Yesterday I wrote about the Jussie Smollett Trial, giving a sort of overview. You can read that here.

Smollet is being charged with felony disorderly conduct because the police claim he lied to them. He has plead not guilty, and his expected sentence could be as high as three years, but would probably be something ghey like probation and community service.

In case you forgot, his defense is literally “those Nigerians that I had homosexual relationships with really were KKK members who attacked me by putting a loose noose around my neck and adding a couple drops of bleach.”

From November 30th, the first day of the trial, we had this.


CHICAGO — Embattled “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was caught on surveillance video doing a “dry run” one day before his alleged hate crime attack, prosecutors said at his trial in Chicago Tuesday.

In my previous article I brought up how retarded Smollett’s scheme really was. He could have just made up some story about some White MAGA guys being mean to him, or harassing him online. But instead he wanted maximum attention, so he needed to stage some stuff for the security cameras in his neighbourhood.

Beyond that, he needed someone he could trust, and who was also retarded enough to go along with his scheme. That meant the two Nigerian homosexual bodybuilder brothers, Ola and Bola Osundairo, pictured above.

Well it’s pretty hard to get these two black as night fellas to come across as White Men, but Smollet had just the plan. He was going to get them to dress up in KKK robes with MAGA hats on, to cleverly disguise their features.

Which is why we get the hilarious footage of these two idiots dressed up like a janitorial service in the back of a taxi.

As a White Person I’m left somewhat baffled, grasping at straws to explain this behaviour. It only makes sense if you think of Smollett being really dumb, and really desiring of attention. It takes a special kind of person to think that two Nigerians are going to make for perfect fake KKK members.

But just to make sure he could pull it off perfectly, he did a trial run the day before with the two of them. In public. In the same place the real attack was going to be staged. In the place that was chosen because it was on camera.

Continued from NYPost:

Prosecutors contend the footage confirms the actor faked the Jan. 29, 2019, alleged attack with Nigerian brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, who are expected to be key witnesses for the prosecution in the case.

Smollett’s lawyers claimthe actor was really attacked — by the two brothers.

Prosecutors poked a hole in that claim Tuesday, revealing a text message sent by Smollett to one of the siblings a couple of weeks after the alleged attack, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Brother…..I love you,” Smollett wrote to Abimbola Osundairo on Feb. 14, 2019. “I stand with you. I know 10000% you and your brother did nothing wrong and never would.”

“I am making this statement so everyone else knows,” the text said. “They will not get away with this. Please hit me when they let you go. I am behind you fully.”

The text came as the two brothers were being questioned in the case.

Pretty funny how these two homosexual Nigerians were literally in police custody being questioned as they are getting texted from Smollett. And the text messages they got were about how much they were loved by the guy who is now claiming that they violently assaulted him and used “racial and homophobic slurs,” against him.

[Chicago Police Detective Michael Theis] also said Smollett was “not forthcoming” with investigators after he reported that he was attacked by men using homophobic and racial epithets while they allegedly assaulted him, according to a report by FoxNews.

Theis said a squad of about two dozen detectives logged some 3,000 hours investigating the actor’s claim.

“This was horrible,” he testified. “I mean the crime was a hate crime, but a horrible hate crime. There was a noose, there was bleach. It was local news. It was national news.”

“Everyone wanted to know what happened, from the mayor on down,” Theis said. “Everybody wanted answers.”

But he said Smollett refused to give cops his medical records or a DNA sample to compare to evidence at the scene.

“At the end of the investigation we determined that the alleged hate crime was actually a staged event,” Theis testified.

The surveillance footage shows Smollett walking near the scene with the Osundario brothers a day earlier, with the siblings seen taking a cab to a nearby neighborhood.

The two then switched to an Uber and met up with Smollett, special prosecutor Dan Webb told jurors during the proceedings.

Prosecutors contend that Smollett paid the siblings $3,500 to help in the alleged hoax.

Jussie Smollett is absolutely dead to rights. Yet for some reason, he is not pleading guilty, and is instead fighting. So what’s his defense?

Defense attorney Nenye Uche told jurors a “real crime” took place, claiming that the Osundarios attacked Smollett because they “did not like him as a person.”

His defense is that the two Nigerian homos didn’t like him, so he paid them $3500 for no reason, and they dressed up like KKK members with MAGA hats on all so that they could assault him in such a way that caused no bodily injuries, pour a couple drops of bleach on his clothes, and tie a noose loosely around his neck.

I’m sure Jussie.

We’ll have the next part out soon.

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