We recently wrote about the US boycott of the Beijing Olympic games. That’s a pretty bold move, to be willing to upset all the expecting athletes and fans who want to see the best of the best compete against each other.

Except that actually they just… didn’t do that. Instead they decided to not send the purple haired tranny government bureaucrats, as if anybody gave a single fuck.

Well now apparently Canada’s Most Homosexual Thought Leader Justin “only in college” Trudeau is doubling down on “Chyyyna bad.” 

I’ve got to say, this little queer really annoys me when he talks. It’s always annoyed me that false “let’s put on our serious voice/face right now and talk really slowly,” affectation. Although it is somewhat comical that he’s trying to pull some gravitas for ultimately just… not sending any boy hungry pedophile government officials into China.


But let’s avoid that for now, and ask ourselves a simple question. How many children need to be murdered by jew nationalists in the jew ethnostate of occupied Palestine as part of explicit racial cleansings done by jews holding up signs saying “Death to Arabs,” and “Kill them all,” before Daddy Was Prime Minister is going to condemn the jew ethnostate for “muh human rights violations”?

Well we had 232 goyim, 65 of them children, just last May, and tens of thousands since the creation of the jew ethnostate, but I’m sure it’s just a few more and our privileged class will start boycotting muh Israel.

Any second now.

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