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YouTube vs BitChute For Our Channel – Interesting Numbers

I wrote a little while back about getting censored from YouTube. We had one of our videos taken down for “hate speech.” You can read all about that here.

Our video channels exist so we can embed videos onto our site, since often long videos are technically impractical to upload directly to this site, and affect the sites performance.

Since Odysee doesn’t embed properly, at least right now, we’re stuck with YouTube and BitChute.

Above is one of three short videos I uploaded showing the PF demonstration in Washington, DC. I wrote the corresponding article here. I embedded the BitChute videos into that article, but then I decided to upload all three videos to our YouTube channel, because I wanted to see what happens.  

Well what happened was the videos overnight became the most watched videos on our channel. I’m not entirely sure why. The other video I put up at almost the same time, with PM Justin Trudeau telling 4 year olds to schedule their vaxx appointments on their birthday, no really, only has a few dozen views.

In contrast, above is our BitChute channel. The PF videos have roughly 2-3% the views, but the Trudeau video has about 3x more views on BitChute than YouTube. 

I can only speculate as to the reasons. In fact, I don’t even know if someone clicking play on an embedded video from our website counts as a view as far as YouTube or BitChute is concerned. 

Still, one way or another, this sort of mini version of going viral is only possible on YouTube, at least without outside advertisement. As for how specifically this happened, we’re not sure.

Maybe we reached the point where we got just enough clicks to start getting in people’s recommended videos. Maybe people were searching Patriot Front on YouTube far more than BitChute. Maybe it was something else. Who knows?

For us not of the utmost concern, because our channel exists to embed videos for articles, as mentioned earlier. I just thought it was interesting to see, once again, why they need to censor us. Our content is what the people want, but BitChute and these alt-platforms, are to a large extent echo chamber walled gardens that plenty of normal people, who would be ecstatic to see us, do not ever touch. 

I’d already run some numbers for previous videos that I put on both channels, such as the above video. The BitChute version of this video has just over 1/3rd the views as our YouTube channel. The other videos we put out on this event, such as the one on Darrell Brooks, the BLM Waukesha Terrorist, only has about 1/8th the views as the YouTube version.

Those numbers are skewed, because I used the YouTube versions in my articles, and those articles are by far the most viewed articles we have written thus far for Hyphen-Report, with this one, on the gloating of BLM/Antifa types after the BLM Waukesha Massacre, getting over 10,000 views.

So basically, if you don’t go viral, you’ll get roughly similar BitChute and YouTube views, meaning within an order of magnitude. If you do go viral, you could easily have 100x the views on YouTube than BitChute.

I bring this all up, because the above rat is the reason why we can’t just make some YouTube vids, do heavy marketing, and start getting millions of views. Outcompeting Fox News, CNN, or whomever is trivially easy on a level playing field, which is why we will never get a level playing field, so long as the above Schlomo calls the shots. 

Never let some sperg on the internet pretend that the things we say aren’t popular. They censor us because they have to. 

Getting out in front of average, everyday people is going to take work, but the hard part is not creating a compelling message that people want to hear. After all, the best propaganda is the truth.

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