Once again our glorious shabbos heebs are doing the jobs that the goyim refuse to do.

As can be seen with our fancy new Chrome Extension that shows the dislikes again, they are doing a fine job making sure the jews actually do get put into ovens this time.

This episode is a gift exchange. Our two ovenworthy heebs start by exchanging gifts. First, Sarah gives Seth “does it smell like insecticide in here” Rogen some gelfilte fish. Just kidding, she gives him mistletoe. Because in her words:

“No better way to celebrate Jesus’s birthday than forcing someone to kiss you.”

My sides, you curly haired elves. My sides exploded from the laughter I had at the thought of shoving you onto a rollercoaster that went directly into an oven. Absolute mad lads these two.

And the laughs just keep on coming with Sethy giving Silverheeb her gift.

It’s a cross, and Sarah “I’d be quieter if my head was on a stick” Silverberg expresses her love for her gift. In fact, she states it’s going to look great with all her other crosses.

But Sethy and Saraheeb are both jews. There’s something about this situation that seems a little fishy.

Oh my god! I just realized that we haven’t hooked them up to masturbation machines and turned them into lampshades yet. What a hilarious oversight!

Then the two Christkillers move on to some absolutely scintillating small talk over who did what last lent. Or was it two lents ago, as they do small talk over which stores have the best selection of crosses.

Wait a damn minute here. Heebs, crosses, lent, electrified floors.


We need to send them all the summer camps for Schlomo, give them three meals a day, clean water, a roof over their heads, and medical treatment, all to prevent them from dying. Then, at the summer camps that we know through premonition will be captured by the Communist Chinese, we need to murder them all by burying them up to their necks in sand and forcing them to shit all over each others elf faces until they suffocate in the elf shit. Or maybe having Golden Retrievers nibble their elf penises off as part of our elf sterilization plan.

Thanks Heebs.

All hail honorary Aryan jews Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, doing their best work as undercover shabbos heebs to make the rest of the goyim hate jews so much that we turn them all into bars of jew soap, or maybe bodywash.

And we’ve got two more parts to go.

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  1. How exciting for them and their careers to be the public shame of their bloodlines! This probably raised more awareness to the JQ in the end than i could have in the next five years. I actually can’t believe the design for the elves were so blatant, breaking suite with hiding behind our image forever. It reminds me of the new Ghostbusters which doesn’t have a single white cast member introduced besides the mom who is an obvious blonde villain. Even the stupidest of whites will begin to notice somethings different in this shift of representation.

  2. These kikes are disgusting.
    Hans, get the gas.

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