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LONDON (Reuters) – A tearful Kevin Spacey said he was “humbled” after a jury in a London court found him not guilty on Wednesday of carrying out multiple sex assaults on four men.

Thank goodness. Thank the heavens. Thank Yahweh, the Volcano Demon.

I was certain that we would have another Harvey Weinstein-esque Very Bad Precedent established in this case that would permanently make any homosexual man who gets accused of rape found guilty. Luckily, that does not appear to have happened, so the e-right is mostly safe, for now. 

After 12 hours and 26 minutes of deliberation, the jury acquitted the Oscar-winning U.S. actor by a majority on nine charges which he was accused of committing between 2004 and 2013 at a time when he was working at London’s Old Vic theatre.

Look, this is just basic social power dynamics. Homosexual men have always offered money, power, and status to young twinks in exchange for access to their buttholes. We learned that this is a very basic, natural, and even celebrated form of human sexuality with Harvey “raping YOUR women, Goy” Weinstein’s wrongful conviction of being a rapist Jew, despite him doing nothing wrong but rape. 

Although we were also informed that Weinstein being convicted of all the things he was guilty of set a Very Bad Precedent, and meant that every man who was accused of rape would be found guilty from here on out. I’m not sure what went wrong in this case. Maybe you have to be accused by a woman.

We’ll have to consult with the people, none of whom have any amount of legal authority, experience, or credibility, who informed us of this new legal reality. 

During the four-week trial, prosecutors described the actor as a “sexual bully” who had aggressively groped three of the men and performed oral sex on the fourth while he had passed out in Spacey’s London apartment.

Look, this is just traditional sexual morality asserting itself against the seething of the woke masses. It has long been known that spiritually female young men use their essentially feminine wiles to get Kevin Spacey to try sucking their penises when they’re asleep. 

I know there are probably a lot of neo-nazi white knight feminists who think that maybe young male actors shouldn’t be getting raped by Kevin Spacey while they are asleep, but you’ll find that many of them continued texting Kevin Spacey for months after being traumatized.

This was quid pro quo boyrape.

Spacey, tried under his full name Kevin Spacey Fowler, said in evidence that the case against him was weak, and that the incidents, if they had occurred at all, were consensual. He said he was promiscuous, a “big flirt” who had “casual, indiscriminate sexual encounters”.

What a scamp, amirite fellas?

Kevin “Aw Shucks, was that your penis?” Spacey is just your typical flirt engaging in Bill’s Standard Fuckparty in the back of London’s Old Vic Theatre. An absolute factory of hijinks and PTSD inducing male rape.

One of complainants alleged Spacey painfully grabbed his crotch like “a cobra” in the mid-2000s, an allegation Spacey described as “absolute bollocks”, using a British slang term for testicles and for something which is nonsense.

Oh please, honey. Kevin’s crotch grab technique is at worst reminiscent of an ostrich lashing out and clamping its jaws down on an unsuspecting fourteen year old boy’s junk and then holding on for dear life. So typical of the “believe all heterosexual men” crowd to not understand the difference. 

SMDH. Do better. 

It’s important that we support Kevin Spacey. We almost had a very bad precedent set where abusive Hollywood fags might go to jail for grooming, assaulting, and raping other men and boys. 

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  1. So, a homosexual pederast walks free.
    The Groypers must be rejoicing.

  2. So the mentally ill pursued the mentally ill in the *ahem* justice system. There is absolutely no one to root for here. Burn it all down.

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