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Just over half of Canadians believe the federal Liberals and Conservatives need new leaders heading into the next federal election, according to a new Nanos Research poll.

The poll, conducted for The Globe and Mail, found 53 per cent of respondents were in favour of Justin Trudeau being replaced as Liberal Leader, while 51 per cent say Pierre Poilievre should not lead the Conservatives into the next election.

But the poll also found contrasts in party support for the leaders. Seventy-one per cent of Conservative voters back Mr. Poilievre as party leader in the next election, while 42 per cent of those who usually vote Liberal say they prefer Mr. Trudeau as leader.

It is not entirely accurate to take numbers from the general population, since a controversial figure could poll very well with their party, yet poorly with the general population. It’s also not accurate to take only committed partisans and ask them, because fake democracy is a game that only interests retards. A combination of the two figures gives us the real answer, assuming the poll numbers are accurate.

Mr. Nanos added that although the numbers for Mr. Trudeau are relatively steady compared with its previous survey in December, the proportion of Canadians who would like to see someone other than Mr. Poilievre lead the Conservative Party has increased by six percentage points, from 45 to 51 per cent.

Generationally, the poll found voters over 55 years of age, a traditional stronghold for the Conservatives, are more likely (57 per cent) to want a different Conservative Leader, as compared with younger voters, aged 18 to 34 (45 per cent).

Take all poll results with a large grain of salt. I would never answer these polls, and whatever results they get are massively skewed towards people who, for God knows what reason, take the time out of their day to feed information to these creeps. Despite that, do generally feel moderately accurate, and differences from one poll to another, assuming static methodology, can tell us something.

It doesn’t surprise me that Trudeau has relatively low popularity even amongst shitlibs. The guy is a glib clown with a scandal list so long that I’ve forgotten half of them. ISIS-gate, SNC-Lavelin, the Aga Khan saga. Not to mention his entire trip to India, where the lavish spending of taxpayer money was overshadowed by whatever this is.

Those are just the official scandals. Trudeau is a guy who will lecture us all about how we all need to produce fewer carbon emissions, then go fly across the world to meet up with other faggot world leaders puppets at some G7 summit, where the entire purpose is for them to bloviate about how we are all evil for using a touch of hydrocarbons, despite Covid-19 proving to us that a simple zoom meeting would have done the trick.

Do they fly over there in coach? Business class maybe? No, they rent out entire 747’s, with 400+ seating capacity, for just 20-30 people, and travel in absolute luxury. Trudeau kicked it up a notch, by having a second 90% empty passenger airliner flying behind them carrying equipment and personal assistants. 

Justin Trudeau is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the entire world. A reprehensible midwit who is where he is purely because daddy was prime minister before him and he grew up with the wealth and personal connections to serve as a decent puppet for ZOG. 

I wish that I couldn’t say this, but Poilievre, the duplicitous little weasel, is arguably an improvement, if only because you couldn’t find any worse. But, as we saw just yesterday, Poilievre’s one job is to throw the fight, and he’s barely interested in pretending otherwise. 

You’re getting the same policies, he’s just not quite as much of a privileged, pampered cunt. 

“The research suggests that there is not much enthusiasm for either Trudeau or Poilievre to lead their parties during the next federal election. Realistically this is a summer of political discontent,” Mr. Nanos said.

“Right now many Canadians are worried about the environment, jobs and the rising cost of living. Solutions on these big questions would likely help Canadians sort through which party they want in power and who they want to lead Canada.”

The existing political parties have absolutely nothing to offer anyone, even on seemingly non-controversial issues such as cost of living. The best way to decrease the cost of living, especially housing, and increase jobs and pay, would be to ban all migrants from coming here. Poilievre has repeatedly promised to do the exact opposite, and good luck getting the strongman Government solutions against big business that are needed from either the butthole-left or gay adoption baby Pierre Poilievre.

In representative democracy, it is only the dollars of international finance capital that get representation.

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  1. The forest fire smoke sucks. I can see why Nanos put the environment ahead of jobs and the cost of living – because people got used to breathing. Can’t even take breathing for granted anymore in this clown country.

    1. Right. I was thinking “global warming,” bullshit, but that makes sense.

  2. In other news, Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May strokes out:

    Not quite woodchipped into vodka jello shots, but I’ll take it!

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  4. Poilievre is adopted and looks half chug. Also his adopted dad was a closet case.

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