canada would implement an arms embargo with Israel, while B.C. MP Patrick Weiler said he thought it maintained the status quo policy not to approve new permits. Manitoba MP Ben Carr said he was hoping to get more clarity during the Liberal caucus meeting.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims, an advocacy group, also said it believed the motion led to an arms embargo.

However, two government sources said Canada has not imposed an arms embargo on Israel.

The Globe is not naming the sources because they were not authorized to comment on the matter.

An arms embargo is a sanction that is aimed at preventing weapons and military equipment from leaving or reaching a targeted country, according to the federal government’s website. Such an embargo is currently applied to dictatorships like North Korea, Iran and Iraq.

A statement from Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly’s office said that export permits to Israel approved up until Jan. 8 remain in effect. Her office said suspending all open permits would “have important implications for both Canada and its allies.”

Our “allies” means the genocide state of Israel. She uses the term “our allies,” as obfuscation.

The government sources said Canada would continue to accept applications for new permits to export military goods to Israel. However, they cautioned, Ottawa will not be approving any for the time being because officials feel they are unable to verify whether these exports might violate human rights.

Canada does not typically export full weapons systems to Israel, but does export military end-use components on an annual basis, valued in the tens of millions of Canadian dollars. Waterloo, Ont.-based Project Ploughshares, an arms-control advocate, says by its count Canadian companies exported more than $21-million in defence equipment to Israeli customers in 2022, the latest year with complete data.

We see another example of McPherson’s political theater below. 

Ms. McPherson, who agreed to the government’s changes to the motion on Monday that dramatically softened it, called on Ms. Joly to explain why the country is allowing any arms transfers after the Monday vote.

Don’t worry Goy, this bitch is gonna get to the bottom of this. I mean she’s out there, calling on other people to explain why the bill her party wrote is so toothless. I think at this point the Liberal political party must be about three seconds away from complete collapse. 

In short, the zio-left continues, without fail, to stab their own supporters in the back on economic issues and foreign policy. If this seems familiar to anyone hoping for servatives to give us anything on domestic policy, that’s because it’s the exact same gameplan and execution they use against us. 

Speaking of coming back like herpes, Andrew “the Queer” Scheer is back as opposition house leader. I learned that he was given this title by Poilievre in 2022, so I guess this isn’t news. His job is to be absolutely outraged that the genocide state of Israel is literally not having anything tangible done to it. 

I have to give them credit. Politics being this totally fake and controlled really does discourage people from paying attention. 

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  1. Hey shekel-stein: go watch the old Dr. Who episode “the Sun Makers” right now and enjoy the snivelling dweeb planet run by a guy who looks exactly like the nefarious rat-skeller (my new word)… it includes people saying things like “did you not know the death tax was increased last week?” … “you have been approved to work the longer 20 hour shifts to pay for it…” after a guy’s dad dies… money is called “TALMARS”…. ETC I wont give it all away..

    Good post, I come here twice a week mainly for the great article titles … Hehe.

  2. These “muh shitskin” BAP types are clearly astroturfing newfags who don’t even know about William Pierce and other 1.0 figures and how much they brought up Palestine as a parallel struggle against the same oppressor. Or, more likely, they do know and are aware of how important it is to steer online discourse away from the mark. The chaffing is so shitty and dumb now you have to imagine they ran out of regular Hasbara trolls and are resorting to hiring Indians.

    As a side note, as much as my Gaza newsfeed has been basically just a depressing cycle of Jews finding creative new ways to be evil followed by feckless condemnations and enabling by my cowardly, pissant, Ziohomo government, the whole thing has actually been my one ray of hope in the wake of the TRS/NJP implosion. I’ve never seen so many people wake up so fast to the JQ or so many hoax narratives collapse so quickly and publicly. Normal, everyday people are not only realizing how irredeemable Israel is, they’re discovering the connections it has within our own governments and societies and to the broader plutocracy, corruption and decline everyone’s been feeling for the last twenty years (and more sharply in the last five) but couldn’t quite point the finger at. Now our explanations just click and make sense. Before there was room for the pretense of real debate in media and government, now every shabbos goy has to make sure he’s visibly serving Israel and only the retarded or evil can pretend this is not happening. Normal people are, as the seasoning police say, too “exhausted” to care about Shlomo’s feelings anymore.

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