For the backstory in the Gabriel “Zeiger” Sohier Chaput case read this and this. In short, it’s bullshit, and he should be completely supported. Having said that, he also serves as a great example of why the “sure I’ve been bad but here’s some legal technicality I can get off on please be nice I’m a cuck now,” defense never works. That continues today with the judge, Manlio Del Negro, seething at the prosecution for recommending only three months in jail. 

CTV News:

A jail sentence of just three months for a man convicted of promoting hatred against Jews could trivialize the crime, a Quebec court judge said Wednesday as he questioned the Crown’s sentencing recommendation.

Judge Manlio Del Negro said he worries the three-month sentence followed by probation recommended by both the prosecution and the defence doesn’t reflect the seriousness of the crime committed by Gabriel Sohier Chaput, who was once one of the main writers for a neo-Nazi website.

“With respect, the sentence that you’re suggesting trivializes the crime,” Del Negro told the two lawyers in a Montreal courtroom.

He repeatedly asked why prosecutor Patrick Lafrenière — who agreed that the crime was a serious one — had recommended a lower sentence than those imposed in similar cases.

Probably because the case was entirely ridiculous. It hinged on Chaput’s call for “total nazism on the streets,” as a direct call for violence towards Heebkind. Three seconds would be too long of a punishment. Frankly, Chaput should have won a medal.

The judge then cited several cases where sentences of six months or a year had been imposed.

Yes, the judge is lecturing the Crown because they’re not asking for enough punishment for the naughty Goy. This would be like the owners and players in the NHL sitting down to a mediated contract dispute, and the mediator starts lecturing the owners for not demanding enough Dakka before making the players play for minimum wage. 

We are reaching levels of cartoonish bias here that shouldn’t even be possible, and it’s not the first time this has happened. I myself sat in on the Trial of Rob Hoogland, and the cunt judge, Michael Tammen, spent 40 minutes seething about “Our Democracy” to Rob Hoogland, ignored the Crown’s request of 30 days, and even ignored the legal maximum punishment, and sentenced him to half a year in jail. Eventually that got overturned on appeal, but it was eye opening seeing firsthand how the robed dictators can just decide, via fiat, that they’re going to start dishing out arbitrary punishment.

Sohier Chaput was convicted of wilful promotion of hatred in late January in connection with an article he wrote for the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. While Sohier Chaput was only charged with promoting hatred in connection with a single article, he wrote more than 800 pieces for the site.

Defence lawyer Antonio Cabral said his client is a changed man who is no longer involved with online neo-Nazis and is working to improve himself.

FFS, not this bullshit again. Never do this. Please, for the love of God, don’t make this argument, and don’t get a lawyer who makes this argument. Antonio Cabral isn’t Zeiger’s first lawyer, but what’s the point in replacing them if they continue using this losing strategy?

But Del Negro questioned the claim, saying that a pre-sentencing report dated May 11 found Sohier Chaput’s views hadn’t changed.

See? It’s almost like the judge is a political activist and you’re being politically persecuted. Calling for mercy is just showing weakness, and removes any downsides from them collecting your scalp. 

As an aside, this experience has really aged Gabriel Sohier-Chaput. He’s put on weight, and that hairline is receeding with the velocity of an F1 car. I don’t say this as a chirp, rather to highlight the immense stress that this lawfare has put him under. 

Probation officer Gabrielle Boulanger-Dumont wrote in the report that in her interview with Sohier Chaput he maintained — as he had in court — that the articles used humour and exaggeration and that his readers wouldn’t find them to be a call for hate.

She said he claimed the writings were intended to make the prevailing discourse in society less polarized, a claim that she didn’t find credible, adding that he doesn’t seem to have understood the impact of his actions and is convinced that his speech was legitimate.

She didn’t find it credible because it isn’t. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat this, but I won’t stop until this point is hammered home. What the 2013-2017 Daily Stormer was doing was ironically being natzees to unironically normalize natzeeism, or at least something in the ballpark. When you back down on that point you make yourself look weak, evil, and untrustworthy.

Anything that had Azzmador in it is disqualified from the Optics Olympics. Don’t even try. 

In court, Sohier Chaput apologized to those who were offended by his writings. “I’m now someone different,” he told the court. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt people’s feelings.”

Yes, it was.

The purpose of the shock humour stuff that the DS guys wrote was absolutely to trigger the Jews/Shitlibs, and you could probably find direct quotes saying that almost verbatim. Maintaining that it was absolutely your intention to hurt people’s feelings, while it wasn’t your intention to cause physical violence is what you should be saying. You should say that because it’s the truth. 

The judge says he’ll deliver his sentence on Sept. 22.

Outside the courtroom, Jewish groups praised the judge’s decision to consider a tougher sentence.

Eta Yudin, the Quebec vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, who testified during the sentencing hearing about the effect of antisemitism on the Jewish community, said a strong sentence would send the message that antisemitism isn’t acceptable in Quebec and Canada.

“It was a crime, and it continues to be a crime, and it needs to be addressed,” she said. “The lesson has to be that it’s not something you can blow off and walk away from. It has to be that there are real consequences to fomenting hatred, to inciting hatred, to spreading hatred online.”

Inciting hatred? You mean like supporting Israel, an illegitimate criminal apartheid country currently genociding the native population?

I’m glad that the centre for Yidsrael and Hebrew Kerfuffles is fighting the good fight against the abstract principles of hate and bigotry. Surely they’ll get to all these anti-Whites saying things like “whiteness isn’t humxness,” or pushing “White Privilege Theory.” 

Eta Yudin, Quebec Vice-President of CIJA

Any minute now.

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  3. Anglin is silent on this matter.

  4. Message from the court: “If you’re going to do the time, you may as well do the crime.” So with that in mind, let’s get out there and really hurt some feelings, lads!

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